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Late last year, following a string of high profile sexual abuse allegations, a movement was created encouraging people to open the conversation and provide support for victims who has suffered in silence for too long. 

Since then, countless people have shared their own personal experiences through #MeToo, marking a shift in how we tolerate the issue. 

With that, many parents have chosen to break down barriers and open the discussion with their own children, in the hope that they will gain a greater awareness, and the ability to identify inappropriate behaviours. 

In an effort to inspire more of these types of conversations, YouTube channel Cut shared a poignant video of parent having a frank and honest conversation with their kids about sexual abuse. 

In the video, titled 'Parents Explain #MeToo', three mothers talk about what the movement represents and why it's so important. 

The emotional clip shows mother Nicole, explain what sexual abuse is to her son Nolan, before revealing that she had been assaulted as a child. 

“Sexual assault is where people do inappropriate things to other people including things with the private parts we just talked about. So a lot of people are scared to talk about when those bad things happen to them, okay?” she says.

“It happens to a lot of men and women, boys and girls. It happened to me when I was younger, I didn’t even tell Daddy until two years ago.”

“I think it’s important for you to know because these things can happen to kids, too.”

In similar discussions, two teen girls discuss the issue with their own mothers, with one even opening up about an inappropriate incident that happened to her at school. 

“I’m very proud of you. It’s okay to talk about these things,” her mother says.. 

“And that is the right thing to do, is to tell somebody right away. And you have to learn how to always speak up and don’t let anybody ever take advantage of you. This is never okay and it’s never your fault."

While the video may feature just three conversations, it highlights the need for children to be aware of the issues that happen around them and brings to light the importance of having an open line of communication between parent and child 



Homelessness figures have escalated this year, and data from the Department of Housing shows that the number of homeless people in Ireland has reached almost 8,000.

2895 of those are children.

'While the overall numbers in emergency accommodation showed an increase during June, progress is being made in relation to moving families out of hotels / B&Bs,' reads the report. 

'At the end of March a total of 870 homeless families were housed in commercial hotels and B&Bs in the Dublin Region; at the end of June this figure had fallen to 638.'

68 per cent of those homeless are in Dublin. 

3406 homeless adults accessed emergency accommodation in June. 

'We have around 50,000 empty homes in Irish cities or 13 empty homes for every homeless adult' Pat Doyle, chief executive of The Peter McVerry Trust told The Journal.

'That is in an intolerable and deeply frustrating situation.'


She’s an outspoken feminist, an advocate for ditching makeup and now Alicia Keys has revealed herself as an opponent to the Disney classics.

In a new interview with Net-A-Porter’s The Edit, the Girl On Fire singer claimed she doesn’t like her sons watching Snow White because of the way in which its female protagonist is presented.

“I feel like it’s by design that I’m raising boys; like there’s a reason. I really feel that,” she said of her relationship with six-year-old Egypt and ten-month-old Genesis.


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“They say that every child learns from their mother — it’s ingrained from babyhood.”

“Have you watched Snow White lately?” she asked.  “I get real funky about the classics; I don’t like [my sons] watching it.  It’s totally sexist, misogynistic – she’s cleaning for seven dwarfs.”

Clarifying that her issue lies with the way Snow White’s role is portrayed as opposed to the role itself, the 35-year-old said: “There’s nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to stay at home with her family, it’s a hard-ass job, but it’s the way it’s spoken about.”


Sunday family vibes… I do it all for them

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Is it time to rethink our childhood faves?  Alicia certainly thinks so.


More on this and how I feel about our world today at the #LinkInBio. #AliciaIsHere #HolyWar

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He’s not long home from a jam-packed trip to Ireland, but already Mel Gibson is busy talking baby number nine.

In September this year, the Braveheart star confirmed that he is expecting his first child with his partner of two years, champion equestrian vaulter Rosalind Ross.

Appearing on Good Morning America today, the 60-year-old director joked about the physical effects of having so many children.

“I’ve got stretch marks, man,” the star told show host Michael Strahan.  “I’ve got stretch marks.”

The actor – who is currently celebrating his tenth year of sober living – has one daughter and six sons with Robyn Denise Moore, to whom he was married for 26 years, and one daughter with Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. 

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Over the last week or so, social media has been flooded with posts from proud parents as their little ones skip off to school for the first time.

And it seems that celebrities are no different. 

Case in point being Neil Patrick Harris: the actor shared a snap of his adorable twins ready to take on the demands of the kindergarten classroom.


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Son Gideon and daughter Harper, both five, posed up in front of their family's New York home wearing their academic best for the occasion. 

With both little ones sporting sunglasses, Gideon wore grey trousers complete with red braces and navy deck shoes. Meanwhile, Harper went for grey shorts, black boots and a white shirts… all topped off with a bow in her hair.

'Kindergarten fits these two well. #firstdayofschool,' their 43-year-old father captioned the photo. 

Neil Patrick Harris has been married to David Burtka, also an actor, for two years. They welcome their twins – born via a surrogate – in October 2010.



The Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes took to Twitter with an emergency yesterday asking her followers for help.

“Parents – help!!”

Rochelle was looking for advice after her three-year-old daughter’s pet fish died overnight. She went on to ask her fans for their thoughts on the best course of action.

