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On the surface, Nicole Scherzinger may make it seem like nothing could bring her down, but as we know, when it come it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and famous, everyhitng is not always as it seems.

The X Factor judge has admitted she feels as though fame has caused her to miss out on some major life events and often feels lonely due to her busy schedule.

Speaking to The Star, the former Pussycat Doll explained how she struggles to balance her professional and personal life.


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“Anybody who is successful in what they do is making sacrifices. It's juggling and finding the balance,” she said.

“I've absolutely missed out on things in life. It is hard, I'm not going to lie.”

Nicole went on to reveal how her relationships have suffered as a result of her hectic career.

“It can be lonely. I'm always on the road, I'm always by myself. I think anybody in this industry feels lonely.”

“Relationships suffer. Look at me. I'm not married and I haven't got kids yet.”


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The singer, who is currently dating 26-year-old tennis star, Grigor Dimitrov, said “timing is everything” when it comes to getting the balance just right.

“I would say it generally gets harder to find the balance the older you get.”

“When things are aligned then it will be easier. There's always a sacrifice to be made but it's either worth it or not,” the 39-year-old added.

Meanwhile it's rumoured that Nicole has not signed up to appear on next year's X Factor judging panel, amid reports that Cheryl could potentially return to fill the role.

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Former Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, has opened up about her battle with an eating disorder, admitting the pressure of being in a girl band only added fuel to the fire.

The 39-year-old spoke candidly about her struggle with bulimia in a revealing interview with Cosmopolitan, saying: “It stole all of my happiness, confidence and memories.”

The X Factor judge told the magazine that she was just 14-years-old when her issues around food and body-image first emerged.


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“I was always very critical of myself from a young age, and when I was 14, I started running,” she said.

“I would go outside in the middle of the night and run, because I thought I had to be thinner and that my thighs should look a certain way.”

Things only got worse for Nicole when her career in the entertainment industry began to take off.

“When I got The Pussycat Dolls, it really amplified that because it had so much to do with showing your body off.”

Nicole first poke about her struggle with bulimia back in 2014, and though she has fully recovered, she admits she was ashamed of her past.

“I have a lot of fans and I never wanted to come out about it, because I was ashamed. But once I finally did come out about it, I realised how many people it had helped.”

But, just like everyone else, she has her goood and bad day. Speaking about her X Factor co-star, Nicole joked: “Mrs O and I were joking the other day that sometimes we wake up in a puddle of cookies and crisps! But what really helps me is working out. Even if it’s not for very long, (I love) to get a sweat on to keep me focused and positive.”

The singer finished off by encouraging women to not be so hard on themselves and to make an effort to embrace their figures. 

Hear, hear, Scherzy!


Earlier this week, Will.i.am confirmed what everyone already knew – Fergie is no longer a member of The Black Eyed Peas.

The rapper revealed that the trio now hope to collaborate with other 'good female' artists in the future, and they'll probably need to  – because let's face it, Fergie was The Black Eyed Peas.

Speaking to Ahlan!, Will said, ''Since the beginning of The Black Eyed Peas, we’ve always had amazing vocalists that appeared on the mic with us.''

‘People like Macy Gray, Esthero, Debi Nova, Fergie. On Elephunk, there were several females that appeared on that album. Obviously Fergie was the featured female..''

‘But Black Eyed Peas are pushing it forward in terms of content, technology and experiences on our new project, Masters of the Sun.’

So, who could possibly replace the M.I.L.F.$ singer?

Well, reports have linked former Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, to the role. 

Will.I.Am confirmed in the interview that the X Factor judge does feature on their new project, but he added that he didn't "want to go into details [about] how she's involved yet".

Either way, we're excited about what the collaboration will have in store. 


She’s one of the most recognisable women in the music industry, but Nicole Scherzinger is well aware that her fame has come at a cost.

In a candid interview with The Mirror Online, the X Factor judge confessed to putting work ahead of family and even admitted to missing “out on life” because of her demanding career.

The 38-year-old star said: “Look at me?  I’m not married and I ain’t got no kids yet.  I’m still like ‘let’s go.’”

“Of course work has come at a sacrifice.  I’ve missed out on life.”


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The singer – whose seven year relationship with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton finished last year – also acknowledged that her love life has been affected by her career orientated ambitions.

Speaking of her current romance with Maria Sharapova’s ex Grigor Dimitrov, Nicole said: “It’s a sacrifice when you put your heart into a job.  Relationships suffer.”

But the former Pussycat Doll remains adamant that once she has met her goals, she will consider starting a family.


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“I never expected marriage and kids by now,” she said.  “I have so much more to give as an artist.  Last year I got to do Cats in the West End and that was so fulfilling.  I see a vision of what I want as an artist.”

