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This sweet video of a group of disabled dogs in wheelchairs playing in a field in Germany is sure to warm your heart. Just like any other dogs, these pups love running around and playing a good game of fetch with each other, and we think it’s so great to see them getting the chance to do what dogs do best. What a clever invention these little doggy wheelchairs are!



Everyone has a little bit of Milhouse in them, and it's nothing to be ashamed of! Milhouse is awesome. 

1. You’re The Sidekick In Your Own Life

milhouse simpsons

2. You Can’t Flirt

milhouse flirt


A shift of the eyebrow, a tearful session of begging, grasping their pants as they try to leave – yeah, flirting isn’t exactly your forte. “Do… um, did you, uh, fall from heaven? It’s… are you an angel? Um, I’m sorry… I just like your face.”

3. You Can’t Handle Being Alone

simpsons milhouse lonely


When you can’t see your best friend, or can’t even talk to them, it’s the worst experience ever. Who else can listen to you about this horrible time in your life? Definitely not Martin Prince, he’s probably studying

4. You’ll Do Anything For Your Crush

simpsons milhouse lisa


Your crush always wants aspects of you and your personality in their prospective partner. Dammit Lisa, can’t you see the Milhouse love right in front of you? *cries*

5. You’re Always Trying To Improve Yourself

future milhouse


6. Sometimes You Lose The Plot



You’re usually a pretty happy-go-lucky person in your day-to-day life. However, that can all change. If one more person annoys you, and you’re already on the brink, you can flip your shit. Watch out when Milhouse gets angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

7. You’re Gullible

simpsons milhouse


You tend to believe what your trusted friend/family member tells you, even if it isn’t at all feasible. You just hope that they wouldn’t lie to you, you’ll question it later when you’ve had time to have a bit of a think.

8. You Get Yourself Into Awkward Situations

simpsons milhouse nelson


You put your foot in your mouth, usually daily, if not, you’ll trip yourself up or just push someone to the brink of knocking your teeth out. Don’t provoke Nelson, it’s not worth it.

9. Nobody Likes You

nobody likes milhouse


That may not be entirely accurate because you’re pretty awesome, but it does feel like that on occasion. Anyone who doesn’t like you is wrong, so that’s okay.

10. But Despite Everything, You’re An Eternal Optimist

simpsons milhouse

So, congratulations, you’re pretty darn cool. Bonus, Bart can’t live without you. You do you, Milhouse!

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Emma Stone evidently doesn’t think too much of the charms of one Colin Firth.

The actress appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman where she revealed what she really thinks of her Magic in the Moonlight co-star.

When David says: “He’s a tool,” Emma agrees, saying: “He’s a nightmare … he’s a toolbag.”

Hmm, we’re sure Emma was just joking…hopefully!



We all love a bit of sunshine, and let’s face it, it doesn’t happen too often!

Clisare, who created that hilarious video Shite Irish Girls Say, has done it again with another brilliant (and spot on) video.

What more could you need when the sun comes out in Ireland only oil and vodka.



Guys are simple beings really, there are things that really, really scare them. We ladies have a lot to thank for that, because most of them are our fault. #sorrynotsorry

1. Girls Crying
The single most awkward situation a guy can find himself in. Thoughts go flying through his head: Do I hug her? Do I ask her about it? Do I pat her on the head and say “there, there” over and over again?


 2. Periods
They just don’t want to hear about it. Which, frankly, is offensive.

lady problems

 3. Big Boobs
They know the trouble they’ll be in if they look down and it takes all their concentration not to.


4. Women In General
The single biggest lie that men tell each other is how good they are with women.


5. Changing Rooms At The Gym
This one doesn’t involve the ladies, but it does involve being naked in front of other guys.


6. Being Asked Directions To Somewhere You Don’t Know
Whenever this happens, the first thing you should do is apologise and explain that you don’t know where that is. However, this rarely happens, and they try to be helpful. By the time they’ve realised that they actually can’t be any help, it’s too late and they just leave them more confused than they were before.


7. When Someone Stands Next To You At The Urinals
Men don’t like this. Especially if there are a lot of other free urinals around, apparently.


8. Another Guy Talking About Something Emotional
They aren’t like us…


9. Girls Asking About Feelings And Emotions And Stuff
Guys aren’t the emotionless robots that we’re often made out to be, but most of the time their emotions are pretty normal, and the most complicated thing they’re thinking about is what’s for dinner. But girls aren’t really ever satisfied with this response, and decide to dig deeper expecting to find another layer. Cue the awkwardness.


