Love emojis? You’re going to be all heart-eyes over this movie!


Emojis have officially become a form of expression in themselves. 

That passive aggressive message to your housemate about the fact that they forgot to buy milk again? Suddenly made OK by a laughing face emoji.

Want to hit the town with your bestie? The flamenco dancer girl, the clinking pints emoji and a question mark is all you need.

If you're as obsessed with emojis as we are you will be super curious about the Emoji Movie, hitting our screens (cinema, not phone) in August next year.  

While it is a decidedly odd concept for a movie (who ever thought we'd see a movie where a cartoon poop emoji was a lead character?) we're hoping it's good. 


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The film is set to feature the voice acting talents of James Cordon and  T.J. Miller.

However, the film concept has not received a warm reception on social media.

We'll just have to wait until August to see what it's all about.