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Depending on what life stage you’re at, Mother’s Day will mean different things to different people. 

For some, it’s a time to spend time with you’re little ones, celebrating mum-hood. For others, time away from the kids might be exactly what you need.

If you're a grandparent, you may have a whole extended family to celebrate with you. If you are a new mum, you may think about establishing key Mother's Day traditions like lie-ins and breakfast in bed- so you can make sure they STICK.

Though we all have ways of marking the day, there’s one thing we all seek: Appreciation. Recognition. The nod that acknowledges that you are doing your best at a VERY difficult job. The world has become more vocal about the difficulties of being a mum. The emotional turmoil mixed with sheer joy is the tip of the iceberg- and we all know it at this stage…

But what if you don’t look like a mum? What if people’s eyes widen in disbelief when you mention you’re rushing home to make the school run or that the reason you look like a zombie is that you were up all night feeding a teething baby? 

When you’re a younger mum, recognition may not come as frequently. Many assume that your little surprise is being raised by a granny or by a more capable family member. That you couldn’t possibly put in the same hours of housework, or parenting or even work-work as those who had their lives 'sorted' before raising a family.

Us young uns’ tend to feel like we need to prove ourselves to others. To show we are 'able', even though our childhood ended only yesterday.

We may not have the same financial resources, living space or lifestyle to be 'in' with the mum-crew from our kid's school. Many of us have lost the friends we had before we became parents because our lives took off at a different speed and in the opposite direction.

We have few people to vent to or to share struggles with. Though all mums feel the sting of isolation, being on the very young end of mum-hood means the risk is even greater.

Many teen mamas spend their pregnancies hiding from the world, feeling like they have disappointed those they love as well as society as a whole. Many do the entire messy thing alone.

They forfeit opportunities, face stigma and battle the loneliness, with only a baby to confide in. 

So this Sunday, I wish to give the nod to the babies with babies of the world who are unfamiliar with appreciation. Those for whom moments of mummy-recognition have been few and far between. Whose decision to be a parent has been met with anything other than a smile.

We see you.



What better gift to give this Mother's Day then the gift of great hair?

This is where Peter Mark steps in, as the hairdresser is offering an eGift card tso you're mum can be spoiled this Sunday.

The brilliant thing about the eGift card is that you can treat your mum whether you're by her side or across the world on March 31.

So how does it work?

You just go online to www.petermark.ie and buy an eGift card for anything from €10 upwards.

It's redeemable in all Peter Mark salons on both salon services and the wide range of luxury haircare products.

Why not go even further and give your gift an extra stylish touch with the personalised message option by adding a meaningful message and a bespoke Mother’s Day gift card.

She wll be delighted.

The eGift Card is then sent via email to you or your loved one – so it is the perfect last minute gift.


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For those living closer to home, Peter Mark gift cards are the perfect way to go for something other than the go-to chocolates an flowers. 

So what are you waiting for?

Treat your mum to the only card she will want this Mother’s Day at Peter Mark.

To locate your nearest salon or to buy online visit www.petermark.ie



The Day of Mum is almost upon us.

And if you’re anything like us, you might have left buying a pressie til the last minute.

But we’ve got you covered – especially if your mum is a beauty addict.

We’ve compiled a list of the hottest beauty must-haves, from make-up to skincare to hair care and more.

She will be grinning from ear to ear come Sunday if she gets one of these fabulous treats.

1. Seoulista Beauty Multipacks of Instant Treatments

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2. Fuschia Make Up Brushes Vegan Essential Collection

Fuschia, €34.99

3. Too Faced Hangover Primer Travel Size 20ml

Debenhams, € 16.79

4. Blank Canvas Master Series Palette

5. L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil 

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L'Occitane, €18.50

6. Note Coral Lipsticks

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Cara Pharmacy, €3.96

7. Extra-firming Phyto-Serum & Extra-Firming Yeux, Clarins

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Arnotts, €82.00

8. Liz Earle Soothe & Refresh Skin Saviours

Liz Earle, €27.27


9.  IT COSMETICS Confidence in an Eye Cream

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Arnotts, €39.00

10. YSL Luxurious Mascara Must Have Set

Brown Thomas, €32.50

11. Jo Malone London Wild Flowers & Weeds Limited Edition Cologne

Jo Malone London, €64.22


12. L'Oreal Revitalift Filler

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Boots, €16.66

13. Waxperts Lavender Scent Room Spray

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If you're the offspring of an Irish Mammy, you'll know that trying to buy her a present is an absolute minefield… not least because she refuses to offer guidance, provide suggestions or even engage with the notion her child intends to spend money on her.

