Simon is determined to keep Cheryl happy


It seems that Cheryl is calling all the shots when it comes to the new X Factor series, as Simon wants to ensure that 30-year-old singer is happy with everything that is going on the reality music show.

Cowell is said to be keeping his promise to Cole and is making sure she is having say on everything. This includes who will be joining her and Simon on the judging panel to who she gets to mentor and reports have revealed that she wants the groups.

Simon has already said whoever will be joining the panel would be decided between Cheryl and him: “When Cheryl came back, we decided we’d agree together. I’m not going to put someone beside her who she hates.”

Rumours have been circulating that Fergie or Ellie Goulding could be joining the X Factor judging panel but nothing has been confirmed yet.

But whoever is joining the panel, Cheryl is determined to win and is even enlisting the help of her old band mates Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding to help select the next X Factor winner.