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Whether it was during her glory days in Girls Aloud or her recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother. Sarah Harding has no problem making headlines.

After playing up to her party girl image during the height of her fame with the UK girl group, Sarah entered the CBB house earlier this year in an effort to show the public another side to her.

And while she certainly won over some and ultimately walked away with the crown, it seemed the public's opinion of the Stockport lass was still far from clear, and yet their fascination showed no signs of waning.

With that in mind, it's hardly surprising the viewing public were quick to tune in when Lucy Kennedy announced she lived with the popstar in her London home in recent months.

As part of her Living With Lucy series, Lucy moved in with 36-year-old Sarah, and ultimately revealed a side of the popstar the public had yet to see.

And Twitter was here for it.


Don't fancy going out this weekend? 

Well, the line-up for tomorrow's The Ray D'Arcy Show has been revealed and it looks like it's like we're in for a treat.

Tomorrow, the show returns for a third season, with a pretty epic line-up top boot.

On the first show of the new season, Girls Aloud star and recent winner of Celebrity Big Brother Sarah Harding will join Ray in studio.

Sarah will be discussing about her recent stint in the Big Brother house (we wonder if she will be mentioning her feud with Trisha Paytas?).

She will also be chatting about her time in Girls Aloud, as well as revealing what the future holds for her and her partner Chad Johnston.


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If you haven't yet heard about (or read) Oh My God What A Complete Aisling yet, then we must say, where have you been?

Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen, authors of the best selling book,  will join Ray to discuss their new book.

They will also be identifying and chatting to some "Aislings" in the audience.

There is also a treat in store for sporting fans. 

Also joining Ray on the couch are boxers Joe Ward and Bernard Dunne, who will discuss Joe's recent success at the world championship in Hamburg.

This and much more on The Ray D’Arcy Show this Saturday at 9:35pm on RTÉ One.


Whether she intended to make a splash or not, there's no denying that Sarah Harding's stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house has certainly caused ripples.

Support for the former Girls Aloud member started to wane within days of her entering the house, with Sarah's emotional outbursts doing little to curry favour with the viewing public.

And as the tide started to dramatically turn against the singer this week, her former band mater, Nadine Coyle, took to Twitter to share her thoughts on Sarah's time in the house.

After acknowledging that she is a little behind on the drama unfolding inside the house, Nadine was keen to share her perspective on Sarah.

"Inside info on Sarah, she is a very natural being. She dwells on of her feelings & acts on them. It is what makes her so unique," she wrote in a Twitter post.

Sounding incredibly protective of her former bandmate, Nadine added: "If I was there, no one would DARE utter a bad word to her!"

Nadine's stance appears to differ dramatically from other former band mate, Nicola Roberts, who recently made a referece to Sarah's scathing assessment of Fifth Harmony.

Taking to Instagram in the days that followed Sarah's less than complimetary opinion of the American band, Nicola wore a hat which read: "Women in Music are Dangerously Underestimated"

Nicola added the caption: "And that's why we should support each other."

As any Girls Aloud fan will know, Cheryl, Kimberley and Nicola shared a particularly close bond while Nadine and Sarah formed a tight friendship during their time in the group.



As the viewing public geared up for the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, there seemed to exist a general consensus that as contestants go, Girls Aloud member, Sarah Harding, was up there with some of the most high-profile.

Bearing that in mind, it's perhaps no surprise that the singer's time in the house has been under serious scrutiny from fans of the show, and it's fair to say that the former popstar has garnered her fair share of headlines in a relatively short period of time.

The latest controversy to surround Sarah is the suggestion that she 'slut-shamed' Fifth Harmony in a conversation with fellow housemate, Chad Johnson.

Claiming that the Work From Home singers 'wear next to nothing' on account of the fact 'sex sells', the 35-year-old came in for a barrage of criticism from fans of the US girl band.

