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Gift wrapping is serious business, and cannot be taken for granted.

Whether you can't wrap a present to save your life or are the Wrap Queen of 2020, these cute 'n' chic ways to package your parcels this Christmas are the bomb.

Y'all are welcome, if you wrap gifts like these then you'll earn some MAJOR brownie points…

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1.  The Car

All you need is brown paper, some string and a mini-tree (cut part of a bush and spray paint the tips white). Honestly this is just too adorable, the present outside of the gift is just as good as inside.

Image: Pinterest

2. Animal style

Why give a regularly wrapped gift when you can create a zoo of animal presents with some coloured paper, googly eyes and markers.

Image: Pinterest

3. The Colour-Me-In

Why give them store-bought wrapping paper when you could let their inner Picassos shine through?

So much paper is wasted when it comes to wrapping gifts, it would be lovely to create something artistic with the material.

Image: Pinterest

4. The Music Sheet 

As Madonna once sang; "Music…makes the people…come together…yeah."

This applies for wrapping presents too, FYI. Try using music sheets to package your gifts, and you'll be the new musical diva of Christmas.

Image: Pinterest

5. Santa Paws

This one is a slightly unusual tactic to take this festive season, but maybe it's worth a shot? Unless PETA hear about it…*winces*

Surprise a loved one with a wrapped up kitty kat this year, unless Santa Claws rips her way out first.

6. Marvel at the Marble

Some gold and black paint on white paper mixed with watery dark tones can create a marble effect like MAGIC.

It's honestly looks so sophisticated, we can't even cope. 

Image: Pinterest

7. The Chalkboard

Get yourself some black wrapping paper and white makers to create the chalkboard effect, and you could even write a cute lil' message especially for your loved one to read.

If its a sibling who you constantly squabble with, you could also just write: 'Santa prefers me.' 

Image: Pinterest

8. Flower Power

If you've got a penchant for origami, this is the gift wrapping idea for you.

We're going to assume that most of you don't, in fact, have an obsession for origami.

Nevertheless, you can craft flowers by watching some decent Youtube tutorials, or just using cut up coloured sugar paper layered on top of one another, and using black fringed paper for the centre. 

It's probably harder than it looks, but it could be worth a try…

Image: Pinterest

9. Calendar girls

Why not mark the special occasion by…literally marking the special occasion. On your present. Genius or what?

It also helps the environment from unnecessary waste if you decide to use this year's calendar for wrapping your gifts. EUREKA.

Image: Pinterest

10. Fairy lights 

Light up your loved one's lives (yes, we actually said that) with this adorable gift wrapping idea.

All you need for this one is some brown paper and markers, and add glitter to spice it up. Simples.

Image: Pinterest

We're definitely going to try and tackle some of these gift wrapping ideas, they'll add a creative and personal touch to anyone's Christmas.

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Enjoy gals, let these be the guidelines for your future career as a Wrap Goddess.



Whether it is for home decor, fashion or food, Pinterest is the place to go when looking for stylish inspiration.

So, when the image sharing website tells us what we will be eating and drinking next year, we listen. 

In their Pinterest 100, a report about the top trends to try in 2018 published yesterday, they predict that next year, healthy will meet tasty – which is pretty good to hear. 

Based on the most researched items on their pages recently, here are the foods Pinterest think we will put on our plates in the next 12 months. 

Souping > juicing


A post shared by Danae (@reciperunner) on

Soups will replace juices as the go-to detox food, and this will make our month of January warm and comforting.

Easy to make at home, cheap and tasty, soups have been a staple for the winter months for centuries and we are happy to see it back on trend.

If you need inspiration, we got you covered

Super coffee


A post shared by Abbie Whiddett (@abbiewhidd) on

We are just getting our heads around Bulletproof coffee, but our morning brew will be getting even more of an upgrade next year. 

Protein powder or superfoods like maca will be mixed into it, and we can only see ourselves getting totally addicted. 

Flavours from Morocco


A post shared by Baresca Nottingham (@barescanotts) on

While Thai and Indian food are among Irish people's favourite foreign food, it seems like we will get into Moroccan-inspired food next year. 

Using North African spices such as cumin, coriander and cardamom will make our dinners full of exciting flavours.