10. Tripping Over When You’re On Your Own
To be fair, this one is the worst for everyone.


11. When You Accidentally Touch Hands With Someone In The Street
What’s the big deal? Keep on walking, fellas.


12. Relations Asking About Your New Girlfriend
Girls don’t mind this question, we just answer normally. Guys on the other hand, get all hot and bothered.

pinch cheeksvia our content partner CT


This certainly gave us a giggle in the SHEmazing office today! Nik of the internet comedy group The Kloons recorded his elderly mother and aunt having a conversation, and later lip-synced it for this hilarious little video. We would seriously love to try this with some of our friends and relatives!


There are plenty of wedding viral videos out there, but we can’t help but smile at this best man’s rap.

Spencer Loveridge’s decided to treat his friend to a different kind of wedding tradition by rapping his best man’s speech.

Spencer’s funny but clever rhymes had the whole wedding party bent over with laughter.

“Lewy’s really found the perfect hubby, but as we all know he’s a little bit grubby. Eating bacon with his hands, from a pasta bowl; why is there jam on the remote control?!”

The footage of Spencer’s speech has become a viral hit since it was posted online on Sunday with over 9,000 hits and counting.



Ok so, sometimes we overreact and get upset that your boyfriend clearly took the last perfect pizza slice on purpose instead of offering it to us. But these reasons are completely fair reasons to be upset with your other half. Those jerks.

1. He Didn’t Text Her Back


Seriously, how hard is it?

2. He Didn’t Ring You While He Was Drunk


They say the truth comes out when you’re drunk so if you didn’t call that means you weren’t even thinking of us. Who DID you call then, huh?!

3. He Rang You While He Was Drunk


What a di**. How dare you ring her and wake her from her slumber, to tell her that even in your deepest, drunkest states, you’re thinking about her. Absolute di**head

4. He Has 12 New Female Friends On Facebook


What the…How does one even MEET 12 people in one day?!

5. He Has Been Tagged In Photos With Hot Women


Right now, we’re thinking: “it’s a good think he’s not that great looking, because these hoes look too hot to handle.” Remove the tags now.

6. He Chose A Lads Night Over A Date Night


A lad’s night out is all well and good but at least pretend to be torn for the love of God.

7. He Called Your Friend Hot


Well why don’t you just go run off with her then you absolute d***.

8. You’re Hormonal And He’s Happy


So. Insensitive.

9. He Forgot A Momentous Occasion


Our 2 year kiss anniversary? Are you SERIOUS?! Gah.

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So Paris Hilton has released a music video for her single Come Alive and it is everything you could expect and not a lot more. 

Paris displays her girly side by frolicking in a field wearing a tutu, wearing flowers in her hair and petting a unicorn. 

Erm, enjoy?



The true BFF will know exactly what to say – whether you want to hear it or not! Here are the signs you have a BFF you can truly count on.

1. They give you constructive criticism about how you dress
If they criticise your dress sense it means that they just want you looking the best you can.


2. You can call them at anytime
Whether it’s 9 in the morning or 3 o’clock at night they will always be there to talk to. Most of the time, you ring them about something stupid like how you’re going to die because of that pimple on your face. When the conversation is more serious they’re always there to listen.


3. They will always answer the phone by insulting you
When you have known each other for so long, they don’t just say hi. They have to think of the worst name imaginable to call you when they answer the phone. “Hey stink breath, what’s up assmuncher?” It’s their twisted way of saying hey buddy.


4. They know every little detail about you
They know that really you’re a junk food monster and that your favourite show is still Spongebob Squarepants. You trust them with this information and now that if you ever screw up they can blackmail you with your own secrets.


5. They know why you’re in a bad mood
They can tell if you’re having a bad day, so they know how to act when you’re  in a mood. They will keep the conversation light, but every now and again they will try piss you off even more just because they know they can.


6.  They always know how to raise your spirits
Sometimes it’s just them saying something really stupid that makes you crack a smile, but  a lot of the time it’s just having someone to talk to that makes you feel better. If it gets your mind off things and sometimes you even forget what you were annoyed about.


7. A text from them can instantly change your mood
You immediately light up when you get a text off them. Even if it’s the most stupid thing imaginable you’re just glad that they text. You know that they’re also having the most boring day possible.


8. They stop you from doing stupid things
If you’re insanely drunk and have no controls of your actions, they will make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself.


9. Sometimes you don’t need words to communicate
When something hilarious happens and you don’t want to burst out laughing in front of everyone, you look at them and they just know.


10. They slag you when your single and when you’re in relationship
When you’re single they slag you about how lonely you are and that you need a boyfriend or girlfriend. Then when you’re in a relationship with someone they say that you’re whipped and that you don’t spend any time with them anymore, which is probably true.


