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Drop Dead Twice

BYOB is usually something you associate with a pre drinks party, but one Dublin bar is putting a twist on the concept that we absolutely love. 

Drop Dead Twice, which began as a pop-up back in October, has been made a permanent feature at its location at The Stage 19 on Francis Street, Dublin.

The bar invites guests to openly bring their own alcohol (not sneakily stashed in your clutch) and have a selection of bespoke cocktails made using the spirit of their choice.


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Whether you choose to bring vodka, gin or whiskey, Drop Dead Twice mixologists are well able to get creative when it comes to concocting the perfect cocktails.

The team draw on their expertise to come up with original and unique beverages, using a wide range of fresh and homemade ingredients.


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The premise is simple, just book in for a two or three hour session and bring your booze to the bar.

If you are booked in for two hours, Drop Dead Twice recommends bringing a naggin per person, which will get you four cocktails.

If you are booked in for 3 hours they recommend bringing a shoulder per person, which will get you six or seven creative drinks.

The fee is pretty damn reasonable, at €25.00 per person for 2 hours and €30.00 per person for 3 hours.

The team talks you through what you like and what you don’t like before whipping up a selection of cocktails for you and the gals.

It's definitely a brilliant and boozy way to spend an evening. 


So, the most stomach churning of Hallmark holidays is upon us, but rather than moping in single or semi-singledom, we're choosing to make this lovable day about the gals. 

While thousands of 'the boy done good' captioned pictures of designer bags and Victoria's Secret hauls flood Instagram, we've decided that we'll be sinking pints and G&Ts with our fellow single crew members.

Where exactly? Well, Drop Dead Twice is hosting the ultimate antidote to this love sick holiday – The Netflix & Chill pub quiz. 

The pub quiz is completely free for teams to enter, and the team with the best name wins a delish bottle of The Dubliner Whiskey, so even if your trivia skills aren't up to scratch, your name-choosing may win you some drank. 

For the more competitive among us, it's time to get the flash cards out and start swotting. 

The theme of the quiz is, of course, Netflix, so we're sure that every team member will have a bit of organic knowledge in there somewhere. 

The event will be held at The Tap Room in Drop Dead Twice on Francis Street, Dublin.

The venue recently had a refurbishment and is looking laaaavely, and now has more than 20 craft beers on tap for those knowledgable in both trivia and an excellent brew.

Now to watch the entire series of Stranger Things again before tonight, just in case it comes up.


On Sunday, Drop Dead Twice will celebrate the end of the world as we know with their kick ass Zombie Apocalypse party.

The zombie theme is a classic, while the drinks menu adds a unique twist. 

Located on Francis St, the party will be kicking off early.


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Those who attend in fancy dress will be awarded with Trick or Treat shots, and there will be an epic prize for the best dresses. 

Everyone who heads to the bar, dressed up or not, will get a zombie vaccine shot to get the party started.

On the drinks menu are Cauldron Punch Bowls (yes please) along with specially created Halloweeny Martinis. 


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There will be an entire menu of Halloween cocktails (it is set in Dublin's original bring you own cocktail bar, after all) as well as deals on bottled beer.

Can't think of a costume? Henna by Hannah will be on hand to create spooky makeup looks for the masses. 

See you there, cauldron in hand. 

Oh, and one more thing while we have you! Don't forget that you can catch up on all your favourite shows for free for a month right here, so sign up now!


In it's first year in existence, Drop Dead Twice has expanded from a pop up to a permanent feature in Dublin's cocktail culture, and it's not surprising to see why. 

Nestled above The Stage 19 on Francis street, the cocktail concept has delighted patrons with its innovative take on indulging in a few alcoholic bevs. 

The bar allows customers to bring their own alcohol to the saloon, to be synthesised into a series of unique and innovative cocktails by their team of mixologists. 


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Truly a mix of scientists and magicians, the DDT bar staff can whip up a carefully tailored drinks menu to suit each group or person, made using the individual's alcohol and the expertise of the staff.

Now, the team are making moves into the world of beer with their latest endeavour.

Sure to ensnare the senses of any beer lover, Drop Dead Twice will be opening a Taproom for those who prefer a good brew to a fancy mixed drink. 

There will be craft beers from all over Ireland and the wider world in the Taproom, and the staff will be there to guide experts and novices alike towards discovering their new favourite craft beer. 

There will also be unique wines and spirits with unique flavours for those who can't cope with too much of the bubbly beverage. 

The doors of the Taproom will open in October, marking the one year anniversary of the carefully curated and refreshingly unpretentious cocktail bar. 


If there’s anything we love more than boozy cocktails, it’s boozy bespoke cocktails.

Created just for us and with more than a passing nod to all our favourite flavours and garnishes – bespoke cocktails allow us to channel our inner Carrie Bradshaw without all the whinging.

And with a ‘bring your own cocktail’ pop-up bar opening in Dublin next month, it’s no real surprise that everyone here at SHEmazing! HQ has cleared their entire diary for the Autumn/ Winter period.

Located on Francis Street, Drop Dead Twice provides a two-hour slot for just €20 – yes, you read that right – and allows customers to bring their spirit of choice along with them.

Once you and the ladies have pulled up a stool, the bar’s expert mixologists will get to work creating five completely bespoke cocktails using a range of mixer, liqueurs and garnishes.

Opening its doors on October 13th and catering to the Irish public until December 31st, Drop Dead Twice is our new one-stop shop for all things cocktail-related.

But with just over 10 weeks to enjoy it and savour all they have to offer, it looks like we’re going to have to bring some birthdays forward.

Ladies? You’re welcome.