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There are some things that can only be learnt through the joy (and pain) of a long-term relationship:

1. Opposites Do Attract


Just because you’re not the typical picture perfect couple, with all of the same interests in all of the same things, does not spell disaster.

2. Common Ground Can Be Anything And Everything


Really, anything!

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of New Experiences


When someone new comes into your life, so too does everything in their life. Friends, family, trips, events, plans. Go with the flow and embrace everything that’s thrown at you. Consider it all a learning curve and an experience.

4. Be Prepared For His Lad Friends Banter


There’s nothing quite as nerve racking as meeting his lad friends for the first time. You’re going to be slagged and then dissected afterwards, so at least have some cutting responses ready for the man brigade awaiting you. They appreciate that so much more than a timid, awkward girl in the corner. 

5. Drunken Nights Bring You Closer

giphy (1)

Whether it’s telling him things that you never would sober, finally revealing your whopper dance moves or minding one another, being drunk in front of one another breaks down any barriers and makes you bond that little bit more.

6. All Of His Friends Aren’t Going To Love You


Sadly. Maybe you’ll strike lucky, but more than likely not. Hey, you can’t be to everyone’s taste and if you dislike them too then it’s grand. 

7. You’ll Need A Serious Amount Of Patience


Men can be infuriating sometimes, in fact, make that most of the time. Exercise as much patience as is humanly possible, until he pisses you off so much you must inform him politely. Or rudely.  Whatever floats your boat.

8. If Your Parents Like Him, He’s Probably A Good One


If he passes the test of parental questioning, then he’s pretty much a winner. Your parents aren’t going to pull any punches when it comes to reviewing your newest male conquest. They’ll give it to you straight. Poor lad…

9. Long Distance Relationships Are Awful But Rewarding


People really aren’t exaggerating when they say that being in a long distance relationship is tough. It’s frustrating, tiring, lonely and most of all, when you’re in separate countries, the amount of happy couples everywhere seems to treble. When you do get to see one another though, you’ll really make the most of it and enjoy your time together. Plus, if you can get through a long distance relationship together, you’re doing pretty well.

10. Buying Them A Present Is Always Confusing


What do we get?!

11.  When You’re Mad At Him It’ll Totally Occupy Your Mind


Never leave a fight unresolved overnight. As they say, you should never go to bed on an argument. It’s better to have one huge argument and clear the air, than to give him the silent treatment and let it go on for days because if you don’t, it’s all you’re going to be thinking about. Countless days ruined.

12. He’ll Make A Great Travel Companion


You know all of those odd little places that you’ve always wanted to visit but never knew who to go with? A boyfriend is the answer to all of your problems. Pick the cheapest flights to the most random place and off you pop, a weekend of adventure awaits you.

13. You Don’t Have To Take Care Of Him


It’s 2014, we are not your mothers. We’re going to sit down now and you can cook us some food. You may as well lay down the law from the very beginning and let him know that you will not be cooking for him. Ever. Put him in his place and all that. Then sit back and stuff yourself with the dinner he has so lovingly prepared. Get back in the kitchen, dear men.

14. There’s A Comfort In Knowing He’s There When You Need Him Most


He'll always be there at the end of that awful, crappy day. 

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This is hands down the best thing we have seen all day.

#TweetLikeJadenSmith has taken over Twitter and sees everyone using the hashtag and attempting to recreate some of Jaden’s more insightful (read: bizarre) tweets!

First, here is a small taste of Jaden’s real tweets:

Jaden’s philosophical tone is more or less being slaughtered online in the funniest way EVER! Here are some of the best ones:



People can get a little high and mighty when it comes to Arts degrees. But those who have done one, we know why we did them – because they're awesome! So stay strong. And to the rest of you – here's some things you shouldn't say to someone pursuing an Arts degree. 

1. So What Was Your First Choice?


Um, this? 

2. Oh, You Want To Be A Teacher?

batman bad idea

No, one thousand times, no.

