Fess up: How long do you wait to check your phone AFTER sex?

We live in the age of the Internet and our phones are almost a part of our bodies by now. We get it, we're busy people and like to be kept updated – but do we really need to be kept updated while doing the no pants dance with our partners?!

As it turns out, our phones are seriously getting in the way of our love lives. Big time.

Durex just conducted a survey of Ireland's 'sexpectations' and the results are totally mind-boggling.

Try wrap you head around this: 67 percent of people touch their phones more than they touch their partner. Crazy, right?

It gets worse. Twenty percent of people rather spend two days without their partner than two days without their phone or Internet, and 15 percent only touch their partner every couple of days compared to 31 percent who touch their phones five times every hour.

66 percent admit to not being fussed about having sex if there's something juicy on social media and wouldn't even be inclined to initiate it if their other half was on their phone too.

But for the 34 percent who say nothing can get in their way of doing the deed, it turns out 22 percent of those surveyed are back on their phone within ten minutes. TEN minutes?!

Who knew digital distractions would play such a major part in our sex lives, huh?!

So put down your phone, light a few candles, get in the mood and hop on it, ladies.