15 thoughts that go through every dieting woman’s mind


Being on a diet is a testing time for most women, however some of us take it harder then most. If the Kardashians can do it, why can’t we?!

1. Grocery Shop
It's only going to be healthy and organic food from now on. It looks like a cucumber, but it doesn’t taste like one. What's a "coorget?"

2. Gym Gear
Well we can hardly go to the gym dressed in sweatpants. The gym is no longer just a place to work out, it’s now a social scene and everyday is a catwalk!

3. Hairstyles
A fringe may have been the worst idea ever. 

4. Where To Start?
OK, you’ve made it this far, you have to now look like you know what you’re doing. We'll just swan over here. Looks easy…

5. Already feeling skinny
It may have only been one day, but we feel like we've lost weight already! Pass the doughnuts. 

6. The Pain!
Did someone say endorphins? Where?!

7. Why Is She Here?
Why is she at the gym, she’s already thin?

8. Why is No one Else Sweating as Much?
Not sure whether to cry, puke, faint or poop. Surely we're not the only ones.

9. You Did This to Me!
One month in a relationship and you've come to this. He will suffer. 

10. Rice Cakes
Do they count if you cover them in chocolate spread? 

11. The Gym Clique
They prance around in their little sports bras looking fantastic…one day you'll be their friend. One day. 

12. There are No Substitutes for Crisps/ Chips
Feck off with your sweet potatoes, they are not the same. Are carrot sticks, salty fried potatoes? Then no, no I do not want some carrot sticks.

13. Hot Boys at the Gym
Why, why do you have to be here? Surely there’s a beautiful men’s club meeting you should be attending.You can't see us like this. 

14. Hating Your Already Fit Friend
The one who’s trying to support you by keeping you motivated. The one who uses herself as an example of greatness and states that she feels rotten without a workout every day…Clearly she hasn’t heard of the feel good, chicken fillet roll, with extra mayonnaise. Use all your energy to avoid her instead of meeting her for one hour, three times a week.

15. We'll Just Do a Workout From Home
Who are you kidding?

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