3. A Lecturer, Then?

nicole sherzinger no baby no

Once again, no. 

4. That’s Quite Broad, Isn’t It?

demi lovato um n

Nope, not really. Not when you choose your subjects. We don’t actually do a little bit of everything, you know?

6. Are Your Parents Okay With It?

modern family phil

Actually, um, no…

7. What Do You Hope To Get From It?

disbelief supernatural

An education, hopefully. Even better if there’s a job at the end of it.

8. Why’d You Decide To Do That?

sherlock eyeroll

Because it's interesting? 

8. Can You Get A Job From It?

bernard black books not impressed

What do you think? 

9. You Could Have Done Nursing/Engineering

parks and rec ron swanson


10. Can I Have Some Fries With That?

judge judy hahaha sit down

Wow, never heard the McDonald's’ joke before. Did you learn that while doing your superior degree?

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The Made In Chelsea crowd are back and this time they’re in New York City!

As usual, the gang aren’t taking themselves too seriously in the new trailer for the upcoming season.

Staged an an advert for perfume, this is one season we cannot WAIT to see! 



1. “An Bhfuil Cead Agam Dul Go Dtí An Leithreas?”
Most important phrase of your childhood.

pee dance

2. “Téigh A Choladh”
And this was the extent of your knowledge of the Irish language by the time you left primary school.



3. Calling Your Teacher Mammy/Daddy
The single most embarrassing thing that could happen to you at this age.



4. Nearly Dislocating Your Arm Trying To Get Picked
And making yourself as small as possible when you didn’t.

hand up


5. Fingers On Lips
Your teacher usually blackmailed the class into being quiet by threatening to cancel P.E. or something similar if you weren’t quiet.

finger on lips


6. Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh Cards
Two of the biggest crazes that people born in the 90s lived through.

pokemon cards


7. Terrible School Tours
Usually to some really boring local information centre or museum.



8. And Then The One Good One At The End Of The Year



9. Forcing Your Parents To Sit Through Terrible Christmas Plays
You spent months preparing for these plays, memorising lines and preparing costumes. But if you think back to them, just imagine how bad they must’ve looked.



10. Getting To Wear Your Own Clothes On The Last Day Before Christmas
Obviously this only applies to schools that had a uniform. 



11. Elastic Ties
Again only for those with uniforms, Mammies everywhere would be horrified when you broke it using it as a missile.

suit and tie


12. Everyone Getting A Selection Box For Secret Santa
Boring and all as it was to give as a present, it was exactly what we wanted every year.


 13. And The Teacher Having Back-Ups For The Kids Who Inevitably Forgot To Bring Theirs In
Teachers were effectively just our parents from 9 to 3, so this is no surprise.



14. Spelling Tests
Those were the days, when all that was required to pass a test was to know how to spell 20 words, and make sure all of the letters you wrote were facing the right way.



15. Insisting That Your Artwork Be Put On The Fridge At Home
A litre of PVA glue went into making that masterpiece, there’s no way you’re letting that go to waste.



16. Not Being Allowed To Swap Food At Lunch
Because who knows what any student was allergic to. Or maybe it was something to do with hygiene.



17. The Foot And Mouth Scare
Memories of dipping your shoes into buckets…

still not clean


18. Gold Stars EVERYWHERE
Get 10/10 in your spelling test? Gold star. Answer a question right? Gold star. Téigh a choladh the fastest? You guessed it, gold star. Teachers spent and continue to spend thousands of euro every year on gold stars.



19. Sports Day
More competitive than the Olympics.


20.  The Kid With The Smelly Lunch
Very very smelly. You always empathized with the person sitting next to them.



21. Tara & Ben/Alive-O/Letter Land
Some of the great books that were part of the primary school experience for most people.


22. Injections
The only benefit to getting injections was that you got some sort of chocolate bar or sweets to keep you quiet.



23. Practising To Receive Your First Holy Communion With Chocolate Buttons
Or practising with wafers, if your school was mean.



