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Is there anything Sir David Attenborough can't achieve? Probs not. He's an absolute legend and undisputed king of nature, as well as possessing one of the greatest narratorial voices of ALL TIME.

He's lending his voice to Netflix for their forthcoming natural history show (seems off-brand for them?) but now he'll be back on the BBC screens with a huge new programme.

The TV show will focus on the environmental forces reshaping our world, and is entitled One Planet, Seven Worlds. We can't wait for this.

One Planet, Seven Worlds will focus on an individual continent per episode, and uses cutting-edge technology to explore the characteristics of how the animals are affected by their habitat.

He is also appearing in Green Planet, which will look at the world from the plants' point of view in the global ecosystem.

Attenborough recently spoke to Prince William about today's environment, emphasising the fact that we are less in touch with nature than ever.

"We are one coherent ecosystem- it's not just a question of beauty or interest or wonder, it's the essential ingredient. The essential part of human life is a healthy planet," he said.

He urged politicians and business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos to focus their attention on climate change, before it's too late; “the Garden of Eden is no more”.

Blue Planet II and Plastics Watch have both achieved massive success, so the new BBC One shows are hoping to spotlight the environment in the form of protection.

Three-quarters of a BILLION people worldwide watched Blue Planet I, which is mind-blowing. Some people see his new Netflix affiliation as a blow to the BBC, as streaming services take over.

He has worked with the BBC for over 60 years, so he most likely isn't ditching them.

The Netflix show is due out this April, while the BBC show will hopefully air in the autumn. Get yourselves and your metal straws ready, it's time to save the WORLD, people.


Lena Headey, Queen Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, has changed the #10YearChallenge game after posting an image of a polar bear, and now everyone feels hella guilty.

Rather than focusing on herself in terms of the ageing process, the actress instead chose to take a stance on climate change and its horrific environmental consequences.

Though her status has a LOT of cursing in it, it's understandable how angry she is considering the lack of lawmakers making vital environmental alterations.


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She captioned the harrowing image;

"Law makers. People who sign papers. Stop being greedy c*nts and get it done. Ban sh*t that is killing the earth. Stop f*cking about. Make changes NOW, stop all this knobbing about bullsh*t. Stop wasting time we don’t have."

"We don’t need votes on things that don’t need votes. We need bold INTELLIGENT leadership. WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU ALL?" she concluded.

Lena isn't the only celebrity to focus on the environment, with Shailene Woodley posting an equally as disturbing image;


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With reports that plastic waste is set to treble within the decade, and scientists discovering that the Great Pacific garbage patch is now three times the size of France, the conversation on plastic waste has come into the fray.

David Attenborough’s 2018 nature documentary Blue Planet made us sit up, listen and get serious about recycling, so maybe we need to talk to our lawmakers even more.

We're sure if polar bears could talk, they'd be cursing about it even more than Lena.



OK, nobody panic, but there's a David Attenborough-themed club night coming to Dublin – for real. 

Fans of the iconic BBC broadcaster are invited to celebrate all things Attenborough at The Sugar Club on Saturday May 5, as the venue transforms into a rainforest for the special occasion. 

Titled, David Attenborough's Jungle Boogie, the unique event will se DJs light up the dance floor with the best of House, Disco and Funk & Soul, as well as snippets from the presents best TV moments showcased on TV throughout the night. 

Oh, and the best part? 

The entire place will be filled with David Attenborough masks, and while we're guessing there won't be an appearance from the man himself, there will be a life-size cut out to make up for his absence. 

Tickets are €10 each and you can grab them on the event page here.


Spending Christmas at Buckingham Palace seems like a dream. We can’t even begin to imagine how elaborate and stunning the Queen’s decorations are. We’re sure the Royal Family even have a Christmas tree taller than our own homes.

The festive season may be months away, but with this cold, dreary weather, you’d think it was still wintertime.

During filming for an ITV documentary, Her Majesty told Sir David Attenborough about how her great-grandchildren help out at Christmas time.

Every family will understand that decorating the tree can be like mission impossible, especially when you’ve got mischievous kids in the family.

Senior castle attendant, Mr Neil Turner admitted that he has hastily decorated the tree after the young royals knocked the decorations off, with the Queen saying, "Yes, that is always the problem, the children love knocking those [decorations] off.”

The Queen said, “My great-grandchildren enjoy themselves. The great thing is to make them decorate it and they're a bit more careful. It always looks jolly.”

When it comes to presents, The Queen admitted that she is hard to buy for. We can’t imagine handing over a pair of slippers from Penneys to Her Majesty on Christmas Day.

The Queen and Sir David Attenborough took a stroll through Buckingham Palace’s garden as part of the documentary. “I imagine you must be given quite a lot of roses,” the broadcaster said to the 91-year-old monarch.

To which she replied, “'I've been quite difficult to give presents to.” She went on to explain that her family have since decided to give her one type of gift from now on.




RTÉ has announced a new season of natural history programming, celebrating our stunning wild island, across Sundays in spring on RTÉ One.