And now Instagram is fairly sure that Sarah's former band mate, Nicola Roberts, has shaded the Celebrity Big Brother contestant in a recent social media post.

Sporting a cap emblazoned with the caption 'Women in Music Are Dangerously Underestimated', Nicola added her own message, writing: "And that's why we have to support each other."


And that's why we have to support each other.

A post shared by Nicola Roberts (@lilcola) on

Nicola's timing with her post provided her followers with ample opportunity to suggest that the 31-year-old was aiming her message at her former bandmate.

"Good for you Nicola for being against slut shaming unlike Sarah who slut shamed on TV," wrote one of Nicola's followers.

"Yes women empowerment," added another. "No slut shaming here."

However, not everyone is impressed by Nicola's post, with some fans of the singer berating her for not showing Sarah more support during her stint on the controversial reality show.

"This is insensitive, you should be supporting Sarah," wrote one while another added: "No support for Sarah.. Good call NOT… Team Sarah."

We wonder if Cheryl will throw her a like…


So, for those of you who don't know; former Girls Aloud member, Sarah Harding, is currently ensconced within the four walls of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

And when compared to previous Celebrity Big Brother contestants, Sarah has a relatively high profile, so it's no real surprise that Twitter has devoted time to analysing the singer's every move since she made her grand entrance this week.

What was it like being in Girls Aloud?  Has she had surgery? And, perhaps most importantly, does she hate Cheryl? 

Unsurprisingly, it's been a mixed bag so far, with some members of the public keen to support the 35-year-old performer and others…well… less so.

Here's the breakdown:

The good




The bad

And the ugly


For anyone who hasn't been keeping up to speed with the goings on of former Girls Aloud members, Sarah Harding has been busy treading the boards in Blackpool as Molly in Ghost the Musical.

But it doesn't exactly sound like she's been captivating audiences if Twitter is anything to go by.

Having been forced to pull out of her Monday night performance due to a knee injury, Sarah was replaced by understudy Kelly Hampson who reportedly pulled off the performance actually expected of Sarah.

Taking to Twitter to pour scorn on Sarah's depiction of Demi Moore's on-screen character, members of the public didn't hold back.

"Just been to see Ghost and I've never heard anyone sing as bad as Sarah Harding," wrote one.

"Thank god Sarah Harding understudy came on half way through, I've never heard or seen someone that bad in a show!" added another.

"Sarah Harding was an embarrassment, she can't sing and kept talking over co stars lines I won't be wasting money," commented another.

It's going to be hard to come back from that amount of criticism…




Sarah Harding has walked away from her performance in Ghost for a while, just days after its debut in London.

The former Girls Aloud star was unfortunately slated by Ghost fans over the past number of days, but that's not why Sarah is holding back.


Coming soon… #ghost the #musical on #tour

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According to The Mirror, the singer is sick and needs to rest…

"Sarah went to see the doctor today who diagnosed an upper respiratory tract infection," her spokesperson said.

"She's been really pushing herself over the past three weeks, rehearsing solidly for the show and making sure her performance is perfect.

"Fans of Sarah will know that she is a true grafter and that she always pushes herself to the absolute limit, but it's all caught up with her. She still has three months of nightly performances to get through, and she's dead set on giving it her absolute all."

We'll just have to wait to see what happens!


Fans were totally shocked today when Sarah Harding appeared on This Morning, donning a very different look.

She has been very vocal about growing old naturally in the past, but now her fans aren't so sure she's staying true to her word.

When her segment was over, her followers flocked to social media to call out the singer:

However, the presenters copped on to what was happening and asked her outright if she had anything done to her face.

And to be honest, her answer was a bit wishy-washy.

"As a woman, as we're getting older we all start to become a little more insecure, that's all part of growing old and growing up. We should embrace it!"

She then tried to crease her forehead to show she has no botox in her face.



It looks a Girls Aloud reunion may be on the cards next year.

