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You may have figured it out at this stage, but we really, really like makeup. 

Like, a worrying amount, to be honest. 

Anyway, we also love all the gadgets and tools that are involved in makeup application – from gorgeous brushes, to sponges and masks. 

So, with that in mind, we have done a round up of our favourite beauty gadgets of 2017.

Please enjoy:

This glorious makeup organiser! 

Get it here

This brilliant little brush cleaner. 

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The mirror of all mirrors.

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Image result for Eplze Creative Multi-functional Make Up Mirror Light LED Desk Lamp Touch-sensitive Eye-protection Reading Lamp (with Magnifier Glass) (White)

Lipstick hoarder? No problemo. 

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How beautiful is this makeup drawer? 

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Archive the PERFECT winged liner. 

Get it here.

Image result for liner designer

Painting your nails is an ordeal. HOWEVER, this little guy helps. 

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Ditch the makeup wipes, ladies, and get yourself a Cleanse Off Mitt. 

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Cleanse Off Mitt


Your fake lashes just got a whole lot easier. 

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Bed head will become a thing of the past with this groovy silk creation.

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What will 2018 have in store for us?

Hoping for this, tbh:

Image result for homer makeup gun gif




We all hate running out of our favourite mascara or using up our conditioner before our shampoo.

It always seems to happen before a big night out, when everywhere is closed and you don't have the time or money to replace anything.

At Shemazing HQ, we love a good beauty hack, and these five simple product swaps and tips should handle even the worst beauty blunders.

1. You're out of shaving foam, and your legs resemble those of a mature gorilla.

Try hair conditioner instead; it won't foam up but, the silicones in conditioner soften the hair for the razor to glide through. 

2. No eye-make-up remover, to combat last night's glitter eye shadow and a half a ton of mascara.

The solution? Almost any oil will remove eye makeup, so try dabbing on some coconut oil or olive oil. 

3. The worst of all, no dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo has saved us from so many bad hair days and greasy mane situations.

However, a great inexpensive substitute is talcum powder. Go easy with it, as a little goes a long way.

Talcum powder is also fab for preventing shaving rashes on the bikini line and underarms.

4. You need to get rid of your patchy fake tan, and you don't have an exfoliator.

Just add some sugar to your shower gel, and scrub away to your heart's content! Bye bye, dodgy orange tan!

5. Favourite nail varnished all dried up?

There's still a way to rescue it; just add a couple of drops of nail varnish remover, and shake.

Don't add too much or the mixture will become too watery.

Do you have a great beauty hack or story to share with us? Let us know and you could be in with a chance of winning €250.



After Hunda Beauty wore lube as a primer, we realised digital influencers are willing to do a lot in the name of beauty.

Because of this, we shouldn’t really have been too surprised to find YouTuber Maria Yeager removing her makeup with a bottle of men’s shaving foam.

Taking a can of Gillette Fusion as her cleanser of choice, the popular Instagrammer filmed herself as she liberally applied the gel to a face of heavy makeup.

After some vigorous rubbing, Maria used a damp facecloth to wipe her skin clean, before repeating the process to effectively rid her face of eye-makeup.

So, next time you find yourself in a house without makeup wipes, you know what to do!



We all know the scenario; we’re running late for work, college or just coffee with the girls when we try and slap some makeup on our faces in an effort to avoid looking like a character from The Walking Dead.

In our frantic state we drop the lipstick we hoped would fool people into thinking we give two s**ts, and it slides right down the white top we decided to wear on today of all days.

You may think that blouse is doomed to a life of imperfection but with these simple tips you’ll be able to erase any spills or smudges your makeup may have caused.

Image result for great news  gif


If you’re using an oil-free foundation, try rubbing some shaving cream into the material.

If the stain is proving more stubborn, try adding a little alcohol to the mix.


Lipstick is made with oils so make sure to use an oil-based cleaner to remove to stain. Liquid soaps to clean grease can be the perfect solution.

With a tissue and a small dollop of soap, blot the stain to lift the colour. Spray a little water (don’t soak) and let it sit with the soap doing its magic for 10 minutes and rub away with a clean towel.


Using an oil-free makeup remover, blot the area until the stain is lifted.

This simple trick should even work on waterproof mascara.

Nail polish

Nail polish remover is the answer to your prayers is you accidently spill some polish.

However, it can sometimes lift dyes out of your clothes so try a testing it on a smaller, less noticeable area first.

If it is successful, then make sure to throw your clothes in the washing machine straight after.

If remover is a no-go, then try hairspray instead.

Image result for changed my life gif


There are probably not many things worse than being fully prepared for a big night out only to open your beloved make up bag and realise you are fresh out of concealer. Or lipstick. Or mascara, or any other of your favourite beauty products.

It happens, and it can be a nightmare. We have busy lives and while we love our cosmetics, sometimes they can be touch pricey.

Next time you are running low on your must-haves, make sure you give these handy hacks a read because they could save you millions. Ok not millions, but enough to put a smile on your face.

Broken powders (eyeshadows, blushers etc.) can be repaired with a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

Use a lighter to reattach your broken lipstick.

