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The Internet has thrown up some peculiar beauty trends in the last few years, but using lube as a primer has to be one of the strangest.

In a new video by YouTuber Hunda Beauty, Hunda Kattan documents the effectiveness of a lubricant, Vagisil, Milk of Magnesia, aftershave balm and olive oil as priming products for makeup.

During the four minute video, the Dubai-based beauty blogger explains that lube is somewhat similar to silicon-based primers, while the feminine anti-itch cream, Vagisil, contains an oil controlling ingredient.

After applying makeup over the products, Hunda found that lube does not make a decent primer (awh!), but Vagisil hydrated her skin, controlled oil and worked well beneath cosmetics.

Check it out below:




We’ve seen a lot of strange beauty trends over the last few years, but the new “polish mountain” challenge has to be one of the weirdest.

Bilingual blogger Cristine – who runs the site Simply Nailogical – posted a video to YouTube just over a week ago which has since been viewed over eight million times.

The video shows Cristine applying 116 layers of nail polish to her own nails in an attempt to go to “polish mountain” on behalf of her fans.

On her blog, the quirky Canadian describes the situation as follows: “So I went to polish mountain for you, now let me be your guide! You guys challenged me to put on as many coats of nail polish as I could, so I listened because I'm all for useful intelligent hack videos.”

“These are way more attractive than bubble nails if you ask me. It's like a jawbreaker for your nails. Honestly I got so hungry during the 12+ hours filming this that I might have tried to eat them."

Once the results had been revealed, the YouTube star – who has “two fluffy children that some people call cats” – then challenged her 1.4 million followers to “out-coat” her. 

She asked her fans to pile on the polish before hashtagging POLISHMOUNTAIN to show her the results.

Judging by Cristine's original attempt, Polish Mountain is about to get weird – if anyone actually accepts the challenge, that is.