11. They put up with you blabbering on about how great your boyfriend/girlfriend is
They have to deal with you rambling on about your relationship and your loved up antics. They know that soon enough you will break up with them and you will come crawling back to them .

Eye Roll

12. They also know when they’re not right for you
They know your type, so when someone comes along they will always tell you to find someone else. You usually say that you don’t care you and that you like them. Sooner or later you will realise just how right they were.


13. They force you to go out, because they know you need it
So you’re still broken up over your last relationship and really need to get back in the game. Your friends will aways try and get you to go out, because you have been sitting in your house moping for the last 2 months. You will always be glad that you did go out with them in the end.


14. If you’re broke, they will pay for your drinks
If you give them the excuse that you’re broke they will say that they will pay for your drinks. The best part is that you say you will pay them back, but they won’t really care if you don’t.


15. When you see each other you make faces like this


16. They only post the good photos of you on Facebook
They have all those really dodgy pictures of you when you are smashed even though they said they would delete them. They only post the good ones on social media to spare your blushes.


17. Their Snapchat is the reason you almost wet yourself
So you’re sitting on the bus minding your own business and then you see you got a new Snapchat. You got to check and try to keep it in, but you burst out laughing and everyone looks at you like your mad.


18. You can’t lie to them, because they can see through your bullshit
They know exactly when you’re lying and the reason you do as well. You have known each other for so long that you don’t even try to lie to them.


19. They ridicule your bad jokes
You say something that you think is hilarious, but they let you know straight away that it was a terrible joke. In all fairness, it’s probably a good thing, so your joke won’t bomb when you go to tell it to everyone in work.


20. They will always call you out when you mess up your words or use bad grammar
When you accidentally mess up your words or don’t pronounce a word correctly, they will always correct you. Even when you post something on Facebook, they will always be the one to put * next to a word.


21. When you haven’t seen each other in a while, you go to their house and watch horror movies
So it’s exam time and you’re really busy so you don’t get to see them much. You know though that once it’s all over you will get to hang out together, all you need is a time and a place. Everyone knows that when it’s movie night you can’t back out.


22. They will drop everything if they hear you had a bad break-up
They will always find time or make time  to be with you if you’re going through a break-up. They know that some Chinese takeaway and a good comedy is the best start to getting you back on track.


23. They are always a shoulder to cry on
When things get really bad and messy they will always be there to reach out to. They will put up with your sobbing and won’t judge you because they have been there before.


24. You can always let them know about your latest illness
You obsess over stupid things about your body.They will let you know how stupid you sound, but not before they tell you that you’re going to die within the month.


26. They will always take your side
If you’re in an argument with someone they will always have your back. They will take your side, even when they don’t know what the argument is about.


27. Until they realise how stupid your argument is
Then they suddenly realise how illogical your argument is and that your coming off as stupid. They don’t say anything, they just watch as you get torn to pieces.


28. They will end up being your bridesmaid
One thing you know for sure you will have a tough time picking your bridesmaids and best men. So you just end up having them all all as your bridesmaids and or best man.

leonardo-dicaprio-crazy-dancing-wolf-of-wall-street-wedding-1390099042yvia our content partner CT



Some guys just have it all, don’t they? Sweet, kind, gentle, loving, you name it, he is it! Here are the 15 signs you may have bagged yourself Prince Charming himself.

1. He makes you laugh
A sense of humour is one of the most underrated qualities in a person. If he can make you laugh, you’ll always be entertained with him and you’ll enjoy his company that much more.


2. He takes care of you when you’re sick
If you ever felt like you were doubting how much he cares about you, if he takes care of you when you’re sick and sniffly, you’ve got yourself a keeper.


3. He doesn’t check out other girls when he’s with you
Every man and woman does it, and it’s okay. You check out that ass that just walked by but don’t ever do it in the presence of your girlfriend or boyfriend. That’s always a big no no, it’s just downright disrespectful.

Checking Out

4. He laughs at your jokes
He laughs at your jokes, not because he feels like he has to, but because he genuinely finds them funny. There’s a sense of ease and comfort when you talk with one another – nothing is forced.


5. He buys you great gifts
Any guy who has mastered the art of buying girl presents is a king among us mere mortals. What do girls like? We don’t even know what we want so picking out a girlfriend’s present is one of the toughest tests a man will ever have to face.


6. His personality doesn’t drastically change when he’s drunk
He doesn’t have a schizophrenic alter ego who appears after 4 drinks. All of our personalities get a bit more obnoxious when we’re drunk, but there is a limit to how far the acceptable amount can go. If he doesn’t start flipping tables, mouthing off and embarrassing you in public when he’s drunk, he’s probably okay.


