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If you love haunted houses, spooky places with f*cked up histories, listen up.

As the holiday for thrills and chills are almost upon us, ditch the local creepy haunt and stick these on your bucket list.

For a real scare, Holiday Guru has hooked us up with some of the most terrifyingly haunted places on the planet. 

1. Island of the Dolls, Mexico


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First up is one you might be familiar with, chilling on a small island outside Mexico City is probably one of the most freakish tributes to a young girl.

A man named Don Juliano Santana Barrera was the caretaker and lone inhabitant of the island, and legend tells that he found a young girl's body who had drowned in the canals

In the 1950s, he hung her doll to a tree to remember her little life, and supposedly many believe the man was then possessed by the girl's spirit – JUST, NOPE.

He began decorating the place with more and more dolls, turning it into a bizarre wonderland of cracked, dirty toys.

If you want to see this little hellish island, grab a boat and get ready to see one of the weirdest collections of dolls in the world.

2. Poveglia, Venice


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If creepy dolls ain't your thing, why not try the bubonic plague?

This island in the Venetian lagoon was home to imprisoned people suffering from the disease in the late 18th century, which means there are thousands of pissed off souls lurking here.

Get out your ghostbuster gear, as the island also hosted a mental asylum in 1922, and the doctors were reportedly d*cks, as they tortured patients.

The story goes that they would perform crude lobotomies and using hammers and drills as surgical instruments. – which is probably why the island is said to have a morbid atmosphere.

Tourists have reported screams and if your travels aren't entertaining enough, why not risk becoming possessed, as some people say visitors to the island have been – joyous. 

3. Aokigahara, Japan


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At the base of Mount Fuji, forget the compass as the paranormal activity is rife. 

Aokigahara, is better known as Japan's ‘suicide forest’. The forest has sadly become known as the world’s second most popular place to take one’s life. 

The forest’s malevolent energies are said to swallow up unfortunate visitors and the atmosphere is unlike anywhere else.

And, if you do frequent the forest, just don't make a Youtube video about it – *cough, cough*

4. Centralia – Pennsylvania Ghost Town


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Don't fall for the pretty colours in the image, this used to be a high way and there's a very good reason why nature is reclaiming this city.

The town of Centralia, Pennsylvania is a modern-day ghost town because they suffered a coal mine fire in 1962 – which is still burning today.

It's a real-life horror story as people began to fall ill as lethal levels of carbon monoxide billowed towards the surface.

Sinkholes literally appear in people’s back gardens – one of which nearly killed one young boy. Fewer than 10 people live here today.

While the town isn’t necessarily haunted, it does get an influx of curious, seek-thrilling tourists around Halloween. 

5. The witches of Salem, Massachusetts


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In the late 17th-century, the children of Salem Village, Massachusetts experienced something rather baffling. Cue the young ladies going into fits, making strange noises, throwing objects and contorting their bodies.

Instead of looking for a logical explanation, witchcraft was the obvious cause.

Hysteria erupted which led to the infamous Salem Witch Trials when over a dozen people were executed.

The judges involved in the trials and future sheriffs died under mysterious circumstances and today, strange noises and mysterious floating lights have been reported at the local cemetery. 

6. Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh


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You couldn't pay me enough money to visit this place. Why I hear you scream? – Well, only controlled visits at night for ghost tours are allowed – which sends alarm bells ringing.

Would you actually risk being abused? Visitors often leave with bruises, scratches, bite marks and burns and fainting is a regular occurrence – that's some serious head rush.

But why is this place so locked with a dark aura? Well, it is said that the hundreds-year-old graveyard is protected by the ghost of George McKenzie, a ruthless judge who imprisoned and starved over 1,000 Scottish Presbyterians in the 1600s – So don't f*ck with him.

7. Ballygally Castle, Northern Ireland


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This tale involves one evil husband and the male ego. Lady Isabella Shaw was unfortunately wed to James Shaw and couldn't produce a male heir – it's your swimmers, mate. 

When she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, James snatched the child and locked Lady Shaw in the room, leaving her to stave.

In a bid to escape, some say she fell from the window, others say she was pushed – either way, it's a grim way to die.

She has remained in the hotel ever since, gently knocking on bedroom doors and walking the corridors, looking for her child. Today, you can lap up luxury in the hotel and visit the “Ghost Room”.

8. Lawang Sewu Semarang, Indonesia


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A truly spooky place, Lawang Sewu translates to “a thousand doors”.