Plant protein


A post shared by Therese Elgquist (@thereseelgquist) on

We all know at that stage that meat isn't the only way to get our daily dose of protein. 

Figures show a growing interest in alternatives such as lentils, hemp and quinoa which pack a nutritional punch and taste delicious. 

Vegan desserts

Another example that people are getting more and more into plant-based diets is the interest for vegan desserts, using coconut oil instead of butter and flax seeds to replace eggs.

Eliminating animal by-products from your diet doesn't mean depriving yourself and we can satisfy our sweet tooth thanks to the myriad inspiration for plant-based desserts on the internet. 

Edamame and snap peas

We love edamame in our poke bowls and snap peas on our stir-fries, but these two greens are set to become big snacking options in 2018.

Not sure we are 100% ready to swap our crisps and chocolate bars for them though…

Cooking with ghee

This clarified butter originating from India has been used to cook in South Asia and Africa for centuries.

Lactose-free and with a long shelf-life, ghee has a higher burning point than butter and is said to lower bad cholesterol. No wonder why is should find its way into our kitchen in the next few month. 

Mocktail magic


A post shared by Crisel (@criselgarcia) on

While most of us would have a hard time dropping the G&Ts, virgin cocktails are taking centre stage in recent Pinterest searches. 

With more people jumping into the Dry January bandwagon, they could be a way to keep meeting friends for a drink without feeling guilty! 


So, everyone knows the way to a woman's heart is through her Pinterest boards, right?

They basically act as a window into our inner most wants and desires – even if they are just full of quirky cushions and expensive kitchenware.

If anyone is ever looking to buy us a gift (hint, hint), all they really have to do is take a quick scroll and pick the first scented candle that crosses their screen – simples!

Well, one man who figured out this genius hack years ago has been dubbed the “smartest man alive” by thousands of people who are only raging they didn't think of it first.

Meet Jordan and TyAnna.

The couple have been happily married since March this year, but Jordan admitted he'd been chasing his now-wife for three years before they actually got together.

"I had been trying to convince TyAnna to let me take her on a proper date," he told BuzzFeed News. "She finally said yes for Valentine's Day our senior year."

When TyAnna finally agreed to a date with Jordan, he began searching for the perfect gift to win her over with.

After becoming frustrated with his lack of suitable ideas, a mutual friend suggested that he take a look at her Pinterest page for inspiration.

Deciding it was worth a shot, Jordan created an account and began quietly following TyAnna's account for gift ideas throughout their relationship.

"She’s picky and she likes things that tend to be small or handmade … so I like to get things right the first time," he said.

Over the years, he said he's gifted her "a sapphire nose ring, lip glosses, and earrings" inspired by her Pinterest pins.

Until recently, he had managed to keep this clever little hack to himself, but when Deray McKesson recently tweeted to ask if anyone still used the site, Jordan just had to share this nugget of information with the world.

Needless to say, people were beyond impressed with his initiative.

Of course, TyAnna now knows about Jordan's secret account, but she says she actually wasn't surprised at all.

"I thought it was really really sweet but I wasn't surprised because Jordan really goes the extra mile to make me happy," she said.

Bravo, Jordan. Bravo.


Whether you know exactly what you want for your wedding, or haven't a breeze where to begin, you need to take a look at Amazon's brand new wedding shop.

From the latest trends to traditional options, there's an abundance of categories, and even a section for Unique Wedding ideas.

The online retailer has even added a Handmade section, where you can have everything from your rings to your shoes customised to your needs.

Describing the new shop, Amazon claims that it allows brides to "explore unique, handcrafted items for your wedding day and all the special events leading up to 'I do'.

“The ability to purchase products from local artisans on the Handmade Wedding Shop offers customers a boutique shopping experience coupled with the convenience and selection of Handmade at Amazon,” said Katie Harnetiaux, from the Handmade at Amazon headquarters.

Between wedding invitations, hand-crafted veils, cake toppers and jewellery, there really is something for everyone (especially brides who want their weddings to resemble a Pinterest bridal board).

At the moment, most stockists are from the UK and US, but as the Amazon wedding shop catches on, we're sure local Irish stockists will sign right up.


Planning on sprucing up your living space this summer?

You might want to take note.

Pinterest have revealed their list of the top home decor trends of 2017, and it's full of budget-friendly options. 

