We protested and they listened: The original PEACH emoji has returned


If there's one thing millennials really, really care about, it's – wait for it – emojis.

And while we all know no message is complete without one, we didn't realise the extent of our generation's passion for them until Apple had the audacity to remove the original peach emoji.

In a move which had everyone up in arms recently, the tech giant released a batch of redesigned emojis for its iOS 10.2 software and ultimately forced us to use a peach emoji which looked like a peach… and not a big, curvy bum.

Like, some people literally have no chill.

Taking to social media to demand the return of the original, members of the public paid tribute to the emoji which did much to strengthen our skills in the sexting department… and Apple actually listened!

The global corporation released a new beta version of iOS 10.2 to developers on Monday, and we can confirm that the peach emoji is officially back.

It's big, it's round and it looks like the bum we all know and love.

And all is right with the world.