One thing viewers didn't expect to see when they turned on their TV this morning was a young girl dancing on a pole.

But that is what This Morning viewers were welcomed to when they turned on the show – which has kinda left us in shock.

The segment was about a recent debate of whether young children should take part in "pole fitness."

The debate, which has been ongoing online for a couple of days now, focused on the views of a child psychologist who blasted the classes for making children overly sexualised.

But, pole dancing teacher Zoe Hardy, and two mothers of pole fitness kids were there to defend the exercise routine.

As the show went on, three young girls performed a routine from their pole fitness class – in crop tops and hot pants – and let's just say, Twitter went into outrage: 

What do you think? A harmless way for kids to exercise? Or are these classes letting young girls grow up before their time?