Removable wallpaper

Whether you're house sharing, renting or simple have trouble committing to things, removable wallpaper could be the answer to all your home decor prayers. 

It's cheaper and cleaner than traditional wallpaper, and can even be used to breath life back into old drawers, wardrobes and pretty much any other surface. 

What's more is that this stuff is super easy to apply, meaning you won't have to make awkward small talk with your dad's DIY-loving best mate while he invades your personal space. 

Photo: Pinterest

Round mirrors 

Okay so maybe this one isn't quite as ground breaking, but round mirrors can add a touch of elegance to even the of dullest rooms. 

Functional and classy – what's not to love? 

Photo: Pinterest 

Chalkboard Menus

Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and why wouldn't we? It's the room with the food after all. 

And given the amount of time we spend there, it's nice to have the place looking well. 

Enter menu boards. 

As well as giving your kitchen a rustic italian edge, a cafe-style chalkboard menu is also a super handy way to plan shopping lists and meal prep.

Photo: Pinterest

Leather drawer pulls

This one is great if you're on a budget as they can be made at home using recycled materials.

They're super easy to construct and will add a modern twist to any old chest of drawers that might need a little TLC.  

All you need is an old belt, glue and a few nuts and bolts. 

Check out the handy step-by-step tutorial here

Photo: Pinterest 

Hat and Jewellery Displays 

Why keep your gorgeous belongings hidden away in boxes when you can display them proudly on the walls of your home?

It's super chic, it'll save on storage, and everyone will know what great taste to have – it's win, win.

Photo: Pinterest

You can check out Pinterest's full list of the biggest trends for 2017 here.

Feature image credit: Pinterest


Brides and their bridesmaids. We've heard all the horror stories… but would you go without a bridal party on your big day?

Having your closest BFFs by your side on your special day is tradition, but we all know of those chill friends who become absolute bridezillas the minute a ring is put on their finger.

And while being asked to be a bridesmaid can be one of the best moments of your life, having to factor in time off work, money, and weekends spent dress shopping means there's going to be a lot on your plate for the next few months (or year).

bouquet, bride, celebration

Well because of this, it seems like some brides are opting to ditch the bridesmaids in 2017.

According to HelloGiggles, brides don't want to deal with the drama of a bridal party anymore.

More people than ever are turning to Pinterest to find ideas for their wedding sans bridesmaids, with a trend report saying, "less is more – brides are choosing to go with fewer bridesmaids, or sometimes none at all!

Two Woman Taking Photo in Photobooth Holding Black and Pink Masquerade Mask

"This decision ensures the focus is all about you and your partner."

Pinterest also noted that it has seen a 100 per cent your-over-year increase in millennials searching for options with no bridal party.

Some factors to think about when ditching the bridal party is not having the awkwardness of having to choose one friend over another; or, not having to put up with an all-out family war because you didn't pick your third cousin who you only see at Christmas to walk down the aisle with you.

Do you think you'd opt for this trend? 



 Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



If you fancy clearing out your room – NOW is the perfect time to do it.

Just as the Christmas lights are coming down, grab some fairy lights from your mammy or granny, because drowning your bedroom in those little sparkling things is totally in.

Just like a Pinterest pinboard, you can tack fairy lights to your headboard, ceiling, bedframe or doorframe:


A photo posted by @mykindoflike on


A photo posted by @explorationofthesoul on


A photo posted by @gracefullyace on

Or, you could just throw them in a bunch somewhere like these people are doing it:


A photo posted by interior by zeynep (@zeynepshome) on


A photo posted by @mykindoflike on


A photo posted by Hanne Rom Havaas (@hanneromhavaas) on



If you find lugging countless empty wine bottles to the bottle bank beyond irritating, then you may need to get in on a trend currently doing the rounds online.

Instead of dividing your empties by colour in the local carpark, why not hold onto them and create a Christmas tree of epic proportions?!

After Silver Oak Cellars got the ball rolling last year, the rest of us mere mortals are catching up this time around, and Pinterest is all over it.

This is a work of art…

And this is truly beautiful…

And then there's this one…

But this has got to be our favourite…

Looks like we've some stocking up to do before Christmas, ladies.

