Rosie Connolly recently passed the halfway mark of her pregnancy and is officially showing.

The Irish influencer shared her 24-week milestone on Instagram, revealing her adorable baby bump.


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Rosie has been completely open with her pregnancy journey, posting progress photos and updates along the way.

But this journey has been no easy feet, for the blogger has encountered her fair share of ups and downs.

She wrote: “Week 24 of this journey together, little one. You love to kick me in the ribs, make me hungry every second of the day, exhaust me on days I haven’t even done much and make me feel nauseous at the most inconvenient of times…”


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We LOVE how real she is. The beauty blogger went on to remind herself that pregnancy is a bit easier when you remember what you’re enduring it for.

“But I wouldn’t change any of these things for the world,” she continued.

“It’s a level of fulfilment I can’t describe, but my heart is so happy right now. I couldn’t want for one thing more.”


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How sweet! We’re so happy to see that the mum is enjoying her second pregnancy, as she previously mentioned how difficult experience her first one was.

In late September, she found out she is expecting a baby girl.

In a gender reveal video, her son, three-year-old Harry helped his mum pop the balloon filled with pink confetti.

We can't wait to meet the family's newest member in the New Year.