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Halloween is only a few weeks away and as per usual we’re already fretting about our costumes. 

You could go as one of the Marvel superheroes or perhaps your favourite singer like Taylor Swift or Britney Spears- does anyone have a snake we can get a lend of?

Some of us will spend weeks, if not months, getting our costumes ready. We search Etsy for the perfect Halloween accessories, we scour through charity shops looking for costumes, we look to Instagram for Halloween makeup inspiration.

Then there’s the group of people who always seem to forget about Halloween until the day before when the shop shelves are bare and there isn’t a single witches hat or cowboy costume in sight.

Luckily, we’ve conjured up a list of 5 Halloween costumes you can literally make with a black bin bag.

1: The classic witch

Back in the day, every second kid on my road donned a black bin bag for Halloween. It was the go-to costume for parents who completely forgot about dress up day at school. We may not be in primary school anymore but this classic costume will never let you down.

All you need to do is cut out holes for your arms and head and maybe add a belt to give yourself some shape. Grab a witches hat and you’re sorted.

2: A bat

Simply cut bat wing shapes out of a black bag. Wear your favourite little black dress and secure the wings to the underside of your arm and the side of your body. It’ll look like you’re flying when you move your arms up and down. You can even make bat ears by cutting two triangles out of the bin bag and securing them onto a black Alice band.


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3: Maleficent

Maleficent is one of our favourite Disney villains. Angelina Jolie brought the iconic Disney character to life in the live-action movie and you can mimic her iconic costume by simply using a few bin bags. To make the famous Maleficent horns all you’ll need is some newspaper, a headband and some sellotape. Twist the newspaper into cone-like shapes and place them onto the headband. Cover them both in bin bags and hey presto- you’re a Disney villain.

4: Cheerleader

Ready? Okay! We’ve all daydreamed about becoming a cheerleader. We blame the millions of times we watched Bring It On for this. Put a spooky twist on the American- sweetheart costume by making black pom-poms out of bin bags.  See the below tutorial on how to make the perfect pom poms and channel that team spirit.

5: Skeleton

It’s a stereotypical costume, but it works so well with the perfect face paint. All you need is a black bag and masking tape. Simply cut a hole at the top of the black bag for the head and one on either side for the arms. Lay the bag down flat and shape out the bones of the skeleton using the masking tape. Focus on creating an incredible makeup look like the one below and you’ll be bound to win the costume of the year.


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She has countless audiences eating out of the palm of her hand on a regular basis, so you'd be forgiven for thinking very little fazes Adele.

But, you'd be wrong.

While performing in Mexico this week, the Londoner revealed a fear (albeit a very rational one) of the vampire's best friend – the bat.

After spotting one enter the arena, she completely lost it and thankfully the moment was captured and subsequently circulated online for people who enjoy watching others in distress.

"There's a bat!" she shrieked from the stage while flapping her arms wildly in what we believe was an impersonation of the offending creature. "There's a bat there and it landed by your head!"

"It landed right by your head! Oh my God, it's a f**king bat. Welcome to Mexico," she continued. "It's true, I'm happy to be here, but a f**king bat, Jesus Christ!"

Take it away, Adele.



We may not have a house worth more than €2m, or a bounty of flash and expensive cars but at least we can match up to Kylie Jenner's cookie standards.

The 18-year-old reality star posted a stylish plate of cookies the other day and now you can make them too!


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Just follow this delicious recipe from McKinney's if you want your Halloween night to be as fancy as the Kardashian/Jenners (well, you can try anyway): 


  • 100g butter, at room temp
  • 115g McKinney's caster sugar
  • 1 medium egg
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 250g plain white flour

For Icing:

  • McKinney's roll out icing
  • Orange, black and purple colouring
  • McKinney's icing sugar


1. Preheat oven to 190*C.

2. Beat the butter and sugar together with an electric whisk until combined.

3. Add the egg and vanilla extract and beat again.

4. Next, beat in the flour at a low speed to mix. Once mixed, form into ball of dough with your hands and lay on floured work surface.

5. Roll out the dough to approx. 1/2cm thick and cut out shapes using Halloween cookie cutters.

6. Lift carefully onto a lined baking tray and bake for 14-15 minutes until golden. 

7. Remove from oven and allow to cool on tray. 

8. Break off some of the white McKinney's roll out icing and knead until it softens.

9. Dust your work surface with McKinney's icing sugar and roll the white icing out into a thin layer. Cut out the same shapes you used for cookies.

10. Lift off the work surface carefully. Put a few tiny dots of water on the back and then stick onto your cookies.

11. Tear off three more pieces of McKinney's roll out icing and colour one piece orange, one black and one purple. 

12. Design your cookies just like Kylie for that Keeping Up With The Kardashians feel.