“Now I’m going to the top of that mountain.  When I get there, then I’ll have time for a family, and kids.”


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

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They dated on-and-off for eight years – with marriage and engagement rumours regularly swirling. 

However, Lewis Hamilton has now opened up about the real reasons why he and the always-gorgeous Nicole Scherzinger didn't ultimately go the distance.

And suffice to say if the former X Factor judge (she's due to return to the reality TV talent show this year) is about – she might want to look away right about now. 

“My cars are my babies," the 30-year-old F1 star has now revealed in conversation with Top Gear magazine.

“I used to say, when I had a girlfriend, ‘I’m taking one of the girls out, so you can come if you want, but you come second when it comes to the cars.”

Ouch – don't hold back there, mate.

Nicole, 38, has previously hinted that Lewis had become “complacent” towards the end of their union, which first began back in 2007.

Meanwhile, Mr Hamilton did at least have the manners to mention in the same interview that his victories on-track proved “a bandage” over his broken heart.

Over to you, Ms Scherzinger!



It appears Calvin Harris has a very strong rebound game.

When the pictures of his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, kissing British actor Tom Hiddleston surfaced, the DJ got back up on his feet and and made sure pictures of him dancing with hot girls were captured.

However, even though he's said since that he'll never date another celebrity, he was spotted giving X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger a lift home from a London night club.

The pair partied together over the weekend, however, sources tell TMZ that he just bumped into her on the night and offered her and her friends a lift home. What a gentleman!

It must have been a long night though, as it was bright when the DJ's car left Nicole to her door.

They would make such a hot couple, though, right?



Singer Nicole Scherzinger is making her return to the X Factor!

Just hours ago Rita Ora announced her departure from the singing contest which prompted numerous reports that Nicole will return, the Daily Mail reports. 

Nicole was a judge on the show in 2012 and quickly became a favourite with X Factor fans.

Alongside Nicole, Louis and Simon, Sharon Osbourne will take the last judging spot.

Lads, we can see this year being a good one!


Three things that make us envious on a wintry November morning: 1) a toned and tanned Nicole Scherzinger; 2) a toned and tanned Nicole Scherzinger on holidays on a beach, and finally – 3) a toned and tanned Nicole Scherzinger on holidays on a beach in the luxurious Maldives. 



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Yes, the songstress is currently being hosted by the Soneva Fushi resort – all part of its lavish 20th anniversary birthday celebrations.

And when she's not snorkelling in the surrounding turquoise waters, or enjoying a beauty treatment in the on-site spa, a make-up free Nicole made sure to put her selfie stick to good use.

The 37-year-old wore a purple-patterned bikini in the images she shared on her Instagram account – where she furthermore posted two video clips of her incredible-looking Maldivian trip.

Measuring just 1.4km X 400metres, Soneva Fushi has a 'castaway island' feel to it – but is nothing less than seriously five-star.


Our Jungle Reserve private residence at Soneva Fushi #maldives

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A week-stay with breakfast (but unfortunately no lunch, dinner or drinks) in February would cost from €15,000 for a couple willing to stay in one of the resort's more basic villas – and that's before you factor in flights.


#movingonup ! too much fun @sonevagroup #bestofthebest #Maldives

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One the sprawling three-bed villas – large enough to accommodate you and five mates – would set you back an astonishing €200,000 (gulp).

However, for that you'd also enjoy an in-villa wine cellar, a library, gym, direct access to the beach, and a huge private swimming pool (complete with sunken dining table and seating). 

You'll furthermore have use of a butler during your stay. 


Enjoyed hearing @Benfogle tell his stories of adventures around the world. #soneva20 #sonevafushi

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TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle is currently also on the island – but fans have been particularly keen to grab a snap with Ms Scherzinger. 

Following her split in the spring from long-term on/off love, F1 star Lewis Hamilton, 30, the former X Factor judge has reportedly been seeing 24-year-old tennis star Grigor Dimitrov.


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However, he sadly doesn't seem to have joined her during her current paradise break, with Nicole instead opting for some alone-time in the Indian Ocean.

In her very first social media post, shared when she landed in the Maldives on Sunday, the Hawaiian-native described her surroundings as "heaven". She added that her "villa and view is everything! So #thankful and #blessed".


We can't take anymore! Have the world's most famous on-off pairing REALLY decided to reconcile… again?

Earlier this year, when Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton split, experience taught us that it would probably only be a matter of time until they ended up back in each other's arms.

But then he was spotted partying with Kendall Jenner AND Gigi Hadid (indeed, he was even linked to none-other than Naomi Campbell at one stage) and we reckoned that maybe, just maybe the duo had  FINALLY moved on. 

Now we're not so sure: because the 37-year-old singer and the 30-year-old Formula 1 driver have just been spotted 'hanging out' together in London. 