During WWII, the Japanese used its basement to imprison, torture and kill Indonesian nationalists and Dutch colonials.

Among the ghostly residents, there's one badass b*tch, a Dutch woman who supposedly committed suicide inside as well as the beheaded rebels who were killed by the Japanese.

 9. Château de Brissac, France


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You really couldn't get more cliche than this: in 1477, Lady Charlotte de Breze was caught doing the dirty on her husband with Jacques de Breze. 

In a fit of rage, her husband murdered her and since the incident, guests have reported seeing the ghost through the window of the tower room of the castle’s chapel, with holes where her nose and mouth should be.

Her moans are said to be heard throughout the chateau early in the morning.

10. Bhangarh Fort, India


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Last but not least, we meet an abandoned 17th-century fort, known as one of the most haunted places in India. So much so, tourists and locals under government orders are forbidden to enter the fort after the sun sets. 

As the tale goes, a magician, Singhia fell in love with the beautiful Princess Ratnavati. The tantrik attempted to use magic to win her over, but the Princess learned of his plan and sentenced him to death. Before Singhia died, he cursed the fort's residents to die and for the surrounding houses to remain roofless forever.

Nowadays, the surrounding village is abandoned and Bhangarh Fort attracts plenty of curious tourists who have reported hearing the screams of ghosts and seeing strange lights. 

You couldn't offer me enough to get me to willingly go to any of these places.

But if you're brave, adventurous and curious, these are a definite in the travel plans, but remember – BE RESPECTFUL.

If restrictions exist, they're for your own safety – don't be that person.


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Is your inner monster looking to escape?

Do you think you could be Ireland's most despicable and gruesome characters?

Do you want to earn some dollars by scaring the bejesus of the public?

Then you won't want to miss this recruitment opportunity in the RDS.

Photo credit: The Nightmare Realm

The Nightmare Realm is on the hunt for people with a talent for terror, to be part of their live horror experience at The RDS Dublin over the month of October. 

No experience is needed for acting roles as full training will be given.

The only criteria for being considered is that you are outgoing, willing to embody the role of your character and instil hysteria on your victims.

Performance spaces include darkness, small spaces, strobe lighting, loud noises and fog effects, so if you are afraid of the dark – give this one a miss.

Photo credit: The Nightmare Realm

Calling all incredibly talented MUA and artists, you could join the family.

The Halloween attraction is holding makeup trials for artists wanting to assist The Nightmare Realm’s talented spfx team.

As part of their recruitment process, they are holding a Scare Workshop/Audition at The RDS on September 1 from 12-2 pm.

You could join their monster crew as 50 positions are up for grabs. 

Photo credit: The Nightmare Realm

Leave behind the boring C.V and blood-stained cover letter; this process is a whole new level of terrifying.

Applicants will take part in a group workshop where they will be shown the fine art of how to be a scare performer. 

Those who show the most promise will be welcomed into the Realm’s dysfunctional family.

Let's get into the nitty-gritty: you must be over 16 to try out and be available for the entire month of October.

No make-up or costumes are needed for the workshop, but you should wear comfortable clothing.

Be confident and push your boundaries to unleash the inner beast. 

Good luck!

For those who would rather be scared, than do the scaring – tickets go on sale in six days.


We know it's still a while away but we're seriously buzzing for Halloween. 

Craving pumpkins, stuffing our face with eyeball-shaped sweets and, of course, indulging in scary movies makes it one of our fave times of year. 

So while we'll deffo be seeing the latest Halloween, we can now add Goosebumps 2 because who didn't bloody love these books as a kid?

I was obsessed with the weird and wonderful stories by R.L Stine even though they scared the sh*t out of me tbh. 

Goosebumps hit our screens in 2015 and starred Jack Black as creator Stine.

This  time around, the movie follows two teenage boys (the up-and-coming Jeremy Ray Taylor and Caleel Harris) in a small town who stumble upon a manuscript in an abandoned house that used to be owned by R. L. Stine called "Haunted Halloween."

They open it, unknowingly releasing Slappy (Avery Lee Jones), who plans to cause a Halloween Apocalypse with his monster allies and the teens have gotta stop him.

If you're looking for laughs and spooks mixed in with a bit of nostalgia then you can't miss Goosebumps 2 this Halloween.

It hits cinemas worldwide on October 12th – see ya there. 


Summer of 84 is hitting cinemas next month and it is the perfect summer scary movie. 

