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She's always been a major hottie (and a hottie with Ryan Reynolds on her arm too), but Blake Lively has just proven she's pretty much superwoman too.

Yes, just ten months after giving birth to daughter, James, the 28-year-old actress has been spotted filming on a beach in New South Wales.

And suffice to say that her bikini body is in tip-top order.

Donning a flattering orange top and blue patterned bottoms – both from Tory Burch – Ms Lively looked totally gorgeous.

Despite previously admitting that she 'hates' the gym, Blake did admit earlier this year that she's one of the lucky ones when it comes to keeping one eye on the bathroom scales.

"Losing weight is not something I have spent much time focusing on," Blake told the Daily Mail in April. "Your body goes through a lot after pregnancy and birth, so small, gentle workouts feel better."

Ms Lively is currently in Australia for the filming of For The Shallows, which is due for release next summer.



She's probably the ultimate beach babe – and not just because she goes on holidays ALL the time (yes, we're just jealous).

And Michelle Keegan reminded us all of said fact this weekend, sharing a GORGEOUS #throwback bikini snap that has us rethinking that bag of chips eaten on the way home last night.

Depicting the 28-year-old actress in a metallic bikini with subtle stud detail, her summer bod is pretty much as perfect as they come.

Not only that, but we also have major hair envy, skin envy, teeth envy, tiny waist envy, accessories envy… well, suffice to say we're fairly envious. 

"#tbf… Until next year summer," she captioned the stunning image – which has so far garnered some 75,000 likes from fans.

Still, Ms Keegan this week in her Hello! magazine blog told fans that actually she's a big fan of festive delights.

"It’s starting to feel a bit more like winter is on its way," she wrote. "I love autumn/winter… You may assume that my favourite season is summer (because I love a bit of sun) but it isn’t!

"I love the rich, deep colours of autumn and the anticipation of winter because Christmas is my favourite time of the year. It’s not long now!"

Michelle furthermore went on to say that next year is already looking promising.

Citing a series of "very important" work meetings, she added: "Fingers crossed 2016 will be a very busy year for me!"


They're the hottest couple of the moment: a reportedly 'smitten' Scott Disick has been partying with teen model Lindsay Vrckovnik in Manhattan, as well as chilling out with her on the beach in Miami

And despite continually looking oh-so cosy together (including plenty of sun-lounger smooching) it seems that Lindsay is now in trouble… with her boyfriend back home in Canada (we can't say that we blame him either).

The 18-year-old had been staying at the swish Setai Hotel in Florida with Scott, 32, but is now telling friends that 'nothing happened'. Lindsay is also, understandably, trying to make amends with her man.

"The photos that surfaced have caused a problem between the two of them," TMZ reports this morning.

The website goes on to explain: "Whatever Lindsay claims she's having trouble convincing her BF for a few reasons.

"First, she and Scott didn't meet for the first time last week: they hung out at least once before, in July, at a party in Malibu."

Indeed, a snap has now surfaced taken THREE weeks ago of Ms Vrckovnik snuggling up to the reality TV star while wearing fur coats in a hotel bathroom.

TMZ adds: "The second problem Lindsay has explaining the pics where she's all nuzzly with Disick. She says the pics are 'misleading'."

Hmmm, we reckon her boyf will be particularly understanding if he takes her back. 


They've already courted plenty of attention over the last few days; but loved-up Scott Disick and his teen model Lindsay Vrckovnik looked totally relaxed as they hit the beach in Florida.

Yes, fresh from all-night partying in Manhattan, the affectionate duo seemed happy to embrace a bit of down-time on the Miami sand – where temperatures are currently a wholly pleasant 30C.

And although Ms Vrckovnik was stunning in a simple black bikini, sore and tender-looking bruising was also plainly evident on her slender legs.

It's possible that the 18-year-old has been hitting the gym hard in recent days, or perhaps she took a tumble in her heels during a night-out. 

But whatever the cause, the black and purple marks covered parts of her thighs and calves, as well as under her knees.

