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Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has split from her husband of eight years, Josh Duhamel.

The couple, who have one son together, four-year-old Axl, announced the sad news today.

They released a statement to People magazine, saying:


had to post this one too #mommylove #axljack 4th bday! 

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'With absolute love and respect we decided to separate as a couple earlier this year.

'To give our family the best opportunity to adjust, we wanted to keep this a private matter before sharing it with the public.'

'We are and will always be united in our support of each other and our family.'

The couple who had not been pictured together for several months have been plagued by infidelity rumours in the past but they always presented a united front

Fergie aka Stacy Ann Ferguson and Josh began dating in 2004 after the Black Eyed Peas made a cameo in Josh’s show Las Vegas and they got engaged in 2007.

They tied the knot in a Catholic ceremony in 2009.

Earlier this year, Josh spoke about his experiences as a dad on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and admitted he was glad he became a father later in life.

'She is definitely more evolved than I am, and more patient,' the Hollywood action hero said of his singer wife.

'Having a kid at 40 years old is much different than having one at 22, you know, so I'm a little more mature than I was then.'


Earlier this week, Will.i.am confirmed what everyone already knew – Fergie is no longer a member of The Black Eyed Peas.

The rapper revealed that the trio now hope to collaborate with other 'good female' artists in the future, and they'll probably need to  – because let's face it, Fergie was The Black Eyed Peas.

Speaking to Ahlan!, Will said, ''Since the beginning of The Black Eyed Peas, we’ve always had amazing vocalists that appeared on the mic with us.''

‘People like Macy Gray, Esthero, Debi Nova, Fergie. On Elephunk, there were several females that appeared on that album. Obviously Fergie was the featured female..''

‘But Black Eyed Peas are pushing it forward in terms of content, technology and experiences on our new project, Masters of the Sun.’

So, who could possibly replace the M.I.L.F.$ singer?

Well, reports have linked former Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, to the role. 

Will.I.Am confirmed in the interview that the X Factor judge does feature on their new project, but he added that he didn't "want to go into details [about] how she's involved yet".

Either way, we're excited about what the collaboration will have in store. 



If the Kardashian girls are known for anything it's got to be their killer curves, but with the release of Fergie's controversial new MILF video people are once again questioning if Kim's waist really is tiny as it seems to be.

Mrs Kardashian West appears numerous times in the star-studded clip and – in classic Kardashian style – she is mostly seen in figure-hugging clothing.

But when the reality star is seen wearing a skin-tight body suit which looks like a pair of booty-shorts and a white MILF tee, her waist looks surreally small when compared to her hips.

Fans are continuing to suggest that her waist has been virtually trimmed down in the shot with comments like "omg her proportions look horrifying" and "the photoshop makes her look so distorted" appearing repeatedly online.

In an attempt to silence the haters – or prove she really does have the most naturally curvacious frame on the planet – Kim took to Snapchat on Sunday to share some behind-the-scenes footage from the making of MILF.


In the clip a blonde Kim can be seen posing on set while the caption reads "F*ckYoPhotoShop #CorsetLife", which would suggest that she has had some waist-defining help in the video but that it's of the more traditional kind rather than being technologically enhanced.

The authenticity of Kim's famous figure was also thrown into doubt back in 2014 when her Internet-breaking Paper magazine cover was released.

At the time Paper’s editorial director told E! News: “So many people have asked us 'Oh, is that butt…it can't be real, it's padded, you added to it, in retouching…' That is all 100 percent Kim Kardashian."

"We did not create a body. We did not shave pounds of her waist."

“That is who she is. That's what she looks like. That's why she's a superstar."



Fergie is back, and the internet is loosing its mind. 

Fergie's new video for MILF, has resulted in a major internet debate on the empowerment of Mothers. 

The question on all our mind's is: is it offensive? 

In this steamy new vid, we see famous mothers Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigan and Ciara, wearing very little while pouring milk on themselves…no word of a lie! 


All my girls on Fleek. #milfpack #milfmoney @milf.money

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The video, which was officially released on Friday, has already racked up an astonishing 8 million views on Youtube, and a major online reaction. 