The stars – who first started dating way back in November 2007 – were pictured at a John Newman gig held at The Box in Soho.

And while a spokesperson for Nicole told MailOnline "it was a coincidence they were both at the same club. Nicole is not back with Lewis," a Sun source is not so sure.

Firstly, the pair left the venue within five minutes of one another – and although they also arrived separately, they retired to a private room together for the performance.

"The Box's security were not allowed in Nicole and Lewis's room and told to not let anybody else in," The Sun source adds.

"They stayed well after the club shut. Staff were desperate for them to leave."

Earlier this year, Mr Lewis took to Instagram to gush about Ms Scherzinger. Marking her birthday with an emotional message, as well as a snap of the two of them during happier times, he revealed: "Dear friend, Through the years we shared alot.

"I wouldn't have changed a thing. All the experiences made me the man i'm proud to be right now. The Memories together will never be taken away no matter how old we get and I'm thankful for the time we had.

"I'm wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays, and may God continue to Bless you in all that you do."

The gorgeous pair split at least four times over the course of their high-profile relationship: they broke-up twice in 2010, for a third time in the summer of 2013, and then again in the spring of this year.


Nicole Scherzinger sat down for an interview with American talk show host Wendy Williams and it was incredibly awkward.

The short segment took a turn for the worst when Wendy appeared to imply that Nicole had wasted years of life with Lewis Hamilton.

"I was saying, truth, because you're 37, this is a woman who spent seven years of her life breaking up and getting back together.”


It appeared to the audience that Wendy was suggesting Nicole might have wasted her time with Lewis as they never had children together.

"Poor us because they can have babies whenever they want.

Those are seven years you can never get back and he was really wealthy. I was rooting for you, girl. I'm sorry to hear about that,” she added.

Nicole managed to keep her cool, and shrugged off Wendy’s comments:

“You know, everything happens for a reason. I'm a girl of faith and a strong believer, and seven years was a long time.”

Wendy didn’t exactly let it go though as she added, “and the good years down here” while pointing at Nicole’s midsection.

"Honey, that's all right, though. It's all in the spirit," she said. "Whatever you experience in life or relationships, you're obviously meant to grow from it and learn,” was Nicole’s response.

Wendy did seem to try and end on a more positive note when she told Nicole not to worry because she would find a “better one.”


Strolling down a New York street, Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton were careful not too look to cosy together, but all the same their joint appearance has set the rumour mill going at full pelt.

Kendall was first linked to Formula One driver Lewis in June, when he personally invited her and a host of other models to support him at the Monaco Grand Prix.

And yesterday the rumoured couple stepped out together in public for the first time since then, hitting NYC for a spot of shopping.

Dressed in a pair of high-waisted white Isabel Marant jeans, Kendall kept the rest of her outfit uncharacteristically demure, opting for a mustard sweater, round glasses and black flats.

She later showed off the look via Instagram, and we have to admit it looks better in black and white:

Since splitting from Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger in early 2015 after seven years together, Lewis has been linked to a series of female celebs, most notably Rihanna and Gigi Hadid.

But it seems he has his heart set on Kendall – and the Kardashian-Jenner clan have given him their full support. In fact, Kendall's mum Kris was reportedly delighted to hear of the blossoming romance, and hoped it would have a positive influence on her daughter's career.

"She really wants Kendall to date him. Lewis and Kris have become friendly in recent months and she thinks he's perfect for her daughter," a source said of Kris' thoughts on the matter.

We hope these aren't the last Kendall-Lewis snaps we get to see…


In what has to be the most short-lived 'rumoured relationship' of all time, Ed Sheeran and Nicole Scherzinger have reportedly called off their burgeoning romance.

The pair apparently went on a series of dates over the last couple of months, growing close after Nicole confessed that Ed's music had helped her get over her seven-year relationship with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

Unfortunately it seems the 13-year age gap between Ed and Nicole apparently got in the way of a serious relationship, with a friend saying the fling is now "old news."

Whispers of a flirty romance began back in July when the Ed invited the Pussycat Dolls singer to watch his Wembley Stadium show from side stage. The pair even posed together for an Instagram snap that night, which Nicole posted with the caption, "Okay okay you win @edsheeran, you’re taller."

Two weeks later Nicole made her own subtle advance while performing at a gig in Hollywood, openly dedicating a song in her set to the singer. And of course who can forget their Suffolk pub date in Ed's local watering hole, The Station Hotel?

Speaking to The Sun earlier this month, a friend of Ed's said the pair were pretty much an item despite keeping their romance under wraps. "As far as he’s concerned they're in the early stages of dating and he’s been open about it with close friends and colleagues. It may not develop beyond those dates but they’re definitely tight."

Despite their ill-fated romance, the pair reportedly remain on "good terms." Phew!