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July 7th is Tell The Truth Day, so if there's something you need to get off your chest, now's the time to do it.

Of course, there are always going to be a few white lies that aren't really worth the hassle of owning up to. Without a few fibs from time to time, the world would probably fall apart.

Here are just a few of the things we've all told a pork pie about on occasion…

1. How much those new jeans really cost
If in doubt, say they were on sale.


2. That we didn't miss your call, we just ignored it (sorry)
Mam, I love talking to you, but if you ring on a Sunday afternoon when I'm in the throes of The Fear, it ain't happening.


3. How much we really like that guy
It's all good until you mistakenly like a photo from five months ago while Facebook stalking him.


4. The amount of chocolate we ate before bed last night
That's between us and the two family size bars of Galaxy, thank you very much.


5. How frequently we skip workouts
"Yeah, I go for a run five times a week." *brushes film of dust off runners*


6. Our knowledge of world news not related to the Kardashians
Greece, eh? Time to roll out the bluffing skills.


7. And, in turn, the fact that we know FAR too much about the Kardashians
It's not our fault they're everywhere we look.


8. How often we've passed on top secret information for the sake of gossip
"DON'T say I told you this, but…"


9. Our level of drunkenness on a night out
"I'M GRAAAAAAND." *stumbles*



Telling white lies is something we all do, and to be honest, if we stopped, the world would be a tougher place to live in.

Sometimes there's just no point in telling the cold hard truth, when it really doesn't matter either way. So what if you're not a fan of your bestie's new haircut? She looks fab all the same!

Here are a few things lies we all tell our gal pals… every so often, anyway!

1. "You look GRAND!"
Now, we're not saying it's okay to sit back and shut up if your BFF looks truly awful in a certain outfit, but when you're just popping down to Tesco for movie nibbles and you both have your hair scraped back and trackie pants on, it's okay to convince one another that you're total stunners. 


2. "I'm not annoyed, it's fine."
Sometimes when you're a little miffed about something, it's better just to hold your tongue than start an unnecessary argument. Of course this policy should not be applied to all grievances, but if you were left waiting in the rain for ten minutes while she was stuck in rush-hour traffic, there's not a whole lot either of you can really do about it, is there?


3. "I know, she's a total b**ch."
Look, if your pal has a problem with another lady for a good reason, it's your duty as a friend to be equally annoyed. So, NO, now is not the time to say, "but she's always been so nice to me!"


4. "I'm going to cook/work out/study every night this week."
Good intentions. Sometimes you just need to say something out loud so that you can feel good about it for a while… even if you know in your heart of hearts you'll be calling Four Star Pizza the second you get home tomorrow evening.


5. "I'm two minutes away!"
Translation: "I have just left the house and will be with you in fifteen minutes. Please don't be angry."


6. "Oh, no I don't LIKE him, it's very casual."
Sometimes it's just easier not to admit that you've spent the last week daydreaming about how he's going to propose. After all, if your pal knows you well enough, you don't need to say anything for her to work out that you're smitten.


7. "But I'm only having one drink."


8. "I'm just wrecked from work, I can't make it out."
This convenient lie is easier than admitting you only want to spend time with your couch, your hot water bottle and the cast of Orange Is The New Black tonight. Helloooo, Netflix. Of course, a true BFF will be right there on the sofa next to you.



There are some little, itty bitty white lies that are essential to the survival of every relationship. If you value your other half, you will learn the correct answers to those difficult questions. Sometimes, honesty is not the best policy:

1. “No, you do not look fat in that.”

Boys get insecure too, and if he asks you if he's looking husky, don't think he will take it any better than you would yourself. 

2. “What’s my type? You, of course.”

Actually, our type is a combination of Ryan Gosling and Colin Farrell but we love you anyway. Honest.

3. “No, I don’t fancy any of your friends.”

Apart from the three hot ones. And the funny one isn't too bad either.

4. “Of course I’d prefer a night in over a girls night.”

Of course there’s nothing we'd rather do than spend five hours getting glam, followed by six hours of gossiping, bitching and laughing but it’s not worth the sulking you’re inevitably going to do if we go.

5. “Yes I totally remembered our anniversary.”

Yes, Facebook did remind us that today is our anniversary.

6. “I did notice your new hairstyle.”

Noooo, of course you're not receding, darling! 

7. “You’re the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Yup, the best….

8. “It’s that time of the month.”


9. “My parents love you.”

Apart from Dad…and mum too actually. 

10. “I’m totally cool with you having friends of the opposite sex.”

We want to be cool with it all. It’s just that all of your opposite sex friends are hot, intimidating and just generally, we hate them.

11. “Size isn’t everything.”

It's not everything, but it's not nothing either, y'know? 

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Everybody tells themselves at least one little white lie before setting off on their travels and before you deny it, have a read of the top six travels lies we all tell ourselves:

1. You won’t go on Twitter or Facebook while you’re away
Ha, yeah right! You’ll be checking yourself in to every cocktail bar you hit.

2. You will blend in with the locals
No matter how hard you try to blend in, your pale skin and Irish accent will give you away in no time at all.

3. You’ll learn the language while you are there
Again, we laugh. Unless you are going there to study or for at least a year, this is just wishful thinking.

4. You will text your mum as soon as you land
Unless you hit a bar first…

5. You’ll buy everyone at home a really thoughtful souvenir
No, a rock candy does not count as thoughtful.

6. You won’t waste the morning in bed
Well, this really depends on what you got up to the night before.

Admit it, you tell yourself at least one of these…