Meanwhile, a bearded and tanned Scott, 32, wore blue floral board shorts and tortoise shell sunglasses for their beach jaunt, which took place yesterday.

He split with Kourtney Kardashian, his partner of close-to ten years and the mother of his three young children, in July of this year.

It is believed that their break-up was prompted by photographs which showed Mr Disick getting tactile with stylist Chloe Bartoli, 26, in the south of France.

And although ultimately it was 36-year-old Kourtney who ended their relationship, it seems that Scott has been able to move on – finding new happiness with Canadian Lindsay, who finished secondary school this summer.

She moved to New York to forward her successful modelling career, and to study at the prestigious Parsons design academy.  



The end of summer is now in sight – but that doesn't mean that beach holidays are a distant memory just yet.

In fact, you might well be amid the waves of savvy folk that are able to jet off in early September when prices are lower and the resorts less jam-packed – and if so, you'll be treated to a serious haul of gorgeous swimwear both online and in stores.

And for the rest of us, there's still no harm in taking a moment to dream of white sand, palm trees and warms oceans. *Sigh* In fact, looking at Pippa Middleton's KILLER bikini bod, we're already thinking about summer '16 anyway.

Here, SHEmazing! picks out our top 15 favourites to inspire your best ever poolside-look:


Red spotted bikini halter-neck top, €10, and bottoms €8
Black & floral bikini halter-neck top, €10, and bottoms, € 6 
Both from Heatons stores



TART Penelope printed bikini, €67.27, theoutnet.com
White lace top €21, and bottoms €15, Dorothy Perkins
Myleene Klass embellished top, €35, and briefs, €28, Littlewoods Ireland 



Clockwise from top left: Pink embellished bustier top, €32, River Island; neon
bikini top, €19, prettylittlethings.com; butterfly by Matthew Williamson top, 
€42 (with briefs, centre) Debenhams; pink embellished briefs, €19, River Island;
Neon bikini bottoms, €14, prettylittlethings.com; VIXSkin printed bikini briefs,
€47.35, theoutnet.com; mix and match red brief €9, laredoute.com;
VIXSkin printed bikini top, €47.35, theoutnet.com



Palm print bikini, €31.49, laredoute.com
Stella McCartney green bra and bikini top €59, and briefs, €31



Samantha Faiers push up bikini top, €25, and briefs, €20, very.co.uk​
Myleene Klass wet-look bikini,  €35, Littlewoods Ireland
Samantha Faiers ring trim bikini, €38, very.co.uk​



She's always been a serious hotty, granted, but wowsers has Vogue Williams upped her game in recent months.

The Dublin model and DJ, who sadly announced her separation from husband Brian McFadden in July, has clearly been hitting the gym hard in the midst of her heartbreak. 

And the results of which are certainly impressive.

Over the last two weeks, the 29-year-old has been spotted in a whole load of amazing bikinis: SHEmazing! counts a total of ten different ones, in fact.

Get ready to get inspired…


From Lipsy – those straps on the bum aren't easy to master, but Vogue aces it:


Looking flawless with a friend recently – wearing a bikini from Aussia brand, nookie.com.au:


Going for something brighter, Ms Williams proves that she looks great from the back too:


We really love this tankini-style top in black – from Australian brand, suboo.com.au:


NOT for the faint-hearted, this white swimsuit is from Lipsy:


So pretty! Vogue wearing a Boux Avenue number. Bonus point for the chic hat:


Beach-babe Vogue keeps things simple and elegant in a black bikini and a neon mani/pedi:


This bright bikini is from Calzedonia and flatters Vogue's toned shape perfectly:


Wearing a gold, frilly two-piece from Dublin designer Virginia Macari:


She pulls off a one-piece effortlessly – this black swimswuit is also from Virginia Macari:



Nothing beats a 99 on a summer’s day in Ireland. Yes, come rain or shine, the balance of gloriously cold, sugary ice-cream; crumbly, chocolatey Cadbury’s Flake, and fresh, crispy cone is positively second-to-none.

But world-class frozen confectionery isn’t the only perk of staying on home-soil during June, July and August.

