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Love Island star Amy Hart has slammed BBC Radio 1 for "trivialising" her heartbreak after it mentioned a potential new prank involving Curtis Pritchard.

The ex-Islander was dumped emotionally by the professional dancer on the show, following which she left the villa.

Radio 1's Chris Stark posted in a now-deleted tweet;  "Would you like the chance to be dumped by Curtis from Love Island? We've had an idea for the show where we can offer you a fake dumping."

Stark added; "Keen to do a few of these with loads of you. So if you'd like to know what it's like to be dumped by Curtis message me back now…"

Amy posted a screenshot of the post on her own Instagram Stories, writing: "One of the replies was 'it's going to be funny, get him to email in'. I thought we were being conscious of mental health these days?"

She added: "I'm all for a laugh but I just feel that trivialising something that so many people resonated with and turning it into a laughing matter isn't entertainment."


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Radio 1 has since told Digital Spy in a statement: "We will have Curtis as a guest on the show and with any live radio, ideas and plans change and this feature isn't something we'll be doing."

Amy reunited with Curtis and Maura Higgins on Love Island's Aftersun Reunion last weekend, and it was mighty uncomfortable to watch. 

The former air hostess has been a huge success story since leaving the villa, with audiences praising her for promoting positive mental health practice.

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Fulfilling the wishes of a deceased family member is something we'd all endeavour to do if the situation arose, and Antonia Nicol's father was no different.

Following the death of his wife, Phedre Fitton, in 2013, Antonia's dad was under strict instructions to tend to her house plants – a task he took very seriously.

However, Antonia's poor dad was utterly oblivious to the fact that his late wife was busy trolling him from beyond the grave.

Taking to Twitter to share her late mum's sense of humour with the public, Antonia wrote: "Before my mum passed away, she gave my dad strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom.He's been religiously watering them & keeping them alive."

But all wasn't as it seemed as Antonia revealed in the rest of her post, which  has been liked more than 100,000 in just two days.

"They look so amazing he decided to take them to his new home, only to discover they are plastic! Can hear my mum chuckling," she finished.

The tweet has struck a chord with thousands of people worldwide who recognised their own family members in Phedre's prank.

"There's something deeply human about it too," wrote one Twitter user. "I looked after my mum up to her passing and our humour was often jet black. Too easy to forget it. Thanks for sharing!"

"I lost my lovely mum last year, she was 85. But she would've loved that joke; my mum like yours had a wicked sense of humour," added another.

Antonia's parents were together since their teens.


A recent This Morning interviewee has pulled back the curtain on a disgusting prank committed by men against women. 

Sophie Stevenson opened up to Holly and Phillip about allegedly being the brunt of a 'pull a pig' joke. 

Sophie told the talk show duo that she had met a holiday romance while on a recent trip to Barcelona, and hung out with him the entire holiday. 


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Sophie alleges that they continued talking when she returned to the UK and he returned to the Netherlands, but it wasn't long before Sophie says she decided to fly to Amsterdam to meet her Barcelona beau. 

When she arrived in Amsterdam, he ghosted her, leaving her at the airport to go to her hotel alone.

'I tried to call him, I tried to message him, I tried to message his friend but he'd blocked me already which I thought was weird,' she told This Morning

When she arrived, she allegedly received a Snapchat message from the lad saying 'you were pigged. It was all a joke.' 

She responded: 'I just replied saying 'How can you be so cruel though?' and then he just blocked me.'

Pulling a pig is the term for a stunt pulled by men against women, for no reason other than to humiliate someone for cheap laughs from what can only be immature friends.

Twitter users have pointed out that this activity has been around for decades, with rumours of fraternities in the USA hosting 'pig parties' where the pledges must bring a date they perceive to be unattractive happening for years.

Sophie told Holly and Phillip that she was devastated by the horrific prank.

'It’s embarrassing, it’s humiliating. The only reason I’ve spoken out about this is because I don’t want this to happen to other girls.'

Sophie's holiday love has denied all of the allegations against him. 

Speaking on The Niall Boylan Show on 4FM, a male caller from Dublin told Niall that he had played the 'pull a pig' game 'a few times.'