7. He has plenty of guy friends
He has plenty of guy friends to hang out with, so he won’t become the overly-attached OBSESSIVE boyfriend. He has other people to spend his time with when you’re out with your girls.


8. He’s always honest with you
He’s not shady and he doesn’t lie to you. This is always a good indicator of someone’s personality. If he lies about the trivial small things, what makes you think he wouldn’t lie about the bigger things, like cheating?


9. He has an interest in what you do
He takes an interest in your job and your hobbies. That’s how you’ll know that he’s DEFINITELY into you. Tick!


10. He cuddles after sex
He won’t do the deed and roll over to face the wall. Sex with you is more to him.


11. He encourages you to have girls’ nights
He doesn’t try and keep you from your friends or want to spend every second of every day with you. He knows that your friends are just as important as he is and encourages you to see them too.


12. He is pretty useful in the kitchen
If he can cook anything more substantial than two slices of toast, that’s a big plus. If he ever brings you up breakfast in bed without you asking, he’ll immediately hold the key to your heart.


13. He’s not afraid to stand up for himself and his loved ones
He doesn’t take any sh**, and he will always stand up for his friends, family and you if anything ever kicks off.


14. He knows when to give you your space
He knows that you need your time alone and doesn’t harass you or make you feel guilty for not spending time with him when you’re not feeling well.


15. He surprises you with the occasional night out or gift
He whisks you out to dinner, surprises you with a gift or a weekend away. And it’s not even your birthday, anniversary or Christmas, whaaaat?!

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There are some things that can only be learnt through the joy (and pain) of a long-term relationship:

1. Opposites Do Attract


Just because you’re not the typical picture perfect couple, with all of the same interests in all of the same things, does not spell disaster.

2. Common Ground Can Be Anything And Everything


Really, anything!

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of New Experiences


When someone new comes into your life, so too does everything in their life. Friends, family, trips, events, plans. Go with the flow and embrace everything that’s thrown at you. Consider it all a learning curve and an experience.

4. Be Prepared For His Lad Friends Banter


There’s nothing quite as nerve racking as meeting his lad friends for the first time. You’re going to be slagged and then dissected afterwards, so at least have some cutting responses ready for the man brigade awaiting you. They appreciate that so much more than a timid, awkward girl in the corner. 

5. Drunken Nights Bring You Closer

giphy (1)

Whether it’s telling him things that you never would sober, finally revealing your whopper dance moves or minding one another, being drunk in front of one another breaks down any barriers and makes you bond that little bit more.

6. All Of His Friends Aren’t Going To Love You


Sadly. Maybe you’ll strike lucky, but more than likely not. Hey, you can’t be to everyone’s taste and if you dislike them too then it’s grand. 

7. You’ll Need A Serious Amount Of Patience


Men can be infuriating sometimes, in fact, make that most of the time. Exercise as much patience as is humanly possible, until he pisses you off so much you must inform him politely. Or rudely.  Whatever floats your boat.

8. If Your Parents Like Him, He’s Probably A Good One


If he passes the test of parental questioning, then he’s pretty much a winner. Your parents aren’t going to pull any punches when it comes to reviewing your newest male conquest. They’ll give it to you straight. Poor lad…

9. Long Distance Relationships Are Awful But Rewarding


People really aren’t exaggerating when they say that being in a long distance relationship is tough. It’s frustrating, tiring, lonely and most of all, when you’re in separate countries, the amount of happy couples everywhere seems to treble. When you do get to see one another though, you’ll really make the most of it and enjoy your time together. Plus, if you can get through a long distance relationship together, you’re doing pretty well.

10. Buying Them A Present Is Always Confusing


What do we get?!

11.  When You’re Mad At Him It’ll Totally Occupy Your Mind


Never leave a fight unresolved overnight. As they say, you should never go to bed on an argument. It’s better to have one huge argument and clear the air, than to give him the silent treatment and let it go on for days because if you don’t, it’s all you’re going to be thinking about. Countless days ruined.

12. He’ll Make A Great Travel Companion


You know all of those odd little places that you’ve always wanted to visit but never knew who to go with? A boyfriend is the answer to all of your problems. Pick the cheapest flights to the most random place and off you pop, a weekend of adventure awaits you.

13. You Don’t Have To Take Care Of Him


It’s 2014, we are not your mothers. We’re going to sit down now and you can cook us some food. You may as well lay down the law from the very beginning and let him know that you will not be cooking for him. Ever. Put him in his place and all that. Then sit back and stuff yourself with the dinner he has so lovingly prepared. Get back in the kitchen, dear men.

14. There’s A Comfort In Knowing He’s There When You Need Him Most


He'll always be there at the end of that awful, crappy day. 

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