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With the end of summer and the beginning of autumn comes a change in scenery, and a change in our food palettes to accommodate the soon-to-be festive season.

Despite the cold weather, one of the best things about the winter has to be the food. Gourmet meals, culinary masterclasses and a cosy setting are all on the menu of Taste of Dublin's new event.

The festive edition is set to run from November 28 to December 1 in the RDS, and is modelled on a similar winter food festival in London. 


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The winter version of Taste of Dublin will have fewer sessions (six over four days) but will feature huge indoor square footage and a comfortable experience.

While 32,000 flocked to the Iveagh Gardens in June, 18,000 attendees are expected over the festive four days. What does this mean? More room to manoeuvre around and get the best views of masterclasses.

Entertainment, food and more will be housed inside the RDS, Merrion Road, for the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

From November 28 until December 1, 2019, get inspired in time for Christmas.

Fifteen of Ireland’s top restaurants and food experiences will be present in this winter wonderland, ready to serve up a selection of over 50 dishes for audience members.

A packed line up of cooking demos, drinks masterclasses and live entertainment are all in the works, with 30 top chefs warming up the kitchen.

Taste of Dublin's summer festival has taken place in the capital for the last 14 years, and is now building on the hype and success just in time for the cold weather. Food is the perfect warm-up, we say.

Inspired by Tesco Finest, we can't wait to sit in on the beautiful baking shows, food and drink sampling with Ireland's top brands and enjoy the live musical entertainment.

Indulge yourself in all things food and book your tickets for Taste of Dublin: Festive Edition online here before they sell out. 

Dont worry: We won't be judgemental like Ginny Weasley if you eat your way through the RDS:

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We got a text (message) about the future of Ovie Soko's career, and it's looking bright.

The Love Island star has become the latest Islander to land a presenting job after leaving the villa, with Maura Higgins appearing on This Morning for her own Maura Than Meets the Eye segments.

The professional basketball player will join Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes later this week on This Morning to present his own segment, according to The Mirror.


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Ovie will have his own portion of the Thursday show, thanks to his egg-making talents from the Spanish villa. We don't reckon they'll include his "MESSAGE!" catchphrase, unfortunately.

"Cooking on This Morning is going to be dope, but I’ll need to graft hard if my infamous eggs are to live up to the hype for Love Island fans, Eamonn and Ruth," he joked. "They’re daytime royalty after all."

This Morning’s editor Martin Frizell said the team were “thrilled” to have the 6ft 7in basketball player on their team. Soko joined the show in the Casa Amor part, and later came in third place with India Reynolds.

Ovie's famous catchphrase was referencing the 1996 Wayans Brothers film; Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood. 

This Morning is putting Ovie in charge of the brunch menu, but he's not the only ex-Love Island star joining ITV's ranks.

Maura Higgins will travel across the country solving viewer problems for her Maura Than Meets the Eye segment, which hopefully will be comedic gold.

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Taste of Dublin is back with a bang, and starting from tomorrow you'll be introduced to some of the best and highest quality food in town.

Taking place in Iveagh Gardens from Thursday, June 13 until Sunday, June 16 (AKA Father's Day, bring him back some goodies); It's a three day immersion in Dublin's nourishing  and delicious tastes.

Organisers are describing this year's event as celebrating "the chefs that are taking culinary risks, fusing Irish and international cuisine and creating revolutionary Irish menus". Yes please.

What are we most excited for, you ask? Without a doubt it's got to be foodie Anna Barnett's collaboration with Ketel One Botanical vodka. 


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Anna is the London-based author of Eat the Week and The Reluctant Vegetarian, and also does stylist work because she's just that cool.

Obsessed with all things tasty, Anna is delighted to be working with Ketel One Botanical this year at Taste of Dublin.

Ketel One is a family-made vodka brand which makes the spirit with no artificial flavours and distilled with botanicals and infused with natural fruit essences.

Anna currently writes for The Evening Standard in her spare time, when she's not running her own website. How does she find the time?

Thankfully, she's curated a stunning menu of canapés to complement Ketel One's three different Botanical Spritz flavours; Grapefruit & Rose, Cucumber & Mint and Peach & Orange Blossom.

We've chosen three of our favourite recipes for you to gorge over, but why not join the other 32,000 people expected to attend the Taste of Dublin over the four days? 

1. Peach and marmalade galettes with whipped lemon cream

Works best withKetel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom Spritz

Cooking time: 12 – 15 minutes

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Feeds: 6-8

Ingredients: Pre-rolled shortcrust pastry cut into 5cm rounds, one whisked egg, 3 sprigs of oregano with leaves picked and roughly chopped, sprinkle of sea salt flakes, 3 tbsp of marmalade jam, one tin of peaches in syrup cut into thin segments.

