Beauty blogger Nadia Bartel has given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

The mum announced the exciting news this morning, saying:

“Our hearts exploded when Henley Roy Bartel came into the world today weighing 3.98kgs.”

She shared an adorable pic of her and her hubby smiling down at their little boy. He looks so precious bundled up and in the middle of a big yawn.

And how iconic is the name Henley?!


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The Australian mum is best known for her Chronicles of Nadia blog, covering everything from beauty and lifestyle tips to exclusive interviews with kickass fashionistas.

She also shares amazing fashion tips for pregnant mums trying to dress around their growing baby bump.

“I know how hard it can be dressing the bump. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you look ‘amazing’!! It is hard to believe it  (and all you pregga mummas reading this -DO look that great!

“Growing a baby is so incredible,  I am still in awe of what our bodies can do), but most of us cannot help but feel a little frumpy and not like ourselves when pregnant, I know that’s how I feel- which makes it hard to dress right and feel confident.”


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Nadia previously opened up about the criticism she received for her body when she was expecting.

Because of her naturally thin physicality and workout routine, strangers on the street were telling her that her bump was “not big enough”.

“When will people realise we are all made differently, and that’s what makes us all unique?” the blogger responded.

Congratulations to Nadia and her hubby on the newest addition to their family!