#MILFMONEY on @applemusic (link in bio) Just getting started, video coming sooner than you think…

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Fergalicious, 41,  shared a number of images of herself and fellow celebrity mums Alessandra Ambrosio, Kim Kardashian and Amber Valletta, with her 2.2 million followers on Instagram, in the lead up to the video's release. 


We didn’t mean to make you nervous… #milfpack #milfmoney @milf.money

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The reaction to the video has been mixed, with some people seeing it as degrading and others empowering. 

One anti-milf commented on the YouTube video saying 'All I see is women with NO self respect. "Milfs" can be sexy without acting like HOES.' 

On the pro side of the argument, we saw a number of very positive reactions to Fergie's concept.

One fan commented on the YouTube post saying 'I love that this song is empowering to mothers, that they are still sexy even though they've had kids! its also the first time they're sexualising moms who breast feed.' 


Beijos. #milfpack #milfmoney @milf.money

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The 1950s inspired music video, which is set in the town of Milfville, rivals Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video, with regards to celebrity cameos. 

The full line up of A list appearences in the MILF video includes Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Gemma Ward, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ciara, Tara Lynn, Devon Aoki, Angela Lindvall, Isabeli Fontana, Amber Valletta, and Natasha Poly.


Milfville. #milfpack #milfmoney @milf.money

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WOAH that is a lot of hot mamas! 

Fergie married actor Josh Duhamel in 2009 and gave birth to their son in 2013, officially entering the world of Milf-hood. 

Check out the full video here: 

What are your thoughts on this internet-famous new video?  



It's been a while, well, a few years, since Fergie released any new music.

And back in the day, we'd totally get down to London Bridge or GLAMOROUS – but her new track is something we can see partying to on a Saturday night.

She teased a bit of the song on Instagram last night, and we're loving it so far.


3… 2… 1…

A video posted by Fergie (@fergie) on

MILF Money comes complete with a deadly black and white colour scheme and very futuristic editing which makes it cool AF.

There's something a bit darker and mature about this one compared to her previous stuff and we have to say, we like the way it's going.

We already want more.



Amy Schumer had a few choice words last night for a publication who pitted her against two other female celebrities.

Style website The Fashion Spot tagged Amy, Fergie and Jordin Sparks in a tweet, showing each of them in the same black Halston Heritage gown and asking, "Who wore it best?" 

The "Who Wore It Best" theme is hardly anything new in the world of fashion media, but Amy didn't take the comparison too well.

"I'd say Jordin," she wrote. "Or Fergie. Or we can stop putting women against each other!"

Battlefield singer Jordin was quick to respond to give her opinion. "We all rocked it!” she wrote, before Amy gave this suggestion as to what outfit the three women could model next:

While Fergie didn't weigh in, Jordin was more than happy to comply:

Amy wore the Gold-Plated Belt Crepe Grown from HH's 2015 collection at the 2015 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards in June, while Fergie donned it in 2014 at the American Music Awards.

As for Jordin, she wore her one most recently, while performing on the TODAY Show on August 27th.

We think each of them looked downright stunning, but we definitely admire Amy's decision to speak up. After all, it's rare that two male celebrities would be subjected to the same "Who Wore It Best" comparison.

In fairness to The Fashion Spot, they were quick to respond:




So the American Music Awards took place last night and the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles was awash with all the latest chart toppers; Iggy, Taylor and the 1D boys to name but a few, so we can only imagine that Fergie, formerly of The Black Eyes Peas fame, was feeling the pressure.

Almost eight years after her last performance, the thirty-nine-year-old took to the stage to debut her latest single,' L.A Love.' The stunning mum-of-one was introduced by actor husband Josh Duhamel and with a slicked back pony tail and revealing leotard, everything appeared to be going A-OK, until Fergie suffered the one thing all female stars dread, The Wardrobe Malfunction.

Attempting to take off her jacket mid-performance, you can see Fergie go into panic mode as she realises that this jacket isn't going to come off without a fight. Not now, not tonight!

Wide-eyed, she continues to sing while frantically tugging at the garment which eventually falls aside and a relieved Fergie turns her back to the audience only to reveal the damn jacket was now hanging off her ASS. Why, Gawd, why?

