Guys are simple beings really, there are things that really, really scare them. We ladies have a lot to thank for that, because most of them are our fault. #sorrynotsorry

1. Girls Crying
The single most awkward situation a guy can find himself in. Thoughts go flying through his head: Do I hug her? Do I ask her about it? Do I pat her on the head and say “there, there” over and over again?


 2. Periods
They just don’t want to hear about it. Which, frankly, is offensive.

lady problems

 3. Big Boobs
They know the trouble they’ll be in if they look down and it takes all their concentration not to.


4. Women In General
The single biggest lie that men tell each other is how good they are with women.


5. Changing Rooms At The Gym
This one doesn’t involve the ladies, but it does involve being naked in front of other guys.


6. Being Asked Directions To Somewhere You Don’t Know
Whenever this happens, the first thing you should do is apologise and explain that you don’t know where that is. However, this rarely happens, and they try to be helpful. By the time they’ve realised that they actually can’t be any help, it’s too late and they just leave them more confused than they were before.


7. When Someone Stands Next To You At The Urinals
Men don’t like this. Especially if there are a lot of other free urinals around, apparently.


8. Another Guy Talking About Something Emotional
They aren’t like us…


9. Girls Asking About Feelings And Emotions And Stuff
Guys aren’t the emotionless robots that we’re often made out to be, but most of the time their emotions are pretty normal, and the most complicated thing they’re thinking about is what’s for dinner. But girls aren’t really ever satisfied with this response, and decide to dig deeper expecting to find another layer. Cue the awkwardness.


10. Tripping Over When You’re On Your Own
To be fair, this one is the worst for everyone.


11. When You Accidentally Touch Hands With Someone In The Street
What’s the big deal? Keep on walking, fellas.


12. Relations Asking About Your New Girlfriend
Girls don’t mind this question, we just answer normally. Guys on the other hand, get all hot and bothered.

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