Put simply, presents (and discussion surrounding presents) is an Irish Mammy's kryptonite.

This, in turn, makes choosing a gift for her absolute torture when you know full well you'll be in for a world of pain if you exceed the €5 limit or buy anything she can't put to good use.

And with Mother's Day fast approaching, here are just 9 classic moments we've all endured in recent years.

1. The awkward conversation

Every year, we attempt to tackle Mother's Day head-on by asking our mothers if there is anything they're currently hankering after, and every year we're met with the same dismissals.

Between insisting there's nothing on God's green earth they desire to suggesting we're a little touched for even broaching the subject, Irish Mammies really know how to make us work for the info.

"Sure, what would I be needing? No seriously, WHAT would I be needing?"

2. The subtle hints

Accepting that it's highly unlikely they'll come up with their own suggestions, we tentatively test the waters by throwing out a few suggestions of our own.

With a blank canvass to work on, we run wild with ideas only to be quickly reined in by an incredulous-looking woman.

"Afternoon tea?! A spa-day?! Holy Mother, it's far from afternoon tea I was reared."

3. The outright refusal to play ball

While up until now, they may have allowed us to dance around the subject, there comes a point when they officially shut down all lines of communication on the matter.

They're no longer playing ball whatsoever, and it looks like we're officially on our own.

"And don't go asking your father either. Sure, he hasn't a notion what I'd want…. not that I'd want anything."

4. The bizarre suggestion

And then comes a time when relations appear to thaw, and your mother seems to actually want something in honour of Mothering Sunday.

It just so happens that her suggestion is so ridiculous, you can't help but question whether she's testing you, and the surly teenager inside you is now the one refusing to play ball.

"I've been looking at the same dado rails for the guts of 20 years. If you want, you can choose new ones with me."

5. The indulgent online browsing

With talk of dado rails bringing you to crisis point, you do what any upstanding millennial would do, and you turn to the world wide web for inspiration.

And promptly realise that the litany of prolonged discussions you had with your mother over the importance of Mother's Day has left you with no time to actually order anything for Mother's Day.

"I love her, but there's no way I'm paying express delivery at those prices."

6. The blatant resentment

While the whole point of Mother's Day is to honour the woman who has raised you, you – in spite of yourself – find yourself cursing her inability to help you out on the present front.

Why can't she take a leaf out of our Christmas book and list anything and everything she has seen over the last 12 months?  

"She'll be lucky if she gets anything off me at this rate. And she'll only have herself to blame."

7. The frantic dash

If you haven't done a frantic dash through the halls of a department store the day before Mothering Sunday, have you even celebrated Mother's Day?

When you find yourself jostling for space between stressed-looking young lads, you know you've effed up yet again.

"Drop that silver picture frame, and there'll be no trouble."

8. The mother/ daughter gift

If crowded department store aren't your thing, then chances are you've gone with the gift of 'experience' right?

The very thing you mother said you'd need notions to even consider.

"I don't know what it's all about either, but just eat your cucumber sandwich and shush Mam."

9. The 'next year' promise

Next year, it will be different. Next year, she'll be sounder, and you'll be better able to deal with her classic Irish Mammy-isms, right?

Well, not likely, but you'll be better prepared with the help of Brooke & Shoals who are a veritable haven for anyone on the hunt for a Mother's Day present.

From candles and diffusers to eau de toilettes, the frustration of the last few years will be a distant memory with this range of handmade award-winning, stunningly packaged products.

Brooke & Shoals, take a bow.



Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to find the perfect gift for mother dearest. One of the best things to receive is a good book, whether you like fiction, self-help or gardening books, being gifted an endearing tale is such a treat.

We’ve put together a list of the best reads to buy your mum (or yourself) this Mother’s Day. They’ll certainly make the book lover in your life very happy.

1: The Importance of Being Aisling by Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen (Gill Books)

Taking up where book one left off, Aisling is now 29 and she’s still a complete Aisling. After a tough year, things seem to be going well with Aisling and boyfriend John, and life with her flatmates Sadhbh and Elaine in their notiony Dublin apartment is more craic than ever.

