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iPhone users of Ireland are loving the new Irish accent option for Apple's Siri.

In order to change the accent, you must go to settings > Siri > language, and change to English (Ireland).

So, who is this lovely cailín?

Well, rumour has it the voice belongs to none other than Irish television and radio broadcaster, Eileen Dunne. 

Just to be sure, we thought we'd ask: 

Unfortunately, it looks likes this mystery woman isn't giving anything away, but she seems happy enough either way: 

You and us both.

We reckon Siri and the people of Ireland are going to get on just fine.



Whether you're cooking dinner, getting ready for a night out or trying to leave the house for work, we all know the struggle of trying to keep up with a Whatsapp conversation when you're on the go.

And if it's a group convo, you might as well cancel all of your plans because those things can go on forever.

If you have a serious case of FOMO every time you miss out on a conversation, then you will love the latest Whatsapp feature.

Image result for whatsapp group chat gif

Your phone can now read the messages out loud for you, to make sure you never miss out again.

Unfortunately, it will only work via Siri, and you have to have the latest iPhone update and iOS 10.3 to use it.

When you have everything updated, all you need to do is go into your settings within the app and request that Siri read out your texts.



With Apple's new ioS 9 and iPhone 6s comes an abundance of new features to make everyone feel like their current phone is SO outdated… even though it's only a year old. 

Naturally, we're obsessed with the better camera and battery life, but this time however, we're also excited about Siri. 

Beyond silly questions about the meaning of life and how to divide 2 by 2, the limited scope of Siri's abilities included voice calling (which inevitably was misunderstood and you'd end up calling the wrong person) or info questions that Siri would direct you to a Safari page. In other words, Siri was, for all intents and purposes, useless. 

But not anymore. Siri has gone to school, learned a few new social skills and stepped up it's game to become your brilliant personal assistant. 

Search for photos by date and time or location

No more scrolling endlessly to find the picture you want from your friends birthday three months ago! Yipee! Oh, and did we mention you can specify to search for selfies too? 


Activate Siri without pressing the home button

Now, you can call out to Siri without the restrictions of buttons or power cables. Lost your phone among a mass of sheets and pillows? No worries, all you have to do is simply say, "Hey Siri!."


Find out your ETA

Good to know, even if you do still tell your friends you'll be there in 5!


Teach Siri how to pronounce names correctly

A skill Siri has definitely struggled with in the past – often with disastrous results. "Call dad"… "Calling your ex-boyfriends mothers sister". 


Suggest IDs for unknown numbers

Siri will search  through your Mail and Messages to find out who that unknown caller might be. Screening calls the smart way. 


Get reminders to read your emails and texts

Because we're all guilty of saying we'll respond the minute we get home, only to forget the second we're through the door. 



It was announced earlier this year that a talking Barbie doll is on its way – and now she's very almost here. 

Yes, Hello Barbie is the brand new, soon to be unleashed Mattel doll that will be able to speak back (we bet she's sassy). 

And while the 'cool or just plain creepy' debate has raged since the announcement was made back in February, the doll is nevertheless sure to be top of numerous Christmas wish-lists in the run-up to the festive season. 

"Hello Barbie is by far the most advanced to date in a new generation of AI toys whose makers share the aspiration of Gepetto: to persuade children that their toys are alive—or, at any rate, are something more than inanimate," wrote the New York Times earlier this year.

Hello Barbie will also be programmed to connect to the Apple Cloud, just like Siri. 

Her language will evolve too as you speak to her, and she can also adapt her language preferences. 

How exactly? Well, the chic necklace on Hello Barbie will feature both a microphone and a speaker that will help enable the conversations. 

Of course, she does require a Wi-Fi connection to talk, though kids (big and small alike) can naturally enough continue to play with the doll the old-fashioned way when the internet is down.



The Apple iPhone Siri function has managed to evolve into a serious sass queen as of late.

Siri has been throwing some serious shade at users, and people were not feeling the love. Basically, if you didn’t know that you can’t divide zero by zero, don’t ask Siri, she will not be impressed.

She left an awful lot of people feeling pretty miserable and questioning their life choices, because Siri has that effect on some people.

Siri, useful tool that it is, is known for being blunt, witty and not afraid to possibly hurt your feelings with her sharp answers.

If you needed any more convincing just ask Siri about their feelings regarding Miley Cyrus. Thinsg get very real, very fast.

However, many internet users are capable of forgiving her after someone made this discovery.


If you ask Siri about Bruce Jenner, she automatically corrects you and refers to Caitlyn Jenner. She also does not mess around when asked questions surrounding Caitlyn’s gender.

Asking “what gender is Bruce Jenner?” is immediately corrected to be interpreted as “what gender is Caitlyn Jenner?”

According to reports on The Verge, this is a big deal. Back in April people discovered that Siri is not always so politically correct:

“Users noticed that the Russian language version of Siri was responding to questions about topics like gay marriages and gay bars with homophobic answers.”


Well, excuse me!

Do you want to hear Siri told freak out on you?

Ask her what 0 divided by 0 is and prepare to get totally roasted for 15 seconds. Even Jesse Pinkman can't believe his ears. 

And just in case you don’t have Siri, here is what she says:

“Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.” 



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We're all very busy people and we just want you to know that these very simple and budget-friendly life hacks are here to help you make your life easier.

The internet is full of wonderful tips and tricks to help you live your very best life. Instead of you having go trolling through hundreds of Pinterest boards and endless Google searches, we did the hard work for you. See, you're already hacking your life just by reading this post! Score.

Shift+click to move multiple Google Chrome tabs to a new window
Use command+click on Mac for the same organisational prowess. 


Ziplock bags for softer ice cream
We've tested it and trust us it will work. Also, bonus hack: this is excellent for dairy free brands too. Yay!


Waste not, want not


Empty bottles for expert level pancakes


Save your cables


A white base coat makes colours pop


Expert smoky eyes made simple


Teach Siri new things (because we all have a friend called Áine)


Make your own crop top

Just use your old leggings


The cupcake hack


Ultimate lazy video watching

You can thank us later!



We’re all familiar with the hilarious but smart app, Siri, but sometimes Siri can be a little too right, or wrong, when it comes to our personal lives.

Reddit user, Tarty2000, posted a picture of his girlfriend’s screenshot after she asked her iPhone to ring her boyfriend.

But instead of automatically calling her boyfriend “John” it quizzed her on which boyfriend she would like to contact: her ex-boyfriend or her current partner.

Tarty2000 captioned the shot:

“My girlfriend decided to show me this ‘awesome thing Siri can do!’”

But in fairness his girlfriend did try to remove “Craig” as her boyfriend on the phone, but Siri wouldn’t let her.

“My girlfriend asked Siri to “remove Craig as my boyfriend. I’m sorry, I cannot do that.” So turns out Siri can make relationships but not break them. LOL.”

Perhaps it’s better to rely on the old fashioned way of contacting your boyfriend and not on Siri.