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Yesterday, Dublin won the All Ireland final for the 25th time, beating Mayo by just one point. 

The Dublin squad will celebrate with a homecoming parade in Smithfield Plaza in Dublin this afternoon.

Described as "a family friendly, alcohol-free event," the team will arrive to the city centre location at 4.30pm. 

In what can only be described as a nail-biting final, Dublin rose to victory with just oe point in the difference. 

"This is what football is about, the two teams bring out the best in each other," Philly McMahon said after the game. 

We're sure the celebrations will be brilliant! 



Today is the replay of the All-Ireland final between Mayo and Dublin.

It's safe to say the excitement for today has been building all week, and while we've had some sweet stories about the match, it's the people of Twitter who do it for us everytime.

Here's some gas tweets from the fans at the All-Ireland today:



If we thought the country was gripped by All Ireland fever earlier this month, it’s nothing on the excitement currently building in the run-up to this weekend’s replay.

Oh, but if you think donning your jersey and waving your flag is enough to show your support for the lads this Saturday, think again.

Ladies, by the looks of things in the wesht, if the breakfast you tuck into before making the pilgrimage to Croke Park doesn’t boast your county colours, you may as well stay where you are and shout for the other lads.

Luckily for Mayo supporters, Kelly’s butchers in Newport have taken the situation in hand and are now proudly displaying a selection of red and green sausages in preparation for the big day.

But whether Stephen Rochford and his men will be tucking in is another question…



Sometimes, our lovely Gardaí are just too funny.

As we all know, the country is in a fit because of the bus strike this Saturday which will no doubt cause chaos for anyone heading to the All-Ireland match.

But, the An Garda Síochána's Facebook page has now issued a warning to put a few minds at ease… and we just don't even know what to say about it.

It begins: "A thought for those on the Annual Pilgrimage to Croke Park on Saturday!

"Consider that not all the snakes have left Ireland. We have Red and Green ones! So we urge all the pilgrims from the west to consider sliding into town on a snake." Like… what??

It continues: "The wheels on the bus go round and round however we seek divine intervention and hope they are running on Saturday. Jumping on a bus you might not get far, you won't stop off to pick up your guitar."

There's another few paragraphs to the message, which you can read above.

They're serious craic lads.


At this stage of the game, we’re used to our pals across the Irish Sea coveting what’s ours.

From the British media claiming Colin Farrell and Katy Taylor as their own when it suits them to discovering Netflix have categorised Brooklyn under 'Best of British', the whole thing is a running joke at this stage.

Unfortunately though for one sports broadcaster right now, no one’s laughing.

While covering the Dublin v Mayo game last night, a Sky Sports presenter made a gaffe of such epic proportions we‘re still cringing into our hands here at SHEmazing! HQ.

Despite mentioning Irish counties and running footage which included the Irish National Anthem, this woman was fairly certain that thousands of us had tuned into the All-England final yesterday.

That's right, the All-England.

Prepare yourself for this one, ladies.



Over the last year audiences have seen Sky Sports make a huge effort with their coverage of GAA.

In efforts to improve their programming for everyone they’ve been pulling out all the stops to help with their analysis and draw in the viewers. 


However, it would appear that GAA fans may not be completely abandoning their usual programming any time soon.

Former Dublin inter-country player John Magee had tuned in this morning and noticed that there were a few basic pieces of information that seem to have been overlooked.

Presenter Mike Wedderburn had a bit of a snafu when he was discussing the Player of the Year nominations:



It was a good thing the ever-professional Rachel Wyse was on hand to try and correct the error. Although some fans were not going to forgive and forget so quickly. 




A victorious Dublin team returned to the capital city today to celebrate after yesterday's All Ireland Senior Football win over Kerry.

Crowds were gathering on O'Connell St all evening ahead of the team's arrival, but, as is tradition, the Sam Maguire cup made a few other special visits first today:

And probably a few unscheduled ones too, starting with the Boar's Head pub on Capel St at 9am:

But after an official presentation in Dublin's Mansion house, the team made their way by bus over to O'Connell St, where thousands of locals were present to welcome them home.

Not to be left out, even the city's Lord Mayor Críona Ní Dálaigh jumped on board:

Just look at that view:

There'll be quite a few young fans too hyped up to do their homework tonight, but Dublin GAA are going to get them off the hook (kinda):

And did anyone use this 'sick' note this morning?

After speeches, it was on to the songs, with Kevin McManamon leading the tunes:

Looks like an amazing evening… Congrats to this year's All Ireland Champs!



On Sunday September 6, the long-awaited Irish sporting event of the year takes place at Croke Park.

The All-Ireland hurling final will see fans from all corners of the country doing their very best to get their hands on tickets to the big match.

Yes, Kilkenny and Galway fans – as well as just hurling fans in general – are all sure to be trying their hardest to get to Croke Park on the big day.

However, if the struggle just cannot be overcome and those tickets just cannot be found (yes, the struggle is real), we may have stumbled upon the perfect solution.

The good people at ODEON cinemas have paired up with the GAA to ensure that no fan feels left out on the big day. In fact, ODEON are giving people the chance to see all the action of the big day for free at a number of their cinemas around the country.

Free (yes, FREE!) tickets for the event are available online now at GAA.tickets.ie and screens will open at 3pm on the big day.

ODEON Cinemas said of the initiative today: “We look forward to welcoming and seeing our screens full of colour with proud supporters of Galway and Kilkenny in their jerseys, but leave the hurleys and sliotars at home!

“We expect that GAA fans from all counties will take advantage of this free family day out across all of our cinemas."

While Kilkenny play for their the Championship title for the 36th time, underdogs Galway haven’t held the title since 1988, so there’s no doubt going to be some enthusiastic supporters around the nation.