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Cath Kidston has blessed us with another amazing Disney line.

This time last year the fashion brand released a fantastical Peter Pan collection, showing off must-have handbags, cushions and mugs.


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Our favourite was a 'Van Gogh meets Neverland' tote bag, framing a navy blue night sky with a silhouette of the Darling children beginning their journey through the stars.


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This time, however, it is all about one of the first Disney princesses ever – Snow White.

The new collection will debut gorgeous carryall bags, pretty purses, and stunning outfits – all in fabulous florals.

The fashion line encourages us to think black as the dramatic colour bases most of the featured items, creating a striking contrast with the white, flowery designs.

Like the pale princess, Cath Kidston’s collection will have you singing to the birds with a smile and a song.

You can strut your stuff with Disney pride, sporting adorable blue jays on a sophisticated, collared dress.

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In this teaser photo, each item boasts boldness with a pop of striking red.

The lovely tote shown is adorned with white and pink blossoms around an innocent Snow White, who is about to take a bite of the poisonous apple.

The new line is set to launch on September 20th at 9am, online and instore, and you can sign up to be the first in line for updates here.

We can’t wait to see the rest of the must-have collection and are loving its fashionable, modern twist on a Disney classic.


Chloe Grace Moretx has responded to the intense wave of backlash which followed the advertising for her upcoming movie Red Snows and the 7 Dwarfs.

The movie is based on the original Snow White fairytale, but with a twist. 

'What if Snow White was no longer beautiful?' reads the new advertisement for the flick, a slogan which stands beside a comparative image of Snow White, one image shows a tall and slim version, the other a short curvy version. 

The spin-off movie is causing outrage on social media, and was even called out for fat shaming by positivity advocate Tess Holiday.

Chloe Grace Moretz, who voices Snow White in the upcoming children's movie, has taken to Twitter to apologise and share her thoughts. 

'I have now fully reviewed the marketing for Red Shoes, I am just as appalled and angry as everyone else, this wasn't approved by me or my team,' she said.


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'Please know I have let the producers of the film know,' she continued.

'I lent my voice to a beautiful script that I hope you will all see in its entirety.'

'The actual story is powerful for young women and resonated with me.'

'I am sorry for the offence that was beyond my creative control.'

The reaction to Tess Holliday's tweet, in which she tagged Chloe, was shock and outrage. 

'No wonder kids have issues with body image,' said one.

'Enough of the size shaming. We are all unique and thus beautiful in our own way.'

'I'm willing to give the film a chance, but I agree that this ad sends a negative message, and probably could have been done differently,' said another.



"What if Snow White was no longer beautiful?" reads the new advertisement for Red Snows and the 7 Dwarfs.

If the above statement wasn't bad enough, what is irking most people is that the picture beside the words is of a much curvier version of the Disney character.

The spin-off movie is being called out for fat shaming, and positivity advocate Tess Holiday has shared her views about the ad on social media.

In the billboard, Snow White is seen on two sides; on the left she is strikingly thin and tall, where as on the right she is shorter and curvier.

Tess wrote in a tweet last night, "How did this get approved by an entire marketing team? Why is it okay to tell young kids being fat = ugly?"

The entrepreneur also tagged the film's star, Chloe Moretz, who will voice the character of Snow White.

Chloe has yet to comment.

However, looking at the trailer for the flick, it doesn't seem much better.

We're trying to think of a reason as to why a story would be based around weight, and all we can think of is maybe Snow White ends up happier when she stops trying to ive up to unrealistic standards?

We're just so confused by the entire premise.


She’s an outspoken feminist, an advocate for ditching makeup and now Alicia Keys has revealed herself as an opponent to the Disney classics.

In a new interview with Net-A-Porter’s The Edit, the Girl On Fire singer claimed she doesn’t like her sons watching Snow White because of the way in which its female protagonist is presented.

“I feel like it’s by design that I’m raising boys; like there’s a reason. I really feel that,” she said of her relationship with six-year-old Egypt and ten-month-old Genesis.