However, readers can expect big changes for Aisling in book two when a shock change sees her moving back Down Home. Can she give up the sophistication of brunch and unlimited Pinot Greej? Will she and Mammy kill each other living back under the same roof? And where does that leave her and John? The storyline includes a hilarious girls’ trip to Vegas which gives Aisling some unexpected confidence that sees her going on to grab Ballygobbard by the horns with a new venture.


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2: The Positive Habit by Fiona Brennan (Gill Books)

This ultimate manual for the mind will help you train your brain to embrace negative thoughts and transform them into positive emotions.

The Positive Habit is a transformative book that helps readers embrace their negative thoughts and cultivate a positive mindset, through six practical steps, which are grounded in the science of habit, mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience. Learn how to self-generate six core positive emotions that guide you from negativity to positivity, from anxiety to calm and from fear to love.

Accompanied by an audio-hypnotherapy meditation plan that takes just a few minutes a day, split between morning and evening, The Positive Habit will transform your mental health as you doze off peacefully to the sleep-time audio and wake up happy as you listen to the 7-minute morning ritual. The relaxing morning- and sleep-time audios will programme your brain effortlessly and help you develop the ability to take control of your emotional health, as you build your ladder to happiness and develop The Positive Habit!


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3: Happily Imperfect by Stacey Solomon (Harper Collins)

In Happily Imperfect, be moved to tears and laughter by joining Stacey in her journey so far, as she reveals how to stay positive despite the everyday pressure to be and look perfect. Told through hilarious, sometimes moving, and always charming anecdotes, discover how to get the best out of life by being positive, not following the crowd and trusting your gut instincts.

Covering how to navigate motherhood, deal with anxiety and prejudice, as well as the experience of getting older, Stacey has plenty of words of wisdom to share. With tips and tricks on how to apply a positive mindset within your own day-to-day life, become emotionally freer and happier with Stacey by your side.


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4: Lost in Motherhood by Grace Timothy (Harper Collins)

Best described as The Wrong Knickers for mums, in this wry, resonant and darkly funny memoir, journalist Grace Timothy explores motherhood as an issue of identity.

The hilarious book follows Grace’s journey from a young married woman at the top of her editorial game in London, to a thirty-something mum, confused as to how she can love someone as much as her daughter and yet feel lost as a person.

Compulsively readable, irresistibly written and incredibly well-observed, Grace’s searingly-honest account of motherhood is essential reading for every mum trying to find their way after the mother of all identity crises.


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5: Organised by Sarah Reynolds (Gill Books)

Wouldn’t life run more smoothly if your home was organised? Enter Sarah Reynolds, Ireland’s leading professional organiser and her new book Organised: Simple Ways to declutter your house, your schedule and your mind.

Whether you live in a chaotic family home or a small apartment, this book will show you how to organise your self, schedule and space so that getting and staying organised is easy; declutter with confidence; set up your wardrobe so you wear the clothes you have; entertain friends in a relaxing, clean space; tame your inbox!

Step-by-step, room-by-room, you'll soon find that you hardly ever lose things, massive clear outs become a thing of the past and you never spend more than 10 minutes a day tidying up.

If you are stuck in a vicious cycle of wanting to get organised but not having enough time to do so, then Organised is what you’ve been waiting for. This book will help you fall in love with your home again and keep it that way.


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6: The Baby-Friendly Family Cookbook by Aileen Cox Blundell (Gill Books)

With a 16-year-old, an 11-year-old vegetarian and a lively 4-year-old, Aileen Cox Blundell has a breadth of experience with catering to all appetites and demands. 

In her new cookbook, The Baby-Friendly Family Cookbook, Aileen is back with over 150 wholesome recipes that suit the entire family. From winning breakfasts like MacMammy Egg Muffins and Sweet Potato Orange Pancakes, to lunchbox wonders like Veggie-Loaded Mini Quiches and Italian Quinoa Bites.

Every recipe has been developed with health and nutrition in mind and will appeal to the whole family, making mealtimes a pleasure rather than a chore. As well as the recipes, Aileen includes practical advice including how to cook for a vegetarian, safety tips around baby-led feeding, and the ultimate guide to fussy eating.