Thankfully, it didn't stay there too long as the 'Big Girls Don't Cry' singer swiped at it and turned back to face the audience. jacket-free.

Let's face it, if she can pee herself on stage and get over it, a jacket hanging from her bum is easily handled.

She's still got it, ladies.



Remember that picture of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie wetting herself on stage? Well, she will never forget it.

The star, who was promoting her new single this week, opened up on the embarrassing incident that she has branded as ‘the most unattractive moment of my life’.

Recalling the moment during an interview on Hot 97, the 39-year-old explained: “We were late for stage, driving down the freeway, it’s Friday traffic…get to the stage, we have to start the show right then.”

She continued: “I’m running on and we jump and do Let’s Get It Started, and I get crazy and I jump and run across the stage and my adrenaline was running and, gosh.”

Gosh indeed. A beady-eyed photographer captured the unfortunate incident on camera and, pretty soon, it was all over the Internet.

Yes, it’s an unfortunate thing to happen, but it’s also kind of impressive to hear just how much energy she throws into her performances!


Our new daily Fashion TV show 'The Style Show' delivers your daily dose of fabulous fashion! In today's segment, "Style Trial" our resident fashion expert James Butler and entertainment reporter Niamh Geaney give you the lowdown on some of the key looks from the iHeartRadio muisic festival this week. Watch the video above to get all the gossip.

Ciara O' Doherty reports. 



Well, The Voice judge has collaborated with a lot of big names, from Cheryl Cole to Britney Spears. But, now Will.i.am apparently wants to record a duet with none other, than Anne Hathaway.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, the former Black Eyed Peas singer was “blown away” by her singing performance in the film, Rio.

Will was speaking of Anne’s performance in the film with Ryan Seacrest and openly invited the Oscar winning actress, to record a duet with him.

“I want to make music with you. From Rio 1, I was like, ‘She sings like that?!’ … It would be so amazing to do music outside of an animated film. That would be freaking dope.”

Both Hathaway and Will.i.am starred and sang in the children’s flick, Rio and the sequel Rio 2.

Anne of course heard about Will’s invitation, but believes the singer would change his mind, once he hears her in studio.

“I am blushing so hard right now. The thing is, he’s going to get me in the studio and then he’s going to hear me for real, and he’s going to be like, ‘Oh, never mind.’ He works with Fergie! That’s like his 9am meeting. I can’t beat that!”

We aren’t going to lie, we would love a collaboration between these two. Just to see, what they would come up with.



Singer Fergie was reminded of what a, erm, beef cake her hubby is with a specially-made birthday surprise.

The Black Eyes Peas singer’s friends gave her a cake sporting a picture of her shirtless other half Josh Duhamel  41, to celebrate her 39th birthday yesterday.

The cake had pink icing with fondant roses and ‘Happy Birthday Fergie’ written across the bottom.

In the centre was a picture of Josh from his 2004 film Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, in which a small-town girl, played by Kate Bosworth, falls in love with a movie star – played by Josh.

We wonder if Josh still looks as good without a shirt on now he’s 10 years older.

Fergie posted a picture of the sweet treat to her Instagram page saying, “Thank u @bcompleted, @vveronicarodriguez, @aamarirose & @marissaleaaa for my dope bday cake!!!!! LOL #tadhamilton.”

FERGIE 2 cake



It seems that Cheryl is calling all the shots when it comes to the new X Factor series, as Simon wants to ensure that 30-year-old singer is happy with everything that is going on the reality music show.

Cowell is said to be keeping his promise to Cole and is making sure she is having say on everything. This includes who will be joining her and Simon on the judging panel to who she gets to mentor and reports have revealed that she wants the groups.

Simon has already said whoever will be joining the panel would be decided between Cheryl and him: “When Cheryl came back, we decided we’d agree together. I’m not going to put someone beside her who she hates.”

Rumours have been circulating that Fergie or Ellie Goulding could be joining the X Factor judging panel but nothing has been confirmed yet.

But whoever is joining the panel, Cheryl is determined to win and is even enlisting the help of her old band mates Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding to help select the next X Factor winner.