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“They say that every child learns from their mother — it’s ingrained from babyhood.”

“Have you watched Snow White lately?” she asked.  “I get real funky about the classics; I don’t like [my sons] watching it.  It’s totally sexist, misogynistic – she’s cleaning for seven dwarfs.”

Clarifying that her issue lies with the way Snow White’s role is portrayed as opposed to the role itself, the 35-year-old said: “There’s nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to stay at home with her family, it’s a hard-ass job, but it’s the way it’s spoken about.”


Sunday family vibes… I do it all for them

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Is it time to rethink our childhood faves?  Alicia certainly thinks so.


More on this and how I feel about our world today at the #LinkInBio. #AliciaIsHere #HolyWar

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It doesn't get more classic than Snow White, ladies. It was the movie that basically started off the Disney princess fandom way back in 1937, and it hasn't stopped since.

We've seen numerous remakes in the past couple of years, but this one is looking to be pretty major.

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According to Hollywood Reporter, Disney is planning to keep all of the original songs in the remake and has also hired Girl On The Train screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson to write the script.

And not only Erin, but the songwriters behind La La Land (Emma Stone and Ryan Reynold's new flick) are set to be joining as well.

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With Lily James as the new Cinderella and Emma Watson as the the new Belle, we're guessing there's going to be some big names in this film too.

We might have to wait a couple of years until it hits our cinema screens though, as Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beasts won't be out for nearly another year.

Here's to waiting!



It seems like Disney are adding another princess to their list as Snow White is set to get a new sister.

Red Rose was one of the original Grimm Brothers' fairy tales, and while their story didn't include Snow White, producers at Disney have decided to make Rose a "companion piece," claims The Hollywood Reporter.

The story transposes Rose Red into the Snow White tale, making her a key player in the later part of the story.

When Snow White takes a bite from the infamous poisonous apple and falls into her sleeping death, her estranged sister, Rose Red, must go on a scary quest with the dwarves to find a way to break the curse and bring Snow White back to life.

We think this is going to be one kick-ass princess and we can't wait to see the trouble she gets into while trying to save her sister. Who said we're too old for a princess movie, anyway?



Recently, there's been a mega-trend in overanalysing sweet Disney movies, ultimately making all of our childhood dreams fade into the very bleak distance. 

The most recent has seen Snow White's hopes and dreams come crashing down, along with our own. *Sob*. 

If you haven't seen the movie (who are you?!) we'll give you a little refreshment. Snow White is the tale of a beautiful princess, who is banished away to the woods because the Evil Queen is super jealous of her.

The Queen is so angry at Snow White for being a beaut (over-dramatic, much?) that she goes on to poison Snow White with a magic apple.

Everyone thinks Snowy is dead, including her squad of dwarfs and animals, but then TWIST TIME, a handsome Prince comes along, kisses her, she wakes up and the day is saved. Hurray!

But, according to a fan theory, one Reddit user suggested that this is not how it actually went down. 

According to Scherazade, the Prince isn't her saviour; he's DEATH. Duh, duh, duhhh. 

"Always present, always looming, but never intervening until it's too late. Seen as an escape, but always risky, and she shies away from it when it first tries to embrace her. [Eventually] the Prince as Death saved Snow White, but only after she had fallen irreparably into his embrace through the apple."

However, Movie Pilot roams even deeper than that, and concludes that Prince Charming is actually a really hot Grim Reaper. *Chills*. 

"The Prince's kiss could actually represent him rousing Snow White from the grave to escort her into the afterlife, hence the strange imagery in the sky and the white horse used to lead his princess into the distance."

Childhood ruined? Yep, ours too. 



There have been reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman.

Apparently the sequel is going to be more of a spin-off about the Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth, so no Kristen necessary. Charlize Theron will be returning to her role as the evil queen though.

Looks like getting off with the director during the last film wasn’t REALLY a great career move!