Set (obviously) in the summer of 1984, the plot centres on a 15-year-old neighbourhood conspiracy theorist Davey, who starts to think that his police officer neighbour might be the serial killer that is being splashed across the local news.

Davey and his gang of friends quickly band together to form their own murder investigation squad, and they soon begin to seriously suspect that the cop, Officer Mackey, is the killer. 

There are obvious comparisons to Stranger Things. Both are set in 1980's America suburbia with a group of teenagers riding around on bikes and chasing unknown dangers. 

However, instead of the supernatural, the dangerous force here is one that's grounded in reality – a serial killer.

Summer of 84 is more of a slasher than anything – think John Carpenter's Halloween's in the 1970's, Stephen King's Carrie or 1990's Scream

It seems that the horror genre is really having a moment. 

Box office records were being broken left, right and centre in 2017 when it came to any kind of horror or thriller. 

Jordan Peele's Get Out arrived early in the year, to a rapturous reception and a stunning $175 million at the box office. 

The It remake was a huge surprise, nabbing the highest grossing horror record of all time at the US office, and earning $478 million worldwide. It is also the largest ever opening for a horror movie and the largest September opening of all time. 

These figures speak for themselves and coupled with what is now the pop culture phenomenon Stranger Things, it's quite clear: scaring yourself in the cinema is officially in. 

So, for those of you who love the whole nostalgic kids-banding-together-against-evil like in It or The Goonies, then you're in for a treat with this latest cinematic offering.  

Watch the trailer below for the first look at Summer of 84.


With Halloween on the horizon, a new Internet craze is in action which sees a creepy clown just stand in dark areas or chase people around.

It seriously puts people on edge, and we thought we *might* have gotten away with it since it's mainly happening in America.

But last night saw the first Irish creepy clown sighting, and we're not happy. Not happy at all.

It was spotted in Darndale and it's already put the creeps in us.

Here's what Twitter had to say about it:

Nope… Too creepy.



Do you take a patch test every time you dye your hair? Nah, us neither.

But after seeing the completely crazy allergic reaction this woman had to a standard colour, we'll definitely be more careful next time.

One Imgur user posted these snaps (with permission) of her friend's "pretty ridiculous allergic reaction to hair dye." Behold:

And if you're thinking that this poor beauty victim must have grabbed the cheapest bottle of dye she could find in the Two Euro Store and rubbed it maniacally into her scalp, you'd be very mistaken.

In fact, her friend insists that she went to a professional stylist for the colour, and "they have used that dye on her in the past, so it wasn't expected."

After getting the colour applied, the woman experienced no pain for a full day, but within 24 hours her scalp had started to itch.

Within 48 hours her head and face began to swell, and she quickly headed to the ER. 

Luckily, the swelling began to drain and subside by Day 4 or 5, as you can see:

But – unsurprisingly – the woman says she's "never dyeing her hair again."



Hey – we GET it: H&M X Balmain was kinda a big deal. It was a fact not lost on plenty of eager Irish shoppers: many of whom were queuing in the early hours to get their hands on a coveted piece from the killer collection.

The Irish arm of the site was also down earlier today, with last night's VIP launch at the retailer's flagship store on College Green being somewhat manic too. 

So yup… we LOVE us some H&M X Balmain. But in other parts of the world, it was positively manic. So manic, in fact, that there were RIOTS. 

Grown men and women fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on a dress, jacket, boots, or jewellery. 

Here, SHEmazing! looks at the five most frightening incidents of Balmayhem:


Toulouse, France:


Istanbul, Turkey:


#part2 #hmxbalmain #hm #balmain #balmaination #balmainparis #balmainarmy #balmainxhm #handm

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Warsaw, Poland:


Zagreb, Croatia: 


Luxembourg City, Luxembourg: 




Tayto Park opens it’s doors for a Halloween fright fest on Saturday, 24th October and we have teamed up with Tayto Park to offer one lucky MummyPages Mum, a family pass*.

Tayto Park Halloween Experience 2015 3[4][8][2][3][8][4]For the first time ever there will be a ‘Tayto Park After Dark Experience’ where visitors are invited to confront the darkness and ride the terrifying Cú Chulainn Coaster in the dark of the night.

From Tuesday, 27th October to Friday, 30th October visitors can experience a night ride on the Cú Chulainn Coaster, the Air Race and the Rotator, watch a ghoulish 5D Halloween movie in the 5D cinema and experience the gruesome House of Horrors. Ghouls, ghosts, goblins and all things gruesome and thoroughly horrifying will be experienced in the Tayto Park House of Horrors (recommended for guests 14 years and over, all under 18s must be accompanied by an adult).