“Alaia’s goldfish has just passed. Do I tell her in the morning the truth (in a nice way) or is the fish on holiday?”

Quick to offer their words of wisdom, Rochelle needed help in deciding when a child is too young to learn about death.

“She’s only three, confused when is too young?!”

But it seems like honesty was the best policy for most as Rochelle retweeted many messages advising to tell her little girl the truth.

Rochelle later revealed that she and husband Martin decided to tell Alaia what had happened.

“We’ve gone for honesty. Thanks guys.

“Sometimes it’s hard to know the right thing to do when you just want to protest your little one.”


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With three small children – the youngest of whom is still only four months old – already at home, Kristin Cavallari says she's definitely NOT having any more kids.

Mother to Camden, 3, Jaxon, 22 months, and Saylor, 4 months, we can imagine the reality TV star and her husband, professional athlete Jay Cutler, have their hands full.

In fact, they're absolutely sure that their family is now complete; in fact, Jay, 32, is being sent off for the snip.

“We’re taking permanent [birth control] measures. We’ll just leave it at that,” the 29-year-old revealed this week referring to a vasectomy.


Saylor's first Christmas! #MerryChristmas #ChristmasJammiesOnPoint 

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And with two boys already in the family, the Kristin was particularly delighted to welcome baby Saylor last November. 

“She’s going to steal Jay’s heart, which will in turn melt mine!” Ms Cavallari said at the time. 

“I’m excited for the boys to grow up with a sister. I think it will help them to better understand and respect women.”



We have no doubt the Victoria Beckham will be spoilt rotten this morning, with her four children and dashing hubby David there to give her presents.

But the designer took a bit of time out to thank her own mother for always being an inspiration today.

Victoria took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of her mam and herself when she was a tiny little baby. 

In the caption, Vicky wrote: "Happy Mothers Day. You inspire me every day and I love you so much."

David also decided to praise his mother with a throwback snap. He looks like his youngest son Cruz in this photo, but before you start ohhing and ahhing, wait until you read his caption.


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"Happy Mother's Day mum… You have been my number one fan from day one but more importantly your support , honesty , and tireless love for not just me and my sisters but for your grand kids which really shows the type of person you are … Amazingly generous .. Thank you for being my mum."

Meanwhile, David also shared the cutest post to honour Victoria on this special day. Taking a black and white photo of their four children picking flowers, David captioned the photo: "17 years ago our brood started and these little ones have the most amazing mummy that they love so much.


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"And I love her for many reasons but the main one is because she gave me the most amazing children … Happy mama's day as the little ones would say."




We're wondering if he actually has the stats on this but Ronan Keating said that his proud achievement is couples conceiving their children to his songs.

According to Yahoo, the singer reckons that a whole army of children were made while their parents listened to his music, and When You Say Nothing At All is a song he knows is popular in between the sheets.

“I get a lot people coming up to me and saying they got engaged to my music or their baby was conceived to a song," he said.

When You Say Nothing At All seems to have that effect on people – there’s a lot of children conceived to that song! That also seems to be picked a lot for first dances at weddings."

And he's far from embarrassed that people get down and dirty to his music – actually he thinks quite the opposite.

“I’m bloody proud about that, too right, it’s a fantastic privilege to have that sort of effect on people’s lives.”

OK Ronan, whatever you say.


One thing viewers didn't expect to see when they turned on their TV this morning was a young girl dancing on a pole.

But that is what This Morning viewers were welcomed to when they turned on the show – which has kinda left us in shock.

The segment was about a recent debate of whether young children should take part in "pole fitness."

The debate, which has been ongoing online for a couple of days now, focused on the views of a child psychologist who blasted the classes for making children overly sexualised.

But, pole dancing teacher Zoe Hardy, and two mothers of pole fitness kids were there to defend the exercise routine.

As the show went on, three young girls performed a routine from their pole fitness class – in crop tops and hot pants – and let's just say, Twitter went into outrage: 

What do you think? A harmless way for kids to exercise? Or are these classes letting young girls grow up before their time? 



Brian Dowling is getting broody and has admitted to his desire to start a family.

The TV presenter opened up about having kids, and said his BFF Pippa O Connor could be the perfect surrogate.

"I'm like, 'Pippa, once you drop this one, do you want to go again?'. Baby Ollie is just gorgeous and she's beautiful – and a nice person as well – and has a really good work ethic. She's so fabulous," he told the Diary.

Brian and his husband Arthur Gourounlian, who got married in the summer of last year, said they still have a lot to figure out, though.

"I'm quite pro the surrogacy thing, and Arthur's quite pro the adoption thing, so it's about deciding what works," Brian revealed.

Whichever way the handsome pair choose, we're sure they'll make great parents. 



As kids, it's safe to say that we all hide our phones from our mothers. Hell, they open our letters, so who knows what they would do if they got their hands on our phones.

But, these brave lads decided to allow their mams to snoop through their texts, and the outcome is… well, it's really funny.

One guy has a code to open his phone and then another code to open his texts, while another dude is a complete mommy's boy and kisses her on the forehead afterwards.

From sexts to dodgy pictures, a man's text messages is a world full of secrets.