Sarah Harding was chatting on Lorraine this afternoon and hinted that she's not opposed to the band picking up where they left off.

The girl group formed in 2002, on the TV show Popstars: The Rivals.

When presenter Lisa Snowdon asked: "Would you consider a reunion, because it's been 15 years since Sound of the Underground?

"Would you perhaps next year get back together?" Lisa added.

Sarah replied: "I wouldn't say no, I do miss being on a stage.

"I'm quite a shy person, but when I'm on stage – it's like I come into something – I just change into something completely different.

"I have an alter ego when I'm on stage. I love touring, I miss touring. I loved it when I was with the girls on the road."

We may have some concerts to look forward to, ladies!



Singer Nicola Roberts celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend, but one person didn't make the invite list.

Sarah Harding has publicly hit back at her former Girls Aloud bandmate for leaving her out of the festivities, admitting it came as a bit of a shock.

And the real stinger? Both Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Kimberley Walsh were at the bash, even helping Nicola with the preparations.

"I didn’t get a f***ing invite to Nicola’s birthday!" Sarah told The Sun.

"But you know what? I am independent so whatever. I nearly tweeted about it but I thought I better not.

"If I had an invite I would have gone but I didn't."


A photo posted by Nicola Roberts (@lilcola) on

Somehow we think a tweet might have been a bit more low-key than an article in the newspaper, but that's just us.

Nicola celebrated her landmark birthday with a lavish bash at London's Hotel Chantelle, with a giant custom-made Little Mermaid cake, personalised cocktails and a LOT of balloons.

Nadine Coyle was also left off the invite list, though given that she is currently based in the US it's certainly less of a diss.

Sarah says she's not dwelling on the snub – but she certainly didn't send Nicola a birthday card.

"Nadine lives in LA, the other three do their own thing and that’s just how it is," she said.

"I didn’t even know it was Nicola’s birthday so I definitely didn’t wish her a happy birthday."



It was the attire made famous by Britney Spears a decade-and-a-half ago during her hit Oops, I Did It Again video and subsequent performances of the song.

And now a strikingly similar red, Latex one-piece has been once again worn on-stage – albeit this time by Girls Aloud singer, Sarah Harding.

The 33-year-old was performing as part of the Manchester Pride festival over the weekend – and despite being a notoriously difficult item of clothing to pull off, the catsuit nevertheless showed off Sarah's gorgeous figure to full-effect. 

However, it comes with an occupational hazard: namely the presence of the dreaded camel-toe, which even Ms Harding was unable to avoid.

She also sported heavy eye makeup, with exaggerated eyelashes. 

Still, her fans took to social media afterwards to praise her energetic performance, which mainly included songs from her Girls Aloud days.

On Twitter, one user called her "red hot," complimenting her "sizzling performance". And on Instagram, another said: "She smashed it!!! Great performance by @sarahnicoleharding !!! Very proud."

Sarah is evidently a big fan of Latex: she wore the same material for a performance at G-A-Y in London earlier this month.


He's defended his look – but let's face it, Ed Sheeran's latest tattoo has certainly divided opinion.

In fact, there were numerous online commentators who initially assumed that the inking simply HAD TO be fake (a theory which was quickly rubbished by the singer himself).

Not that Ed's the only somewhat unlikely celebrity candidate to get a totally OTT etching.

From Cheryl Fernandez Versini's GIANT rose tattoo on her bum (WTF?) to Zayn's image of Perrie on his arm (opsies) famous folk LOVE to experiment with outrageous body art.


Cheryl Fernandez Versini: We can't even…


Ed Sheeran: Each to their own, we guess


Zayn Malik: That'll need removing, so


Rihanna: It's just A LOT to take in 


Cara Delevingne: Bacon on her foot… a lion on her finger


Tulisa: "Lucky you," down around her lady parts. Oh…


Megan Fox: "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies," – will we?


Sarah Harding: "Don't be bitter – glitter," says Sarah. Fair play.