It's safe to say that we all LOVE First Dates Ireland and it is a major success for viewers (but not so much for the actual daters).

However, everyone knows that going on a first date is super nerve-wrecking – nevermind a BLIND first date with a hundred cameras pointing in your face.

Some act totally cool and hit it off, and others, well, we'll just say they don't click.

The latter can be said for daters from the second episode, Dawn and Alannah-Rose.

The pair didn't exactly see eye-to-eye, yet their post-date summary suggested something completely different.

Spotted by, the post-date analysis said that the women went straight to The George and Alannah-Rose said it was "one of the best nights of her life."

However, in reality, that didn't actually happen:

Yep, so apparently they headed to a totally different nightclub, and Dawn left soon after they arrived.

The analysis has since been changed for anyone watching the repeats. Now, we just can't wait for this Thursday's drama.