In fact, we’d take blissful, weeks on end of beer-gardens, of road-trips, of festivals, of long hikes and even longer evenings over the sweltering heat and uncomfortable air of warmer climes.

Yes, you can have your year-round sunshine Florida; take your balmy beaches, Costa del Sol – there's an awful lot to be said for even the most dreary and overcast of summer days on the Emerald Isle.

In short: craic doesn’t need to be tropical… it only needs the right attitude.

So without further ado, SHEmazing! looks at the top six reasons why our humble Irish summers are the absolute best… 


1) Festivals

The festival scene in this country has positively exploded over the last few years. And it’s no longer just about music and comedy. From food and farming, to yoga and music and pets, there truly is something for everyone.

Even less-than glamorous campsites are an, ahem, experience not to be missed. Tent mishaps, toilet misdemeanours and just a load of near-misses – the tales live on long after the weekends have ended.

2) The beach

After a promising outlook from the good folk at Met Eireann, temperatures hit a tropical 18C – meaning only one thing: a mass exodus to the nearest stretch of sand.

The tailbacks will be horrific (sunny-day traffic going to Rosslare builds up around Bray) but the waiting packets of warm Tayto, sand in your pants and random encounters with half of your year from school make it all worth it.

3) Summer fashion

We won’t let a little rain stop us from donning our finest summer attire. No siree. And if in doubt, just ‘accessorise’ with a giant tote bag.

After all, at his time of year it’s the only thing in which we can carry around our requisite jumper, jacket, sunglasses, sun cream, umbrella, makeup, flats or flip-flops, chewing gum, nail varnish, a packet of popcorn, and a pair of dangly earrings. #Sorted.

4) Road-trips

You gather up your four always-up-for-it mates, and bungle yourselves into a car: you’re hitting the open road.

No trip is ever complete without Westlife's greatest hits or the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, but you'll all end up belting out Ten Green Bottles anyway.

Granted someone will always be "bursting" for the loo, and all of your phones WILL die at once (why did no one bring a USB charger?) – still, so long as you have a family-sized bag of sucky sweets, you're seriously sorted.

5) The forecast-defying BBQ

"We’ll just go for it": a definitive, game-changing phrase heard around the country from the months of May to September. But it wouldn’t be an Irish summer without a confident throw of the barbecue dice.

Some poor soul (probably one of the guys) is inevitably left in the rain turning a half dozen sad-looking sausages (while you and the rest of the girls retire to the conservatory for a natter) but that gorgeous smell of charcoal and singed meat is matchless. 

6) The spontaneous 'why not?' soiree

A true Irish summer wouldn’t be complete without a spontaneous party thrown for no reason at all. It's late afternoon, there's mischief in the air, and you get the word out: you're kicking off a bit of a session. 

In fact, so long as you’ve got your squad, a playlist, plenty of food and the right tipple by your side, it won't even matter if it rains. 



Kim Kardashian, Sandra Bullock, and Jessica Alba all love to bootcamp.

And if we could get a body like theirs (even just a tiny, little bit like theirs) we might also acquire a love of bootcamping.

But then we hear that Millie Mackintosh forked out €4,500 for a week-long programme in Ibiza involving hiking, calorie-counting, and lifting weights (Laura Whitmore is a fan of the spot too) and then suddenly once again we’re not so keen.

Still, we may have found the perfect compromise: luxurious setting, and a killer workout, followed by a five-star detox spa treatment. Hurrah!

Yes the beach-body bootcamp at the Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry promises to leave you “looking and feeling fabulous”.

And considering all attempted New Year’s resolutions are by now a distant memory (we may as well be honest) we’re frankly willing to try anything to get our Victoria’s Secret-worthy bods in order.

The two-part Powerscourt programme is designed and tailored for each individual, meaning you can discuss and target any problem areas.


Taking place on the hotel’s lawns, first up is a gruelling hour-long workout using kettle bells, a TRX trainer, tyres, ropes, sandbags and bodyweight exercises.

