Singer opens up about wetting herself on stage


Remember that picture of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie wetting herself on stage? Well, she will never forget it.

The star, who was promoting her new single this week, opened up on the embarrassing incident that she has branded as ‘the most unattractive moment of my life’.

Recalling the moment during an interview on Hot 97, the 39-year-old explained: “We were late for stage, driving down the freeway, it’s Friday traffic…get to the stage, we have to start the show right then.”

She continued: “I’m running on and we jump and do Let’s Get It Started, and I get crazy and I jump and run across the stage and my adrenaline was running and, gosh.”

Gosh indeed. A beady-eyed photographer captured the unfortunate incident on camera and, pretty soon, it was all over the Internet.

Yes, it’s an unfortunate thing to happen, but it’s also kind of impressive to hear just how much energy she throws into her performances!