13 things all guys will lie about at some point


There are some things that guys just don’t say because they know what the repercussions will be. Whether it’s just to their friends or their girlfriends there is a lot that guys lie about. If it’s with their mates, it’s usually just trivial details that they lie about, but if it’s to their girlfriend then they will lie just to keep the peace. Here are the things that guys will always lie about.

1. How much they’ve had to drink
If they get particularly drunk one night, they’ll always try particularly hard to hide the fact that they are. They will say that they had one or two, when in reality it was 6 pints, three jägarbombs and a naggin of vodka. 

2. How many times they go to the gym
Whether it’s to their mates or when they are trying to impress a girl, they will always fabricate the little details. Even though they seem to always be carrying a gym bag around with them it doesn’tnecessarly mean that there are going to the gym all time. They want to give off the impression that they have a healthy lifestyle, which they do, but maybe not to the extent that they say.

3. How many girls they have slept with
Well, this is quite an obvious one, guys will always stretch the truth in terms of how many girls they slept with. If they say it to their mate, they will greatly exaggerate it, but if it’s to their girlfriend they say less. Either way guys will always change the number.

4. Whether or not you look fat in that
You really shouldn’t ask a guy this question in the first place, but even if they think a certain dress makes you more filled out they won’t say it. Guys will never say yes to this question unless they are gay or are a platonic best friend. If a guy is in anyway romantically linked with a girl the answer will always be no.

5. How busy they are
 A lot of the time thought it basically means that they would just rather be alone. Sometimes they just need a little me time, which basically means watching football or playing the Xbox. 

6. How interested they are
If a guy has to actually say “That is really interesting” it means the exact opposite of that. When they say it, it means that they have zoned out and have completely lost interest in the conversation. If they were actually interested in the conversation they would contribute to it. 

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7. Where their career is going
Guys will always pretend that there is some direction to their life, when someone asks what are you going to do after college it’s always hard to answer. Usually we just say something we’re interested in and not what we are actually going to do, which is sit at home in our pyjamas watching Breaking Bad all day.

8. If they like your friends or not
You don’t get on with everybody you meet, but if a girl asks a guy what he thinks about her friends he will always say he likes them. Most of the time there are always one or two that they don’t like, but they will never say it. It’s all an attempt to keep the peace and to not stir up any unnecessary drama.

9. How tired they really are
When a guy says he is tired, they just say it so they can get ourselves out of doing something. Fact. 

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10. If they’re actually listening to you
If a girl asks a guy if he was listening, then he was most definitely not. Girls can sense when guys are thinking about something else while they’re talking. 

11. That they would rather be with you
Sometimes they might say they would rather be with their girlfriends when if fact all they want to do is hang out with the lads. 

12. Why they didn’t text back
A lot of the time they have every intention of texting back and then their minds wanders and they completely forget about it. 

13. How much they think about sex
It's a LOT, basically. 

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