Sure it sounds, ahem, challenging, but fear not it’s all followed by a wholly-more pleasant 1 hour 50 minute detoxifying body ritual at the hotel’s esteemed ESPA.

The treatment aims to detox the body and “restore balance”. It combines an initial body wrap and massage with a body exfoliation. Next a detoxifying algae is applied and the scalp is gently massaged.

Finally, and after a refreshing shower, an aromatherapy massage takes place. 

Someone should really tell Millie Mackintosh.

Available for €155, the Beachbody Bootcamp is available at Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa


OK, so there’s been a lot of rain lately; not to mention hail – even a spot of sleet too. In short, summer feels like a very long way away.

But we’re quietly confident that a scorching May is only just around the corner – which means that it’s time to think about seasonal attire. Gone will be heavy coats, boots, and leggings; replaced by flowing skirts, sandals, and light jackets.

Versace's S/S 15 collection


But a change in the weather means we also need to rethink our wardrobes. And while the catwalk might provide inspiration – Versace, for example, has a beach-club chic, crystal-embellished silk mini dress for (gulp) €4,250 – the likes of Penneys is perfect for designer-inspired wear at incredibly affordable prices. In fact, the Irish retailer has heaps of inexpensive clothing and accessories that would work brilliantly for holidays abroad, funky festivals, or – when the sun is shining – stylish events on home-soil.

Green top €13; green skirt €12; sunglasses €2.50
Pattern dress, €16; sunglasses, €3.50; bag €8; bracelet, €5; rings €3


Most of the summer stock has now landed, and we’re happy to report that a good chunk of it is seriously head-turning.

Clockwise: Palm Springs swimsuit, €12; ruffle playsuit, €12; 
tropical flatfrom, €22; pink pom pom shorts, €7


With lots of rich patterns and textures, we particularly love the lace and crinkled crepe materials on offer. Off-the-shoulder tops, dropped-waist dresses, and high-waist shorts are all there too, as is colourful embroideries and beading, fringing, tassels and pom-poms. Gladiator sandals are back and big news this season – Penneys has a good selection of those too.

Black top, €17; skirt, €17; shoes, €12; earrings, €2;
white top, €15; shorts, €13; shoes, €18; earrings, €2


If you’re hitting the beach, bold colours dominate the brand’s bikinis, while funky swimwear items boast an ombre effect. T-shirts come complete with cheeky slogans and classic characters.

Don’t forget accessories either; cute and colourful friendship bracelets and mix-and-match rings would complete any summery outfit nicely. 

Clockwise: sandals, €8; floral bag, €12; floral shoes; €12, blue necklace, €8



With this nice weather we're having, we all need to be making the most of it. Here are four reasons why going to the beach can benefit your health.

While we have the nice weather, you should make the most of it. Even though the sun can be dangerous, it is vital for the human body. Our bodies need Vitamin D, and while it is in some foods, it is easier and better to get it from sun exposure. We need Vitamin D for stronger bones and healthy skin. All you need is a pair of sunglasses and a cute little bikini, Penney’s lets be havin ya!

Sand is a natural exfoliant. This will get rid of dead skin cells, resulting in soft, rejuvenated skin. There are also nerve endings in your feet that are stimulated when you walk on a beach barefoot. This is why we all love the feeling of walking on a beach barefoot.

Seawater has many benefits. This is due to the various minerals in the water- iodine, magnesium and potassium are examples of these. These can fight infection de-stress you and have anti-ageing effects. Plus, let’s face it, how many of us still hold onto that little bit of childhood hope that we could in fact be a mermaid?

Peace and quiet
There is nothing more relaxing than watching the ocean. Sometimes you just need a relaxing escape. You don’t even need the sunshine for this one, you can’t beat a nice midnight road trip to the beach.

Do you actually need encouraging?



It may be hard to believe it when you look outside today, but there is a localised flood warning in place!

The warning will be initiated tonight at 9pm until 9pm Saturday night. 

So, while you may be out sunning yourself today, make the most of it as torrential and thundery rain is set to begin this evening. Eek! 


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