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7: The Newborn Identity by Maria Boyle (Penguin)

Meeting a baby is like meeting someone from the internet: you got used to calling them by a weird nickname and now you need to call them by their real name; they look nothing like their photo; it is hard to believe they’re real until they are actually there…

The hilarious and poignant cartoons of illustrator Twisteddoodles bring a smile to the faces of parents every single day. Her drawings brilliantly capture the unique experience of motherhood and the huge range of emotions that it brings.

In this warm and witty book, Maria writes candidly about what becoming a mother has meant for her. Interspersing her words with brilliant cartoons, she delivers a marvellously entertaining snapshot of life as a modern-day parent. Her sharp observations cover everything from the sleep-deprived early days of having newborn twins to the reality of being a working mum; from just getting out of the house to slowly get your social life back. Upbeat and humorous, this is a wonderful book for parents and parents-to-be.


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8: The Gift of Friends by Emma Hannigan (Hachette Ireland)

The final novel from the beloved and inspiring Emma Hannigan is a life-affirming, uplifting story that celebrates the strength and joys of female friendship.

Kingfisher Road- a leafy, peaceful in the town of Vayhill. But there are whispers behind closed doors. Who is moving into Number 10? Danielle appears to her new neighbours to have a perfect, glossy life. But not everything is as it seems… In fact, each of the other four women who live close by has a secret and each is nursing their own private heartache.

But could a gift be waiting on their doorsteps? And, by opening their front doors, and their hearts, to each other, could the women of Kingfisher Road discover all the help they need?


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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, AppliancesDelivered.ie, Ireland’s highest rated electrical retailer, carried out a nationwide survey to find out what exactly makes Irish Mammies the best in the world. The survey found that Irish men will spend more than their female counterparts when it comes to spoiling their Mammy with gifts this week. And Cork people came out on top for generosity compared to the rest of the country, with nearly one in three planning to spend between €60 and €80 on a Mother’s Day gift.

Don’t tell Mam:

No matter how hard we try, there’s not much that can get past the ‘all-knowing’ Irish mammy. She’s got eyes and ears all over the place and you’re only fooling yourself if you think you can pull a fast one on her.

So, it comes as no surprise that 40 percent of respondents revealed that their mothers know absolutely everything about them – whether they like it or not.

However, there are a few of us out there who managed to keep the odd secret or two. The most common responses included hidden body piercings, smoking, and teenage antics.

“Mam, please. You’re embarrassing me”:

While they may be the queens of world, it’s not all tea, chats and cuddles, with over 70 percent of respondents admitting their mothers could get on their nerves from time to time. The most common offences include telling her friends about their personal lives (31.76 percent), criticising their appearance (25.88 percent), and cleaning up whenever she comes to visit (10.59 percent).

A nation of Mammy’s boys:

It’s no secret that Irish mammies are guilty of mollycoddling their sons, but it seems the affection works both ways, with 32 percent of men surveyed revealing they call their mothers at least once a day, and a further 10 percent admitting to calling multiple times per day.

Results also revealed that 26 percent of men still call on their mothers to iron their shirts, while 8 percent of men aged between 35-44 admitted they still rely on their mothers to make their doctor’s appointments.

What’s more, Irish men will also spend more on Mother’s Day gifts this year, with 28 percent saying they plan to spend between €40 and €60, compared to just 27 percent of women.

Just for you, Mam:

Speaking of gifts, it’s Cork mothers who are in for the biggest treat this Sunday, with almost one third of respondents in the Rebel County (29 percent) revealing they’ll spend between €60 and €80, compared to the national average of €20 – €40.

But of course, you can’t put a price on quality time – and there’ll be plenty of that had across Irish households this Sunday, with 83 percent of men and women surveyed saying they’ll make special effort to visit their mothers on the day.



Show your Mum how much you care by showering her with gorgeous gifts from SuperValu. Treat her to some of SuperValu’s gorgeous Rose and Lily Bouquets; let her sit back and relax with the perfect bottle of wine or stray from the norm a little bit and treat her to a glass of Irish Pink Gin from one of our favourite TV hosts (PS Yes, we’re talking about Graham Norton’s New Pink Gin)

Show your mum how much you appreciate her with all her favourites available instore and online now.

Graham Norton’s Pink Gin RRP €39

This Mother’s Day why not WOW your Mum with a rose petal infused bottle of Graham Norton’s Own Pink Gin.