When you come to end of your favourite lippy, scoop it out and pop it in a pot for extra uses.

Use warm water to help your mascara loosen up.

Any dried out gel liners can be brought back to life with eye drops.

​Eyeshadow primer will make colours pop and stop you using excessive amounts to get a decent colour.

A dried out eye liner can be rejuvenated by running it under cold water.

Perfume nearly empty? Add the last few drops to your body lotion. Not a very intense scent mind you, but better than nothing!

Put your nail varnish into a glass of hot water upside down if the lid is stuck.

You can use a reasonably priced bar of soap to clean you make up brushes instead of buying expensive specific cleaners or sacrificing your shampoo.



We think it tends to be pretty easy to fall into a routine when it comes to your hair. The usual wash, blow-dry and style can become a staple in your daily life without you even giving it a second thought.

The thing is, our daily hair habits could actually be wreaking havoc with your attempts to have a lush, healthy head of hair.

Here’s some of the worst habits that hair stylists really wish we would stop doing. So when you show up at the hairdresser next time just wanting to ‘trim the split ends’, you’ll know why they might be trying to stop themselves rolling their eyes.

Brushing wet hair

Not a good idea apparently. Invest in a wide toothed comb or a Tangle Teezer that won’t pull on the strands and help prevent them from breaking.

Sleeping in a ponytail

Anna Kendrick’s stylist, Johnny Stuntz, explains: “Sleeping in a ponytail causes breakage right at the crown of the head, or wherever the elastic is placed. If you like your hair off your face, sleep in a loose braid off to the side, secured right at the end as loose as you can.”

Towel drying

This roughs up the cuticle. You don’t want that. Closed cuticles will reflect light and make your hair appear smooth and shiny. Bella Thorne’s stylist suggests you should “wring your hair out, moving downwards from root to ends.”

Pulling on split ends

This probably goes without saying but apparently it is still a very common occurrence. Oops. Instead of pulling at split ends, snip them clean off to avoid creating more uneven splits that will be harder to fix.

Too much too close

The man responsible for the locks of Lea Michele and Amy Adams says that spraying products too close to your head means you’re not getting the most out of them, at all. “Give the can a good shake for better product distribution, then extend your spraying arm out all the way and spray away. Aerosol products work best when they’re exposed to air before they reach the head,” says John D.


There are some mornings when you wake up and attack the day with seemingly endless enthusiasm. When you wake up early and your outfit is on point because you actually took the time to consider you options, you know the day is going to go well.

Even better if you managed to give yourself enough time to properly get your mane in order before leaving the house. However, after a long weekend, or any weekend, sometimes the alarm clock is not our friend.

If you’re forced to rush out of the house with your hair still soaking wet, then have no fear because we uncovered styles to get you through the rush. You’re emergency messy top-knot can finally be given a break.

Four-strand braid

Seriously impress with your braiding skills with this rope-textured look. The best part is that it conceals the fact your hair is wet. No one has to know you woke up 10 minutes ago.

French-braided bun

Wet hair can look a little limp, so use a French braid at the top of your head to upgrade your top-knot and create the illusion of lots of volume. Try this tutorial.

30-second twist

Sleek and polished and it takes no time at all. There’s an easy to follow tutorial here.

A low bun

You can make this old reliable as casual as you like, or keep it neat and tidy for the office if you need it. Hair romance has a tutorial here if you find yourself looking for a way to change up the bun game. 


We have lost count of the amount of products we see lining the shelves every day that promise us ‘fuller’, ‘thicker’ and more voluptuous hair than we could ever imagine.

To be honest, we getting a bit tired of being lied to, we just want some more volume! Short of spending hours teasing and back combing in efforts to give our hair a bit of a boost, we were running out of ideas.

 If this plight sounds familiar in the slightest then you need to read on. We found some of the best and most simple tricks to make your hair live its most volume filled life. They actually work, trust us. We would never lie to you about something this important.

Coconut Oil

The internet is going to tell you to start using coconut oil. If you have think hair, put the oils down. Lily Yip, a master stylist of NYC salon Mizu says: “Silicones and oils just become a coating on top of hair, so it’s very difficult to remove. Eventually, it weighs down your hair and you get tons of buildup and it actually makes your hair look thinner.”

Careful with the blow dryer

Over drying your hair, especially with a round brush will take the elasticity out of it and over-stretch any of your hair’s natural volume with all the pulling and dragging.

Bring back some mousse

Not the dessert kind, sorry. But using mouse the right way will allow you to embrace the volume of your hair easily. Just copy this handy little GIF.

Flip your parting


A photo posted by @kristin_ess on

Possibly the easiest way to add volume is to flip your hair to the opposite side you normally part it on. Laziness never looked so fabulous.

Use rollers

Haven’t decided on an outfit yet? Or else do you need some extra time to get that winged eye liner even? Your hair does not have to suffer, just pop two of three rollers at the top triangle of your head when your hair is already dry. Sorted.

