Aldi Ireland warn customers about fraudulent WhatsApp message


Aldi Ireland have used their Twitter platform to warn the public about a WhatsApp message which is currently circulating under their name.

The message claims to offer customers a €150 Aldi voucher – an offer which is wholly fraudulent and cannot be redeemed at any Aldi branch.

"ALERT: There's a hoax €150 Aldi voucher offer circulating through messaging services including WhatsApp," they wrote in the post earlier today.

"This offer is FRAUDULENT and CANNOT be redeemed in our stores. Please do not click the link. We're investigating," the post finished.

Aldi customers responded to the tweet, admitting that they almost fell victim to the hoax.

"Can't believe I fell for it. I do know better but got a WhatsApp from someone who I thought should know better," wrote one.

Ladies, you have been warned.