Hunger pangs when you aren’t really hungry

Ever wondered why you get hungry at odd times – like after you dinner or in the middle of the day?

Here are four reasons why you get hunger pangs:

You ate your food too quickly
Feeling hungry even though you just ate five minutes ago? You probably ate too fast so allow your food to settle for about 20 minutes before assessing if you are actually still hungry.

Lack of sleep
A lack of sleep triggers your appetite. So when you feel you are hungry at odd times it could be due to feeling tired.

After a workout
Not surprisingly, after a workout you will feel hungry. Make sure you have some kind of recovery snack after exercising like a boiled egg or a piece of chicken

You are thirsty
Dehydration can cause you to feel like you need to eat something. When you feel hungry when you don’t think you should be have a glass of water and see if that helps.