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 Korean beauty trends have been taking the makeup and skincare industries by storm. 

From fresh-faced sheet masks to cushion foundations, there are few global brands who haven't tried their hand a Korean beauty techniques. 

 Beauty blender with case €4.00, Brush cleaner €2.00


Now, Irish fave Penneys is giving the trend a go, with a range of Korean Pop inspired bits. 

The K-Pop collection incorporates innovative new makeup concepts, like jelly lipsticks and bubble blushes, with the cutesy Korean aesthetic. 

Prepare to want absolutely everything: 

 Novelty ear mirror €12.00, Tweezers €2.00, Gel eye mask €2.00

 Cushion blusher €5.00, Cloud cream blush €3.00 

 Cushion highlighter €3.50, Highlighting face palette €6.00

Pillow Talk Liquid Lipstick €3.00, Nude lip and cheek tint €2.00, Jelly Lipstick €2.00



Emojis have integrated themselves into our day-to-day text speak, and have almost become a language of their own.

For this reason, we weren't too surprised when we discovered that emoji sheet masks were in existence, but they do look a little startling. 

Social media savvy fans of the masks have been uploading their emoji selfies to Instagram, and the look is pretty out there.

From the crying cat emoji, to the angry face and the laughing with tears of joy emoji, all of the classics are covered. 

The masks are by a brand called Petite Amie, and the Emoji Series of sheet masks are proving very popular. 


The brand offers six emoji sheet masks, each of which are $10.00, or €9.42.

Each mask has a different, specific skin function based on the emojis themselves.

For example, the red angry face mask is said to calm redness and irritation. 


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The Korean beauty inspired masks are flying off the virtual shelves, and we're dying to get our hands on a set.

After all, what face mask could be more Instagram-worthy than an emoji-themed one?