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Kids have a love/hate relationship with Santa, and when you were a baby, visiting Santa was either a joy or a total nightmare.

But in this video by Cut Video, the children are absolutely TERRIFIED of him. 

We know watching kids cry isn't funny, but when the big guy doesn't know how to handle them, it's comedy gold.


Snapchat was voted as the happiest social network of them all, and it's not hard to see why. 

But now we can love it even more as the app's journey towards world domination just took another major step forward. And backward, for that matter.

After a whole bunch of new filters were introduced recently, users can now play with a new batch of filters called Speed Modifiers.

And it's actually pretty simple to use: Fast-forward will let you play your videos faster, rewind will play your videos at the same speed but in reverse, and slow-motion will, well, you know where we're going here.

Up until now, Snapchat only let users alter their snaps by sticking something on top of the snap. This new update marks the first time users can alter the content itself.

This means it's time to start elevating your snaps beyond the daily trivia we're used to seeing, and into the world of high art. Time to start snapping! 


This is a slow motion video of two men enjoying some poutine (chips covered in cheese and gravy) after a wedding.

It’s kind of gross seeing the food swish around their mouth like that, but it is the perfect example of how we feel when we’re tucking into some taco chips after a night on the tiles.

Mmmm…taco chips…. 



This is pretty cool!