Singer’s bum embarrassment at last night’s AMA’s had everyone talking


So the American Music Awards took place last night and the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles was awash with all the latest chart toppers; Iggy, Taylor and the 1D boys to name but a few, so we can only imagine that Fergie, formerly of The Black Eyes Peas fame, was feeling the pressure.

Almost eight years after her last performance, the thirty-nine-year-old took to the stage to debut her latest single,' L.A Love.' The stunning mum-of-one was introduced by actor husband Josh Duhamel and with a slicked back pony tail and revealing leotard, everything appeared to be going A-OK, until Fergie suffered the one thing all female stars dread, The Wardrobe Malfunction.

Attempting to take off her jacket mid-performance, you can see Fergie go into panic mode as she realises that this jacket isn't going to come off without a fight. Not now, not tonight!

Wide-eyed, she continues to sing while frantically tugging at the garment which eventually falls aside and a relieved Fergie turns her back to the audience only to reveal the damn jacket was now hanging off her ASS. Why, Gawd, why?

Thankfully, it didn't stay there too long as the 'Big Girls Don't Cry' singer swiped at it and turned back to face the audience. jacket-free.

Let's face it, if she can pee herself on stage and get over it, a jacket hanging from her bum is easily handled.

She's still got it, ladies.