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Hands up if there's a drawer in your house filled with old Samsungs and Nokias that only ever see the light of day when you have a festival to go to or an iPhone emergency to fix?

Yeah, us too.

And while keeping your old phone on hand might seem like a clever back-up plan, a new warning from the Dublin Fire Brigade might just change your mind.

The tweet reads: “Got a new phone for #Christmas ? Maybe recycle or pass on your old phone? This phone was recharged after being left idle & you can see the battery has begun to swell. If a phone hasn't been used in a while, it might be better to dispose of it safely.”

The emergency service has advised anyone who received a new phone for Christmas to ensure they dispose of the old one correctly as failure to do so could result in the battery bursting and exploding.

The terrifying warning was accompanied by a series of images showing a phone battery that had swelled to almost twice it's original size, posing a major threat to anyone who may be handling it.

Excuse while we clear out our blockia grave yards…




As of today, excess mobile roaming charges have been banned across the EU.

Phone users will now pay exactly the same price to make a call or send a text from anywhere in the European Union, and the same allowances you enjoy at home can now be used abroad without penalty.

According to the European Commission website, “your communications (phone calls, SMS, data) made from another EU country will be covered in your national bundle… Contrary to the past, you will not have to pay anything extra. No bill shock anymore.”

However, consumer bodies have warned that this information may not be entirely accurate after it emerged that the new laws don't cover data allowances for many Irish customers.

Prices vary from network to network, but it seems that Irish mobile phone users will only be entitled to a small percentage of their usual data allowance when travelling between EU member states.

Once the user has surpassed this allowance, a charge of €9.50 per gigabyte of data will then apply.

According to The Irish Independent, recent figures from Ireland's telecom regulator show that Irish customers are now using their phones more for internet access than calls or texts.

Many have criticised commission officials and Irish politicians for their failure to highlight this loophole, leading to fears that many Irish holiday makers will be hit with huge bills upon their return after they were led to believe they could 'roam like home'.

Most Irish mobile phone operators say will limit their customers data packages as much as possible, as roaming charges are a huge source of profitable income for the companies.

However, Vodafone users need not worry as the operator has promised to offer its customers the full amount of domestic while travelling the EU.  



If you – like us – swap your phone from one hand to the other while chatting, you may want to reconsider that one… especially if you struggle with receptions issues during phone calls.

According to a recent study from Aalborg University in Denmark, the hand in which you hold your phone during conversations actually has a massive effect on the quality of the call.

Apparently, It all comes down to the connection between the position of the phone's antenna and side of the head it is placed against… depending on the model, that is. Plus as an example, researchers established that the phone actually had 20 times more signal when it was held in the right hand instead of the left hand.

So, it's time to size up your model, pick a hand and stick to it, ladies.