Dry texturising spray

This will change your whole life. You know how adding dry shampoo the night before leaves your hair bouncy and thicker the next day but with a weird grey-ish tint? Well, with this magic product you have all the benefits just minus the vintage hair hue. We're big fans.


There’s nothing worse than waking up the morning of a big day and checking your reflection to blown away by a particularly nasty red spot. We’re not exactly fans any other days of the week but it always seems to be the week of a wedding, or the day before a big first date when those pesky monsters rear their ugly heads.

It’s enough to make us get teary-eyed with frustration when we spend far too much of our time trying to cover up any blemishes we would rather not be sporting.

Here’s the thing, you can spend all the time concealing you want, but if you’re not using the proper colours, then it’s not going to help you out much.

The same beauty blogger who brought us tricks for nailing the epic ‘baking’ makeup trend has also dropped some serious knowledge on how to best use colour concealers for actually concealing blemishes.

Not saying the clown contouring trend isn’t fun, but sometimes we kind of just want to get rid of that weird spot on our chin.

First you need to get some orange and green concealers. Then you need to check out this handy colour wheel graphic.

Complementary colours, those that are on opposite sides of the wheel, cancel each other out when applied to the skin. So, if you have a red mark on your skin, you use green to help bring down the appearance of redness, and so on.

Heidi uses his theory in her video where she teaches is the magic of colour concealers and how to use them properly.

We can’t thank her enough, now, off to stock up on our colours we go!


Anyone who has ever tried bringing avocados into their life knows two things.

The first, is that they are delicious and good for you so therefore become a firm household favourite. Secondly, they know the pain that is waiting for the perfect avocado to ripen and then two seconds later it becomes a sludgy mess.

Stockpiling your avocados and placing them in the optimum conditions for deliciousness is how most people play it. The only downside then is an excessive amount of avocados in your life.

Not to worry. They are full of vitamins A, K, C, B and E, antioxidants and healthy fats. All of which are excellent for your skin, so you need to try these avocado beauty hacks ASAP.

Makeup remover
You don’t even have to sacrifice your guacamole for this one. Just rub a cotton pad over a freshly cut avocado and the use the oil collected to banish panda eyes. It’s rich in vitamins A and E so is very nourishing for your skin.


Hair mask
Biotin is one of the best vitamins for longer and stronger hair, and avocados have plenty, so you need to try this. Combine your avocado with olive oil and apply to the lengths and ends of your hair if you tend to have greasy roots. Itchy scalp? Add some lemon juice and massage into your scalp. Pop on a shower cap, give it a quick blast with your hair dryer and let the heat help boost the moisturising process for 20 minutes before you rinse.


Homemade scrub
Half an avocado, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil and brown sugar can be combined in a bowl for a fabulous scrub. Just buff it over damp skin and then wash off for super-smooth skin.


Face mask
Try mixing half of a very ripe avocado with a teaspoon of raw honey and leave on your face for 10 minutes before you wash it off. If you’re prone to blemishes you can also try adding a spoon of natural yoghurt, lactic acid is apparently helpful in killing of unwanted bacteria. 


Contouring has had its time in the spotlight, and strobing is just getting in on the action, BUT, have you heard about baking your makeup yet?

If you’ve ever watched Ru-Paul’s Drag Race, you’ve probably heard, and seen, the fantastic results this makeup hack can have for your face.

If you want a flawless, crease free and long lasting makeup look, you need to get on board with this trick. Beauty bloggers on YouTube are starting to get in on the trend and provide the rest of us cosmetic novices with useful advice on how to nail this look.

It takes a little more time, but the results are worth it. Plus, Kim Kardashian’s favourite makeup guru is a fan so you know that this is legit the way to ensure your face is flawless all day and night.

Basically, the method involves applying your under eye concealer and blending with a damp sponge to avoid any creases. Then you apply more concealer, yes, it’s an awful lot on makeup, but the long lasting results are worth it.

Then you dust on your translucent powder, with your fluffy eye shadow brush of course. Now you’re ready for the baking part, and no, you don’t need an oven for this step, relax.

You use a wedge sponge to pack your powder over the concealer coated areas, generously, and leave it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then get that fluffy brush back out and dust it off.

You are now baked to absolute perfection. Get ready to look red carpet flawless every day of the week; if you’re willing to set that alarm an extra 10 minutes early.

Take a look a more in-depth look at the ‘baking’ technique in this tutorial, sadly, no cupcakes are involved, apologies.  




If you are anything like us, all your make-up runs out at the same time each month. This means when you have to stock up, you end up spending nearly all your pay packets.

So this month, why not save some cash by making you very own lip gloss. Now, before you run in fear, it is actually petty handy to do. 

It may take a bit more time but you will save a hell of a lot of your money which can only ever be a good thing.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 tbsp beeswax
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 drop of vanilla extract – to add a nice taste
  • Tiny drop of food colouring

What you'll need to do:

  1. Firstly, you need to melt the beeswax. Pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
  2. When it has melted, remove from the microwave and add the coconut oil.
  3. Pour in the vanilla extract and mix.
  4. Finally, add your food colouring and make sure it is well mixed.