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If one outfit caught everyone’s attention last weekend, it was Chrissy Teigen’s super split Yousef Akbar AMA gown.

Despite earning the model a place on fashion sites across the globe, the daring black dress didn’t exactly behave itself on the red carpet.

After Chrissy’s nether region was exposed by a troublesome gust of wind, the 30-year-old was accused of lacking class by online critics.

But while public wardrobe malfunctions are enough to send many celebs into hiding, yesterday the Lip Sync Battle host employed her trademark sense of humour to apologise to those affected by the sight of her “hooha”.

Alongside a collage of photos from the night, Chrissy wrote: “#AMAs! Love you so so so much…(Apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha) dress is #yousefakbar and shoes are @dsquared2 and laser hair removal is @sevlaseraesthetics.”

Just like that, Chrissy brushed off an embarrassing episode, shut down her haters and gave a shout out to her laser hair removal practitioner.


Thank you for having us, London! #xfactor @monicarosestyle @karindarnell @wendyiles_hair  #mayweallembraceourinnerhoneyG

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What a boss!


With risqué outfits becoming the red carpet’s new normal, it’s little wonder we’re seeing more wardrobe malfunctions than ever before.

But when a star’s seemingly innocent outfit decides to reveal its wearer’s assets, you can’t help but feel mortified for the person involved.

On Sunday night actress Lake Bell was victimised by a seriously unfortunate wardrobe malfunction when the sophisticated looking gown she was wearing to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony in LA decided to expose her to the event’s paparazzi.

As reported by the Mail Online, the 37-year-old Secret Life of Pets star was left looking naked from the waist down when the beaded fringing which covered her floor-length gown decided to swing upwards as she spun around.

While Lake did have underwear on (thank God), she did momentarily look like she’d gone commando as the thong she had on almost perfectly matched her skin tone.

Talk about a close call!

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At the Friday night performance of her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas, Britney Spears suffered from a major wardrobe malfunction. 

The Queen of Pop was performing her 2009 single, 3, when the zipper on the back of her outfit burst open, revealing her entire back. 

She motioned to her back-up dancers to fix it, but after numerous failed attempts, the situation couldn't be helped. 

But Britney, being the professional that she is, just kept going and incorporated her fully-exposed back into the routine. Sassy!

When the song finished, she very quickly left the stage to get her costume fixed and the crowd was none the wiser (well, until now). 




Not too long ago we couldn’t help but be surprised at Lady Gaga’s unusually demure outfit choice.

Those style choices obviously didn’t last too long though as the Born This Way singer stepped out in New York City on Tuesday night wearing a tan coat, some denim cut offs and a pizza box. Pretty much.

The 29-year old pop star started her evening in a more clothed fashion while performing with her musical BFF Tony Bennett at Radio City Music Hall. After which she headed to the Rainbow Room for a more intimate show with some of her most loyal fans.

Wearing her coat, shorts and lacy white bra, she rocked her little monster fans worlds before posing for photos with them.

Hopping into her sleek black town car the Monster singer took off for a trip around Manhattan. Not one to leave the hungry photographers without a good shot, Gaga used the car’s sunroof to get in some sight-seeing. Still wearing the lacy lingerie.

Next thing we know, Gaga’s hopping out of her car to grab herself some Famous Amadeus Pizza in midtown Manhattan, strutting around sans bra.

All was still going fine and normal, normal for Lady Gaga mind you, until she left with her coveted pizza slices.

Not wanting to sacrifice her glorious carbs. Gaga gripped her pizza box tightly and covered her face. Letting all of the waiting paparazzi get their shots of the singer and her late night feast with bonus nipple sightings.

Seems like a pretty hectic night on the town for the singer, and we’re not that surprised she was willing to make some sacrifices in the name of her snacks.

Not that Lady Gaga is one to be afraid of showing off what she's got. On her recent trip to the Bahamas the star was flaunting all her best assets on Twitter while she soaked up the sun.



It takes a lot to faze Beyoncé but we reckon these recent events might have done it… almost!

The singer had just arrived at Tom Ford's AW15 womenswear catwalk show in Los Angeles on Friday when she had to make a quick dash backstage as her dress completely ripped along her backside.

Bey, who was apparently wearing a Tom Ford dress at the time, had to find a replacement from the stylists at the show. "Beyoncé had a huge wardrobe malfunction at the show," a source told Us Weekly. "Her dress ripped all the way up the back and she had to run backstage to find something else to wear." 

Given that a fashion show generally only lasts five to ten minutes, the Single Ladies singer missed most of the show and left husband Jay-Z sitting next to an empty seat. "The people back there couldn't get it [the dress] fixed in time, so she had to miss the show," the source continued. "Beyonce was so embarrassed, [but] she was really cool about it." 

Although the label missed out on a pretty lucrative photo op with Beyoncé in their new collection, the Tom Ford stylists were able to track down another dress which they fitted to Beyoncé in double quick time – a black crystal-embellished dress from the label's Spring 2014 collection.

"She was the latest person to the show and only caught the last few minutes of it," said the source.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z stayed around to pose for some photos afterwards – and we have to say the singer looks as chilled as anything despite her epic wardrobe malfunction!

What a professional!



So the American Music Awards took place last night and the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles was awash with all the latest chart toppers; Iggy, Taylor and the 1D boys to name but a few, so we can only imagine that Fergie, formerly of The Black Eyes Peas fame, was feeling the pressure.

Almost eight years after her last performance, the thirty-nine-year-old took to the stage to debut her latest single,' L.A Love.' The stunning mum-of-one was introduced by actor husband Josh Duhamel and with a slicked back pony tail and revealing leotard, everything appeared to be going A-OK, until Fergie suffered the one thing all female stars dread, The Wardrobe Malfunction.

Attempting to take off her jacket mid-performance, you can see Fergie go into panic mode as she realises that this jacket isn't going to come off without a fight. Not now, not tonight!

Wide-eyed, she continues to sing while frantically tugging at the garment which eventually falls aside and a relieved Fergie turns her back to the audience only to reveal the damn jacket was now hanging off her ASS. Why, Gawd, why?

Thankfully, it didn't stay there too long as the 'Big Girls Don't Cry' singer swiped at it and turned back to face the audience. jacket-free.

Let's face it, if she can pee herself on stage and get over it, a jacket hanging from her bum is easily handled.

She's still got it, ladies.



Iggy Azalea had a rather unfortunate moment on-stage when she accidentally flashed her bum after her pants split at the back.

The singer didn’t seem to notice and continued on with her routine, but the incident was made even more unfortunate when it was reported it had happened at a Bar Mitzvah – a Jewish coming-of-age celebration for 13-year-old boys…

It must have been awkward for the star to continue with her set when she realised the situation, so you have to admire her professionalism!

Sometimes these things can happen – we’re just glad no one is there to record it when it happens to us!



Red carpet disaster for which actress?