Laughing, the caller told Niall: 'Me and the boys went over to Liverpool, we were on a lad's weekend, and one of the boys goes, messing, look we're heading over here no one is going to know anyone from anyone, lets see who can pull the worst girl ever, like I mean the worst, so that was the goal for the weekend.'

'So we just had to plough through the worst girls in Liverpool, and the winner, we all put twenty quid in each and the winner got the pot at the end of it.' 

'I found a horrible thing I did,' he said, when Niall asked him if he found a woman he perceived to be unattractive. 

'If you're scraping the bottom of the barrel, it's easy. They're delighted you're giving them the light of day,' he said, laughing again. 

'Anytime there is a big lads weekend we try and do it.'

When asked what this stunt makes him, the caller responded: 'It makes me a legend with the lads.'

There are actually no words for the sheer cruelty this so called 'prank' involves. 

It is nothing but callous degradation of another human and we can only commend Sophie for speaking out and exposing this harsh stunt. 

Feature image: This Morning / YouTube


Forget April Fools, one of the best pranks has just gone viral this week. 

Twitter user Layla Marie posted a picture and a screen shot to her page, revealing her diabolical, hilarious and genius prank to the world.

From The Pink Drink to the Unicorn Frappe, everyone is obsessed with brightly coloured Starbucks drinks this summer. 

If it's on the secret menu, then even better. 

Layla copped on to this phenomenon, and poured random colouful sodas or energy drinks into Starbucks drink cups to fool the world that there were brand new secret menu items to be discovered, entitled the Frappajappajooza. 

Her prank clearly worked, judging by her attached screen shot. 

The post has since gone viral. with over 353,000 likes and over 95,000 retweets. 

We may have to try this prank out for ourselves.  


We all know that siblings have a tendency to play hilarious pranks on each other, but this is the best one we have ever seen. 

On March 5, Samuel Annis tweeted a photo of a fish tank with baby carrots in the bottom of it, that look kind of like goldfish – if you squint.  

Along with the photo of the carrots, Samuel uploaded the goldfish in their new home, which appears to be some form of plastic container. 

Accompanying the photos was the caption, "It's been 3 days since I replaced my sisters goldfish with carrots."

The Internet showed immediate concern for the welfare of the two fish, to which Samuel tweeted "They safe in my tank where they get fed regularly," followed by a picture of the fish in a place that's "better than before."

The prank has been retweeted more than 70,000 times, with no word yet on whether she has realised. The last update was earlier this week, with the carrots in place for four days by then.

We will be keeping a close eye on this hilarious prank, because seriously, who hasn't wanted to replace their sisters fish with carrots every once in a while. 

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We all love playing the odd prank or two, but get ready for this girl to be your new spirit animal.

Lizette Galvan made her boyfriend believe that she shaved ALL of her eyebrows off, and his reactions are hilarious.

The 17-year-old told Seventeen that she got the inspo from watching Star Wars-themed make-up tutorials and used a glue stick and setting powder to hide her brows.

She then decided to text her boyfriend, Anthony, and at first told him she was about to do it. 

She then sent him a picture of the 'shaving process' and at first, he didn't believe her.

She continued to send on another snap where both eyebrows have disappeared, to which Anthony replies, "Babe wft."

He then sends on a photo himself, and let's just say, it's the same reaction we ALL probably would have had.

Being the fab girlo that she is, Lizette shared the whole exchange on Twitter, and understandably, everyone fell in love with her:


Holly Hagan fans were plunged into a state of hysteria last night when the reality star appeared to make a pregnancy announcement on Twitter.

A tweet from the former Geordie Shore star’s account – which bluntly stated “I’m pregnant” – prompted fans to flood Holly’s page with congratulatory messages.

However, it was later revealed that the tweet was a prank by the 24-year-old’s on-off boyfriend, Kyle Christie.

“You’re a twat @KyleCGShore,” wrote Holly.  “Am not pregnant guys.  That was Kyle.”

The posts were quickly followed by a series of tweets in which the Nuts model criticised the latest additions to the Geordie Shore house.

As well as sharing a photo of she and Charlotte Crosby wearing awkward facial expressions, Holly wrote: “The face you make when you see your replacements @charlottegshore #longlivethequeens.”


The face you make when you see your replacements  @charlottegshore #longlivethequeens

A photo posted by H O L L Y  H A G A N  (@hollygshore) on

The television personality also retweeted a fan’s collage which compares the seasoned Geordie Shore cast members with the Series 14 crew with the captioned: “When you order online vs when it arrives.”

