Twitter marks #Pride by breaking out a rainbow heart emoji


Social media may come with its ups and downs, but we can't help smiling when we think of how it's connected us to others.

Twitter, in particular, has been a way for people to forge relationships across the globe.

We may be looking for people similar to us who we can identify with, or those who are much different so we can learn from them.

Now, Twitter is celebrating the beauty of Pride and the love shown for people of every gender, orientation and identity.

Hashtags like #LoveIsLove, #BornThisWay, and #MarriageEquality are used worldwide as rallying cries for equality.

Twitter is hoping to continue championing equality, and this year are using a new rainbow heart emoji to celebrate #Pride.

The hashtags that trigger the special emoji are #Pride, #Pride2018, #LoveIsLove, #PrideParade, and #LoveWins (in Spanish, French, Chinese, and Russian, too).

So what are you waiting for? Go spread the love!