24. Getting Ridiculously Excited When You Got Picked To Bring Something To The Office
Most of the arm dislocations happened when the teacher asked for a ‘helper,’ which could be to do anything from cleaning the blackboard to bringing something to another classroom, or the office, as outlined above.



25. When The TV Trolley Was Wheeled Into Class
With projectors in every classroom and broadband internet, primary school children of today will never experience this excitement.

tv trolley


26. Being Really Embarrassed At Sex Ed
The uncontrollable laughter made it impossible for the teacher to do much work. Not that it mattered, most people had the gist of how things worked down there by this stage.

Mean Girls_Sex ed

27. Circle Time!
Moving the desks against the walls, rearranging the chairs, someone usually started messing during all of this activity and ended up not being allowed to take part.



28. No Homework On Fridays
The single biggest shock when you entered secondary school is that you had to do work over the weekend.



29. No Homework On Birthdays
And it was so annoying when your birthday fell on the weekend, or during the summer. Especially considering no one had any sympathy for you.


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Oh, this is too funny.

What happens when you are famous and upload a really funny photo of yourself on to the internet?

It turns into a meme, of course!

That is exactly what happened to Jared Leto when he uploaded a photo of himself hugging a tree to his Instagram account earlier this month.

Since then, the photo has been around the world – literally!

Jared can now be seen, thanks to photoshop, clinging onto Angelina Jolie’s famous leg, Barack Obama’s face and the Empire State Building.

The actor clearly loves the meme as he has posted three of the photoshopped images to his Instagram account.



It’s not just Hogwart’s that gives you a pang of jealousy when you remember your own secondary school, but many others too! Though mostly Hogwart’s…

Here are some other fictional schools we would love to have gone to!

1. St. Trinian’s


This is the ultimate school for bad girls; whether you watched one of the original five, the two reboots or read the original books, you’d know that this isn’t the usual English boarding school. The girls smoked, drank and gambled, while the principal bitched at them. Yeah, sounds about right!

2. Sunnydale High School


Sure, the place was rife with vampires and other demonic hellspawn, but Buffy was there and you could watch her kick ass like nobody’s business. You could go to school with Willow and Xander, and maybe just join their clique. Plus, Giles was just the best mentor ever.

3. Bayside High School

Saved By The Bell was a staple of nineties’ teen comedies, and why did you want to go there? Depending on your sexual preference, it was Zach Morris or Kelly Kapowski. Swoon. But now Screech is creepy as hell and the original series has been off the air for 21 years.

4. Rydell High

grease electrifying

With fabulous hair, spontaneous outbursts of song and enviable wardrobe choices, Grease made us want to have sex on a beach, without us really knowing what it meant. Sure, it didn’t harm us, did it? Did it?

5. Horace Green Prep School

Sure, the actual school from School of Rock had pretension down to a fine art but, as usual, Jack Black came to save the day with his usual brand of rock-based shenanigans. In his class, everyone had a place and they were all great in their roles. Inclusiveness ftw.

6. Shermer High School


The Breakfast Club was the quintessential high school movie of the eighties and is still considered one of the best.

7. North Shore High School

Mean Girls Cake of Rainbows 2

Oh, Mean Girls. The film that spawned a million memes, and saw Lindsay Lohan in her last big role, is still as popular as ever. In this school, Tina Fey would be your teacher, you’d get involved in huge physical fights with the others in your class, and you’d realise that butter is a carb. What’s not to love? So fetch.

8. William McKinley High

There have been a few fictitious high schools of this particular name, but if you are at all adept with Netflix, you have checked out the glory of Freaks and Geeks. It pretty much kick-started the careers of many of today’s comedic talents, including Jason Segel and Seth Rogen, and it’s still probably the best work most of them have produced. So, big question, are you a freak or a geek?

9. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

30 rock x men

Okay, really, who didn’t want to be a part of the X-Men, to be nurtured by Professor X and remain on the side of good; depending, of course, on your own personal affiliations? Sure, if you’re going to be a weirdo, you may as well get a power out of it, right?

10. Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry Potter Hogwarts Home

The be all and end all of fictional schools, it’s on perhaps every list of fictional schools we want(-ed) to attend, even if you don’t like Harry Potter. The nerdier among you may even know the house into which you would be sorted. Potions class would’ve been a hell of a lot more fun than Chemistry or whatever else they tried to throw at us.

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This puppy is far too cute, but is it all an act?


This video has gained a lot of attention over the last 24 hours, and it is not hard to see why!

Watch as this adorable Golden Retriever puppy comforts an older dog who appears to be having a nightmare.

Seriously, does life get any sweeter than this? Amazing!

We could do with a cuddle from this puppy right about now.



Sometimes, life can be hard. Here are some things that will definitely cheer up your Friday!

1. Get someone to do this to you


2. Imagine you’re holding this litter of loveliness (also known as a grumble)


3. Watch babies eating lemons. Do you know a baby? Even better, you get to see it in person


4. Just imagine having a pet baby meerkat, look how CUTE it is


5. Plan a trip to a bunny show jumping event, yes, they actually exist


6. Japanese square watermelon anyone?


7. Ring Russia, its country code is actually 007-AMAZING.


8. Laugh like a baby, apparently they laugh around 300 times a day, 240 times more than an adult.


9. Know that a group of flamingos are called a flamboyance and smile.


10. Having an ugly day? Be grateful you’re not a blobfish…


11. Think of sloths. Just sloths in general


12. Eat your dinner like this


13. Hug someone hot. Doesn’t matter who. Just make sure they’re hot


14. Indulge in some chocolatey goodness, hell, why not go all out and book a trip to Cadbury World.


15. Steal a siblings treats and act innocent


16. Look at old couples in love and feel inspired


17. Stick on some fluffy socks, they make everything better


18. Have a bubble bath, like this spiky little divil

28. Hot Water

19. Get some kip, if a cat can sleep for up to 18 hours a day, we should most definitely follow their lead


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This has got to be one of the best girl impression’s we have ever seen. If you closed your eyes you would honestly think it was a girl.



Parents sometimes give us the need to lie. Nothing major, just itty, bitty white lies. Here are the most common lies our long-suffering parents are used to hearing:

1. “No, I’ve been up for ages.”


Thanks for waking me up.

2. “No I’m not hungover.”


Ughhh why did we do shots of tequila at 3am?!

3. “I only had three drinks last night.”


Feeling fragile.

4. “I must have had a bad pint.”


Oh, the pain. 

5. “I’m not texting anyone.”


We're listening to every word, honest!

6. “No, I didn’t get your friend request.”


Nope, never going to happen. 

7. “Yeah, I know her alright.”


Nope, no idea. 

8. “I just stayed in and studied all weekend.”


The weekend mainly consisted of alcohol, television, hangover food and cups of tea.

9. “No, I don’t have a special friend.”


Nobody at all, we swear, Ma!

10. “Nah, I’m not that poor.”


I’ve got twenty euro to last me for the rest of the week. Which is better than most weeks so yay!

11. “I’m a bit poor but I’ll be fine.”


We’ve got €5.50 in my back account and pay day isn’t for another three days. Can you somehow take pity and make an anonymous donation?

12. “Sorry, I meant to ring yesterday but I had study to do.”


Sorry, I meant to ring yesterday but I had four episodes of “Orange Is The New Black” to catch up on and having to listen to a phone lecture at the same time, would really have killed my buzz.

13. “Yes I’m eating properly.”


Yesterday for example, I had Special K Red Berries for dinner, that must surely count as one of my five a day?

14. “Sorry I missed your call, I was just out for a run.”



15. “Yeah, we keep the house pretty clean.”


Yeah, I mean, if you consider sticky floors, three weeks worth of rubbish and mouldy walls to be clean, then we’re spotless.

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