10 lies everyone is told as a child


Parents tell their kids some pretty messed up things, and so far from the truth that it’s hard to register when we finally learn. Here are some lies you may have heard as a child.

1. “Don’t pull that face, God will see and leave you looking like that.”


If you grew up with an Irish Catholic parent then you were likely to have been fed this horrifically scarring lie at some stage. To this day, there’s still that underlying fear some of us have that this may in fact still happen.

2. “Santy sees everything”


This lie gets children everywhere to act and do exactly what their parents want any time of the year. How crafty.

3. “Eat up all of your vegetables and your hair will be curly”


We all wanted curly hair as kids, then boom, your 11 and begging you mom for a GHD and haven’t eaten broccoli in years for fear of curls.

4. “Eat your crusts and you’ll get hairs on your chest.”


We were four and some of us were girls, why the hell would we want hairs on our chest? WHY? All of those hairy men clearly ate all of their crusty Nutella sandwiches back in the day.

5. “Your school days are the best days of your life.”

tumblr_m31mxjHi4K1r4u9wdo1_500 (1)

Oh yes, I do miss those tiny benches and a school-bag that always smelt like rotten apples.

6. “You’re so bold, you’re not like mine at all, you’re actually adopted.”


You have always secretly wondered since…

7. “That’s only for adults.”


No fair!

8. “Children have to go to bed by 9 o’clock, it’s the law.”


Even during the summer when it was bright out, you were forced to go to bed or else the police would come. Scarred.

9. “Don’t eat the apple pips, otherwise an apple tree will grow in your belly.”


Terrifying stuff.

10. “Don’t swallow your chewing gum, it’ll make your insides stick together.”


Actually, this one might be true.

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