Viewers will get their first taste of what to expect in a brand-new promo which will debut during the first ad break on the Late Late Show tonight (Friday 6 April). Fronted by passionate programme-makers, the season – airing in April and May – will celebrate wildlife in a number of ambitious new documentaries and series, and encourage the public to take part in a variety of ways through online and social media. 

The first series to air will be the much-anticipated Ireland’s Deep Atlantic, which sees underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan embark on a series of voyages out into the open North Atlantic in search of large whales, sharks and cold water coral reefs 3,000 down on Ireland’s deep sea bed.

The two-part series will document many of these creatures’ behaviour for the first time in any TV programme and investigate the health of our deep Atlantic waters. This is an area inhabited by the largest animals ever to have lived on Earth, by some of the most beautiful, strangest looking, resilient and fascinating life forms on the planet and ecosystems.

The documentary series has become a partner in ground-breaking scientific research, sharing resources and collaborating with research scientists, which, to date will result in five scientific research publications, an unprecedented number for a TV documentary. The series will air on Sunday 22 April on RTÉ One.

Ken O’Sullivan said: ‘I spent the summers of my youth on Fenit Island, Co. Kerry fishing with my father, swimming, gathering carrageen and periwinkles, anything just to be on the shore and in the water. I love exploring and learning about our natural world, discovering new areas and trying to understand how creatures behave, how eco-systems function. '

'There are hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna in our seas, 17 species of whales have been seen in Ireland and we encountered and documented six of these during production.’

On May 13, a new four-part series A Wild Irish Year offers perfect Sunday evening family viewing on RTÉ One, with each show featuring the glories of wild outdoor Ireland through one beautifully filmed season. From wildlife to weather, from farming cycles to nature’s ancient rhythms, the series features the changes sweeping across our green island throughout one year.

Produced for RTÉ by Crossing the Line (makers of the acclaimed Wild Ireland, The Farthest and The Secret Life of the Shannon), the presenting team of Tara Shine, Rob Gandola and Eoin Warner showcase some of our most spectacular natural events and meet a diverse range of people whose livelihood depends on the natural rhythm of the seasons.

Dr Tara Shine said: ‘Ireland’s nature is wild, unpredictable and constantly surprising. You just never know what is around the next corner and finding hidden wildlife is always a thrill.’

On Sunday May 6, Ireland hosts Nature LIVE, as it broadcasts live to Europe from the banks of Dublin’s River Liffey. It will be anchored by RTÉ presenter Derek Mooney, with wildlife film-maker Colin Stafford-Johnson presenting from the Blasket Islands.

This one-hour television programme hosted by RTÉ in partnership with other broadcasters will feature some of Europe's extraordinary wildlife – beamed in live by satellite from the continent's most remote locations – from polar bears in the Norwegian Arctic to flamingos in southern Spain, and from basking sharks off the west of Ireland, to wolves in Slovenia. This unique event is designed to create a showcase for Europe’s nature.

Viewers can take part by sharing their own pictures and videos of nature and wildlife using #naturelive from wherever they live in Europe. The day kicks off with the Dawn Chorus, which will air on RTÉ Radio 1 from 12am through to 7am. Millions of birds will join in nature’s symphony broadcast live from over 20 locations across Europe. 

Derek Mooney said: ‘Europe’s nature is spectacular.  It’s only right that we celebrate it and I’m delighted that RTÉ is hosting this unique event which will be viewed by millions of people throughout the world on TV and online.’

Colin Stafford-Johnson added: ‘This is a unique and wonderful opportunity to showcase the very best that Ireland has to offer in terms of its wild places and wild creatures.’



The BBC has confirmed that a second Planet Earth series is coming after the success of the first series in 2006.

Along with the new season, everybody's favourite wildlife explorer David Attenborough will also be making his TV comeback. Yay!

The 89-year-old will present six one-hour shows that will be making its way to our TV screens later this year. 

“I am very excited to once again be working with the Natural History Unit on its latest landmark series and am especially looking forward to getting out on location in the next month or so,” said David.


Because Snoop's Xbox Live was down, he decided to narrate Planet Earth, or what he likes to call, "Plizzanet Earth."

The contrast between Snoop's voice and David Attenborough's voice is just too much to handle, and SD has a brilliant way of telling you what's going on.

Watch, listen, and be merry, because this is what the Internet was made for.


We’ve seen David Attenborough take on man-eating snakes, lions, tigers and sharks… but never has he dealt with the most terrifying species of all… the Human Fangirl.

This bizarre breed of teenager comes in many varieties. Beliebers, One Directioners, Twi-Hards… you get the drift.

Well, some cleverclogs has decided it’s about time the BBC presenter discovered this most unusual phenomenon, and has created a hilarious video with Attenborough’s voice narrating scenes from a fangirl-filled music festival. Enjoy the madness!



SHEmazing! TV offers you your daily 90 Second Update rounding up the showbiz news!

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