26/3/3015.First year students from Co

From Saturday, 24th October to Sunday, 1st November, younger visitors can take on the goulish House of Horrors (recommended for 8 years and over).

For more information on Tayto Park opening times for Halloween click here.

To celebrate the Tayto Park After Dark Experience we have a family pass to give away to one lucky SHEmazing fan. To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize simply fill out your details and answer the question below.


<script src=”http://mummypages.formstack.com/forms/js.php/win_a_vichy_teint_ideal_foundation_set_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_1_copy_copy_copy_1_copy_2_copy” type=”text/javascript”></script><noscript></p>
<p><br /></p>

*family pass includes 4 entrance passes to Tayto Park. Winners have to option of attending the Tayto Park After Dark Experience (6pm –9pm, 27th – 30th October strictly over 14s this is an exclusive night time event) or the House of Horrors (11am–4pm, Saturday, 24th October –Sunday, prize for this is family passes plus wristbands for the day).


Yesterday Ashy Murphy uploaded a home video to Facebook and since then it has been viewed over 8 million times.

No, unfortunately it was not one of those adorably cute videos of puppies running or toddlers dancing to Bruno Mars. Instead Ashy took a video while she was at her aunt’s house in Blackrock, Cork of some very strange activity happening.

The video has been shared almost 200,000 times on Facebook since it was uploaded and it is not the only one that Ashy has shared. While similar things happen in both videos, there are both still equally freaky.

The internet feels a bit suspicious of Ashy’s poltergeist claims, but that does not make it any less creepy.

Its getting way worse I defo have to move house 

Posted by Ashy Murphy on Monday, 21 September 2015




This is literally the stuff of nightmares and we actually feel kind of bad for sharing this with you, but we wanted to warn those of you who may be in the vicinity of Limerick over the weekend. 

There is someone dressed as an absolutely terrifying clown running around the city and creeping up on people. 

We would probably pass out on the spot if this lad appeared behind us and we don't know how some people in the video can laugh it off so easily. 

This video was uploaded as promotional material for the upcoming Horror Mania Fest in Limerick. 

We sincerely apologise to those of you with a fear of clowns, look away now!


If you’ve been a fan of millionaire heiress Paris Hilton since the good ole days The Simple Life, or even if you’re just addicted to her Instagram feed (no judgement here), then you know she likes her luxuries.

She really, really loves to travel in the most glamorous fashions. She generally hops aboard private jets to all manner of exotic locales. We’re talking luxury resorts in Dubai.

However, in her most recent jet-setting adventure, the reality TV star was set up for a terrifying prank. She hopped aboard a small plane for what she thought was going to be an aerial tour of Dubai.

She was wrong. Mid-flight the Hilton hotel heiress is tricked into thinking her plane is about to go crashing to the ground.

The clip, which is available on YouTube, although many have been removed, is from a show called “Ramez in Control”. It’s an Egyptian television show that regularly pulls pranks on unsuspecting members of the public.

The 34-year old Paris was petrified when after a few minutes in the air, an alarm started ringing followed, by a side door opening and a man being thrown from the plane.

There’s a lot of shouting and crying as the passengers are (naturally) horrified at being told they have to jump from the plane before it hits the ground.

Paris was not amused when the plane makes a safe landing on the runway. We feel like someone may be in a spot of trouble after this stunt.

Paris took to twitter to address the prank after the video was released online. You can watch her terrifying experience below. Whatever feelings you had about Paris before, we think everyone agrees this was a horrible prank to play. The worst.



Actress Melora Rivera is recovering following a terrifying ordeal at her home in LA on Wednesday.

Melora, who had a minor role in the 2012 movie, Sparkle, alongside Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston, was forced to hide out on her roof when an intruder broke into her home.

The 29-year-old intruder, later identified as Christian Hicks, a mentally unwell man, also appeared on the roof behind where the actress was hiding.

Thankfully, police arrived before the man could get any closer to Melora. She was then helped down off the roof while Christian was led away in handcuffs. 

Melora later said that more needs to be done to stop this from happening again: “I think it’s very obvious for most of us who live around here, when someone seems to be suffering from a mental illness and to continue to let these people walk around without offering them assistance, to protect them and us. That, I think, is the heart of the problem.”

What a scary thing to happen – hopefully it won’t take Melora too long to feel comfortable in her own home again.