Lemon cream: 200ml of double cream, whipped until thick, zest of one lemon, one heaped tbsp of icing sugar.

Instructions: Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. For the pastry, lightly flour a work surface or roll out pastry onto parchment paper. Scatter over chopped or whole oregano leaves and gently roll into the pastry. Turn the pastry over so oregano leaves are on outside and roll into rounds.

Spoon one-quarter of a teaspoon of marmalade onto middle of each round, add finely sliced peaches on top, and turn up the edges. Transfer onto baking tray, gently brush with eggwash and place in oven for 12-15 mins.

Allow to cool on rack. Pipe or spoon the lemon cream onto the tarts after whipping the cream and folding in the icing sugar and zest.

2. Bruschetta with grapefruit, charred red peppers, garlic and mint

Best served with: Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose Spritz

Preparation time: 15 – 20 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Resting time: 15 minutes

Feeds: 6 – 8

Ingredients: One French style loaf thinly sliced diagonally, two cloves of garlic to rub bread with, three red peppers, two grapefruits with skins removed and cut into segments, two cloves of garlic finely diced, generous sprinkle of sea salt flakes, one tsp of freshly ground black pepper, four sprigs of mint, generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Instructions: Begin by prepping the peppers. Place them directly over a gas flame, charred until the skin turns black and blistered. Turn the peppers until they're entirely black, then transfer to a bowl and cover for 20 minutes before peeling off the charred skins. Next, finely slice the peppers by removing any pith. Be sure to retain their juices as this is packed with flavour and can be used by drizzle.

For the bruschetta, heat a griddle pan until almost smoking then in batches char your slices of bread on both sides until you can get those great, dark stripes. You can also grill or toast the bread if you don't have a griddle pan. Cut the garlic cloves in half and rub into the charred breads.

Prep all remaining ingredients. Combine with the red peppers then arrange the bruschettas on your platters, just before serving spoons the mixture generously onto the breads and finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or the juice retained from red peppers.

3. Irish salmon toasts with lovage mayonnaise and mint and pea shoot topping

Best served with: Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint 

Preparation time: 15 – 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 5 – 10 minutes

Feeds: 6- 8

Ingredients: Irish soda bread, 200-300g good quality smoked salmon, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, zest of half a lemon, ground black pepper, 3-4 tbsp cress/pea shoots/radish tops to garnish

Lovage mayonnaise: 150g mayonnaise, 5-6 sprigs of lovage, several turns of black pepper, one-quarter tsp lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil

Instructions: Heat a griddle pan until almost smoking, then char your slices of bread on both sides until you get great, dark stripes.

For the lovage mayonnaise, combine the leaves, mayonnaise, seasoning and zest and blitz until combined. Cut salmon into even stripes.

To serve simply add a generous dollop of lovage mayonnaise to the charred bread, add on the smoked salmon and finish with drizzle of oil, a pinch of cress and lemon zest.

Anyone who attends the masterclasses in Ketel One Kitchen at Taste of Dublin will sample Anna's gorgeous canapés on Thursday and Friday, and meet the woman herself.


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Anna will co-host the cocktail masterclasses with world class bartenders while offering tips to her guests. 

Anna commented:

"I hope that everyone is as excited about tasting the canapé pairings as I was about making them and that they’re inspired to create them over the summer, when they’re entertaining at home."

Tickets for the Taste of Dublin are priced from €15, on sale online now.

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Imagine that you are working in some of the best restaurants in the country, and your job is to come up with the most delicious ideas for desserts: that is the life of Aoife Noonan.

Previously Head Pastry Chef for the Michelin-starred Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, the 28 year-old Dubliner is now Executive Pastry Chef at SMS Luna

While we feel jealous that she gets to try all these delicious cakes and desserts, we also wondered how she manages to stay in shape.

Her secret? You might have guessed: she doesn't eat cake all day.


Itty Bitty loaf of Saffron Bread anyone? #DublinRestaurants #Dublin #Food

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What is your typical weekday breakfast?

I always make the time to have a good breakfast. I start the day with a huge glass of water, then coffee, and usually eggs.

I love eating vegetables for breakfast, a favourite would be roasted beetroots, poached eggs, greens; usually kale or rocket, tomatoes and romesco sauce. So tasty! 

Otherwise it's soaked oats or porridge with a mountain of various toppings like berries, nuts and seeds if I'm not feeling the eggs. 

What about lunch?

Working in a kitchen all day means sometimes lunch is forgotten. I get peckish and start to pick at things otherwise, so a lot of the time I bring lunch with me.

I meal prep a few bits and pieces throughout the week so I always have things to throw together for lunch. 

I love prepping lots of roast vegetables, sweet potato, squash, peppers, then have them in the fridge ready to go into a salad with chicken, tuna or chickpeas with some greens.

