10 very real fears all women have


There are some things in life that truly shake us ladies to the core. Many are irrational, but that makes them no less scary.

1. Being A Cat Lady Forever


Cats, cats everywhere…

2. Being An Ugly Bridesmaid


Being a bridesmaid is a catch twenty two. On the one hand, you’re flattered that someone would ask you to be their right hand woman on the biggest and most important day of their lives. On the other hand, you’re terrified that you’ll have to spend a day being photographed in the ugliest dress known to mankind, whilst the bride stands beside you in an attempt to look even more beautiful.

3. Childbirth


Oh god it’s so scary looking….agh!

4. Realising He’s Not The One


We’ve all seen the fairy tales, read the books, attended the weddings. We know that true love actually does exist, apparently. We now just need to find it and not mess up along the way. Our greatest love related fear, is doing what they all do in films and marry the first man that comes our way, only to discover that he’s really not right for you.

5. Being The Ugly Duckling


What if if we’re the ugly ducklings of the family or even worse, our friend group? What if, even though we’re aware that our family are good looking, we actually think that we ourselves, are better looking than we actually are. What if we’re totally rank? Better go and scrutinize every single picture ever taken, for definite evidence.

6. Kids


Just kids in general. They’re loud and cry a lot. Then there’s the whole issue of having to give up a large portion of your life to care for them.

7. Waking Up With Wrinkles


Ever since we’ve poked the lines on our Grandmothers face, we’ve been more than a little scared of wrinkling. Moisturise. It’s key in anti ageing, so they say. Yet, despite going to bed every night with a three inch layer of Astral on our faces, we can’t help but fear waking up with a perfectly ruled face.

8. Getting Grey Hairs


Mention balding to any man and watch the colour drain from his face. Priceless. Watch them mention grey hairs to us and you’ll pretty much get the same reaction.

9. Being Stuck In A Dead End Job Forever


We’ve all had to work crappy jobs at one stage or another. Bad money, customers you want to slap. It’s on the worst days that you being to ponder if this is all there is. What if you spend the rest of your life in this miserable, degrading job? Best not to think about that.

10. Our Metabolism Slowing Down Drastically


Now, that’s not to say that we’re completely oblivious to the effects of eating one too many Snackboxes. It’s just that after reading one too many ‘articles’ on ‘celebrities’ and their daily struggles with weight gain, that we start to wonder when we’ll have to live on a diet of baby food and fear. It’s coming…

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