Images via Pinterest


Choosing a wedding dress is stressful enough in itself, but deciding on a dress which will suit multiple women is a mammoth task.

When one friend refuses to show off her arms and another friend just doesn't do high-neck, most brides-to-be have their work cut out for them choosing a shape, style and shade which flatters the women she has chosen as bridesmaids.

If you're currently struggling to appease everyone in your bridal party, you may want to check out the gown currently riding high on the 'most pinned' chart.

The Lace Illusion Neckline Dress from Camille LaVie comes in eight colours, boasts a crisscross pleated bodice and a stunning chiffon skirt.

Oh, and the best part? This floor-length gown can be worn multiple ways meaning that each bridesmaid can showcase or conceal whichever features she wishes.

Coming in between £118 and £134, it looks like this gown, which has been pinned a staggering 170,000 times, is your go-to gown for that oh-so-big day.

Christ, we'd wear to the local if we could get away with it.


Earlier this month Pinterest had us swooning over its most popular wedding dress, and now the much loved image sharing site has really given us wedding fever with its favourite engagement ring.

We all know it’s the thought that counts when it comes to receiving gifts, but when jewellery reaches engagement-level importance, it sure is nice to dream about the perfect rock.

And – according to HelloGiggles – there is one engagement ring in particular that’s made its way into many people’s dreams as the Alvadora Diamond Ring has been pinned over 160,000 times.

The 18 carat white gold ring features a bezel set gem, lattice detailing and a halo of diamonds and is available for purchase from American retailer Brilliant Earth for $1,490 (that’s currently around €1,330).

The vintage inspired piece also comes in four different styles:  White gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum.

Previously it had been reported that the Verragio Venetian ring by Raymond Lee Jewellers was the most popular engagement style on Pinterest with 63,000 pins.

Like the Alvadora Diamond ring, the Verragio Venetian is an 18 carat white gold piece but it also boasts 0.45 carats of diamonds and costs around €3,800.

Feat image: New Line



Whether you’re looking for an Instagramable place to eat or a new way to decorate your bedroom, Pinterest is the perfect place for creative inspiration.  And what occasion demands more design inspo than your wedding?

While many people love trawling through the image sharing platform’s endless stream of big day photography, others prefer to get straight to the good stuff so thankfully Pinterest has revealed its most popular wedding gown.

The winning layered lace dress has been pinned to more than 2.5 million boards and is the work of an Australian label called Grace Loves Lace.


The Hollie gown – which was first released in 2013 – is the perfect combination of boho and traditional wedding designs as it features a translucent skirt which hangs beautifully over a shorter lace dress, thin straps and a low-backed bodice hand-crafted from French lace.

Unfortunately for those looking to get their hands on the gown – which was worn by Millie Mackintosh at her wedding reception – it has now been discontinued, but it has been replaced by a similar updated version which is just as popular as the original.

Harper’s Bazaar Australia has reported that the Hollie 2.0 has already been back-ordered by over 700 brides-to-be, so if you want to get your hands on Pinterest's best loved dress you’ll have to get your name down quick.

Feat image: Decoki

Hollie images: Pinterest

Hollie 2.0 images: graceloveslace.com


As every dedicated pinner will know, Pinterest is a haven for interiors inspo and there are few rooms in a house which deserve more design dedication than the bedroom. 

Unfortunately the problem with developing a unique personal space is that it can take a lot of time and effort, so we’ve pulled together some eye-catching ideas from the online board sharing platform to help you kick your creativity into gear.

The bed: The main focus of any bedroom is obviously the bed but even if it is the room’s most practical feature, it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.  Whether your sleeping space is flat on the floor or stacked on top of someone else’s, Pinterest will know how to make it look magical.



Walls: While all white bright rooms will always be super chic, Pinterest also has a great collection of contrasting colour bedroom images.  It demonstrates that there is no need to keep walls boring as striking wallpaper can be applied to create a unique focus point in the bedroom and mix and match paints can be used on alternate walls.


Lighting: Whether it comes from a natural light source like a large framed window or an artificial base like a quirky lamp, light in a bedroom is an absolute essential.



The little things: Sometimes it can be the smallest details which give a room its authentic feel.  From stacks of magazines to framed positivity quotes if Pinterest promotes anything it’s well placed small touches.

All images: Pinterest