As a pastry chef, how do you manage to keep in shape? 

I train in the gym four times a week. Being on my feet all day obviously ensures I stay active.

Eating well is so important and contributes massively to a healthy lifestyle. 

Do you eat cakes and sweets on a daily basis? 

Believe it or not, many are surprised to find I don't gorge on sweets all day! Being a pastry chef means I'm constantly developing, creating, and tasting, all day every day. It's my profession.

But I love savoury food and will choose savoury over sweet out of work. Obviously I have a sweet tooth or else I wouldn't do it for a living. 

What do you usually have for dinner?

Dinner during the week is usually fairly simple, if I go to the gym in the evening it needs to be something quick to prepare so I can get it eaten soon after I come home.

I love chilli with brown rice and smashed avocado, or Middle Eastern spiced chicken with quinoa and hummus and lots of salad.

Is it different at the weekend?

Dinner at the weekend is much more laidback, and I can enjoy taking the time to cook. I love making a roast at the weekend, or eating out. 



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Do you snack during the day?

I try to eat every 3 to 4 hours, so I would snack on fruit; berries or melon and yoghurt, with pumpkin seeds and almonds.

I love nut butters, so eating them with something crunchy like quinoa cakes or crackers always hits the spot. 

What would be your ideal food day?

Breakfast would be waffles and truffled eggs in Duck and Waffle in London.

Lunch would be a sort of Afternoon Tea/Lunch hybrid in the Ritz or the Shelbourne. Absolutely love it.

Dinner would be the tasting menu in the Ledbury in London. 


Savages. #afternoontea #thewestin 

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The one food you could have everyday for the rest of your life?

Cheese. Obsessed. 

What is your favourite dessert? 

I love a simple Victoria Sponge. Soft fluffy sponge with cream and jam and a nice cup of tea, can't beat it. 

What is your favourite meal of the day?

I love having a good breakfast and starting the day right. But my favourite meal of the day would have to be a long lazy lunch, like the French do.

When I lived in France I learned how much of a huge part of the culture it is. A few hours, a few courses, a few glasses of wine, good company, it's so relaxing. 


Summer on a plate! Tomato, courgette & goats curd. @forestandmarcy @macsuibhne1 #summerfood

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Your favourite restaurant in Dublin/Ireland/the world?

My favourite restaurant in Dublin is Forest and Marcy. Ciaran is doing amazing things and every time I eat there I have an outstanding meal.

Outside of Dublin, I love the Tannery in Waterford.

One of the best meals I ever had was in Restaurant Jan in Nice, France. The chef is South African and fuses classic French with food from his native country. The combination of flavours and concepts and how he executed them were outstanding. I didn't want the meal to end. 


Irish chef Donal Skehan and his Swedish love Sofie married yesterday in an intimate Irish ceremony.

Friends and family joined the happy couple at City Hall in Dublin for the ceremony and then to the reception at Lisnavagh House, Co. Carlow.

Donal’s best friend Jonathon joined him at the alter as his best man, both apparently wearing Ted Baker suits. Over 30 of Sofie’s relatives from Sweden travelled to join the couple on their big day, as well as Donal’s parents Dermot and Liz.

Max, the couple’s border collie/jack russel cross, who’s a bit of a big deal on social media apparently, was also at the alter with his loved up owners.

Earlier this week Donal said that Max had been planning his outfit for the big day, he explained that “Max has a new little collar and is coming to the afters.”

Donal and Sofie have been together since 2006. Sofie was visiting Ireland and the pair met when she took a trip to Donal’s native Howth.

When he spoke to the RTÉ Guide earlier this year, Donal admitted he would not be taking charge of the food at his wedding.

He said “I won’t be going near the food for my wedding – we have very good friends who have a restaurant in Drogheda called the Eastern Seaboard and they’re going to be looking after it for us.”

We think he deserved a stress-free day considering he’s been filming in Europe up until quite recently.

Some guests at the wedding have shared their happy snaps of the beautiful pair and Sofie, who chose a simple white gown for her big day looks absolutely fabulous.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Give your dirty minds a rest ladies – this guy is genuinely really skilled at chopping cucumbers. Look at how he moves that knife, not a bother! We would definitely lose a couple of fingers if we tried. Very impressive!


Last night marked the end of this years MasterChef. Emma from SHEmazing! TV caught up with this year’s winner Diana Dodog earlier today. Check out the video for all the goss!



Found Footage Fest posed Nich Pruehr as Chef Keith with an upcoming (fake) book, Leftover Right: Making a Winner of Last Night’s Dinner. 

He then went on five separate US morning shows to demonstrate his cooking skills – the results are both disgusting and hilariously funny.