The controversial reality show has been subject to great change in recent months with Holly, Charlotte Crosby and Chantelle Connelly all opting to leaving the programme.

Last weekend, Chloe Ferry was kicked out of the house for attacking fellow housemate Zahida Allen.



Last week, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato took to Snapchat to tell their fans they were stuck in a lift together.

They were in there with Joe's band, DNCE, but of course, the Internet went wild because they're former lovers.

Now, as we all know the pair are BFFs now, so it wasn't a big deal, but something that totally IS a big deal is that they lied to us about the whole thing!

Yep, according to Joe, they all played a big prank on us.

The singer told People: "It was a lot less dramatic. It was a total prank and we fooled everyone.

"I made the video saying we got stuck in the elevator, but we really weren't."

Ouch, thanks for fooling us, guys. But, Joe now seems sorry for the whole thing, thinking that he'll be hit with bad karma.

"I guess it's bad karma to say that because I don't want to get stuck in the elevator anytime soon.

"I have been stuck in an elevator before and it was terrifying."

Well, we don't know how we feel about this.



Remember when pranks involved calling up a neighbour and asking if their fridge was still running or texting a mate's crush and asking for the shift?

Yeah, us too. (LOLS forever)

Well, it looks like those old chestnuts are just too tame for one particular group of co-workers who recently decided that the best way to prank a colleague was to trick him into thinking his mate had been murdered.

Sound, right?

The footage which has sent YouTube into overdrive since its upload at the weekend shows one poor unfortunate bloke’s reaction when he thinks he’s next in the firing line.

Ah lads, we couldn’t cope.




Rupert Grint and Matthew Lewis are probably two of our all-time fave Harry Potter stars – and we kinda love them even more after hearing about the big prank Rupert has been playing on Matthew.

Matthew (or Neville Longbottom, as we like to still call him) revealed on Twitter last month that his former co-star had been putting food on his tab at his favourite restaurant for a number of months. Cheeky.

And when he was on This Morning today, he was asked to explain the whole incident:

"I saw Rupert for the first time in a few years and we were in Orlando and he told me he had been going to this restaurant, and I said: 'That's one of my favourite restaurants', and he's like, 'I know', and I said, 'How would you know that?' and he said, 'That's because I've been putting all my food on your tab for several months!' .. It could have gone on forever – I would never have known!"

Ah, how we wish Ron and Neville were still up to no good… Those were the days.



We can't decide if this is the best prank in the world or actually a pretty terrible thing to do but one man has definitely been left in an awkward state this week after a total stranger decided to play a prank on him. 

Tom took to Facebook in a rage and posted a selfie of himself with a padlock hanging from his lobe ear stretcher piercing. 

It turns out that he was simply having a cigerette outside work when a total stranger ran up to him and clicked a padlock through his large lobe piercing before making a run for it. 

"So guess what some little w*** stain just did to me if i find you i will put you 6 feet under end of rant c***," read the furious caption of the photo. 

Instead of getting sympathy from his pals, it seems Tom's friends just found the whole thing hilarious. 

And before he knew it, the prank had gone viral with more than 11 thousand likes. 

And in case you were wondering what happened to poor Tom, he later revealed how he escaped his padlock in the comments. 

"…so glad old boy lived up the road and had bolt cutters."


Smosh interviewers Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox thought they were pranking Jennifer Lawrence BIG time – but what they didn't know was that Jen knew about the jokes, and she completely turned it back on the two poor guys. 

Anthony was giving Ian strange things to say and do with Jennifer through an ear piece, and it increasingly got worse and worse.

But Ms Lawrence got word ahead of time and teamed up with her co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson and a lovely Smosh fan Dylan Miceli-Nelson (a boy living with muscular dystrophy), and they told her how to respond to Ian's awkward questions. 

The result is a weird, cringe-inducing interview: Jen shoots Ian with a Nerf gun, gives out to him for his lack of professionalism and then she storms straight out of the interview… And that's just a small sample of what goes on during the eight minutes.

But the torture is all for a great cause as Prank It FWD will donate $1 (94c) for every 1,000 views and another $1 for every mention it gets on social media.