Foodie fact Vs foodie fiction… TEN metabolism myths totally BUSTED

Most of us know by now that not all foods were created equally.

Yup, some are adept at getting our metabolism REALLY fired up – while others do little except slow everything down.

Still, with (whisper it!) Monday morning now looming once again, we're frankly eager to kick-start the week in the best possible way: and that means getting our diets in order.

But did you know that there are a load of metabolic rate rumours that continue to fly despite having somewhat questionable origins?

Here, SHEmazing! examines the cold-hard evidence so you can separate foodie fact from foodie fiction… shedding excess bloat without going hungry. Hurrah!


1) Sleep keeps you slim: FACT

Just one night of bad sleep can slow down your metabolism the next morning, reducing the energy you expend for tasks such as breathing or digestion by up to 20 percent, according to one US study.

On top of that, disturbed shuteye can throw off hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin, which means you'll be hankering for junk food by lunchtime. 


2) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: FICTION

This is definitely a healthy habit – but those who eat breakfast are not necessarily thinner than those who skip it.

Actually, research has shown that there’s no difference in the metabolic rates between those who eat breakfast every day and those who fast until noon. 


3) Chillis burn calories: FACT (sorta)

Adding in lots of spice to your food is seen by many as a great way to burn calories and fat. And it's true – the spice does help… though not by very much.

Indeed, studies in the area show that even a lot of chilli only eliminates about 50 extra calories a day.


4) Weight-training trumps cardio: FACT

Since pumping iron increases your calorie burn long after you stop working out, it's by far the best thing you can do for your metabolism.

In fact, one study showed you can actually burn up to an incredible 450 additional calories in just 24 hours after lifting weights. 


5) Eat little meals throughout the day: FICTION

This trend has really taken off in recent years, but there is no evidence to suggest that eating your calories throughout the day is necessarily better than sticking to three meals.

In fact, some dieticians say the former is only a sure-fire way to over-eat and pack on the pounds. 


6) Green tea helps you stay slim: FACT

Ever since Victoria Beckham was cited as a fan more than a decade ago, dieters have eagerly been tucking into green tea.

And with good reason: although it only burns around 50 calories a day, there is research that proves it also keeps it fuller for longer – which is great for cutting out snacking. 


7) B12 supplements are requisite: FICTION

Lately a load of celeb-types (Rita Ora being just one) have been singing the virtues of B12 pills – or even injections.

But there’s no evidence that B12 actually has the power to rev up your metabolism. In fact, unless you have a deficiency as identified by a blood-test, you're wasting your money.


8) Black coffee ftw: FACT

Caffeine raises your heart rate so your metabolism actually starts burning calories immediately.

Better still, sipping on any source of caffeine an hour before your workout has been shown to help you burn around 15 percent more calories once you finish up in the gym.


9) Protein-loading is better than calorie-counting: FACT

The likes of chicken breast or fish is tough to beat, primarily because they take far more energy to digest than carbs or fat.

And that means you end up burning more energy while digesting. Plus high-protein foods contain amino acids that lean muscle needs to grow.


10) Eating late at night makes you fat: FICTION

Sure – if you're munching on fatty snacks late into the evening in addition to your usual meals, you're not going to be slim. But if you're just the type who prefers to dine at 9pm rather than 6pm?

Our slimmer Mediterranean neighbours confirm that alone will not cause excess weight gain.