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There’s a stereotype that it’s avocado toast that millennials have a relentless obsession with, but Tesco Ireland have had to order their rare giant avocados due to popular demand.

It can’t be entirely 23-year-olds to 35-year-olds that have created such a trend, so we’re all guilty of the avocado love. Confess, why don’t you?

A very special delivery of the giant food, known as ‘Avozilla’s for their huge size, will land in 70 Tesco stores around the country on Saturday, September 14.

The Avozillas are priced at just €4 and exclusive to Tesco in Ireland. The game-changing giant avocados are perfect for creating a massive, family-sized portion of guacamole.

Think of the avocado toast brunches you could host with a stash like this, the possibilities are endless. Avozillas are naturally produced and not genetically modified.

Just four trees produce the Avozilla supply in the lush forest outside of Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo, South Africa. It’s basically a cross between two types of avocado; West Indian and Guatemalan varieties.

As these trees are not available for commercial sale, there is very limited supply of the fruit, so avocado fans are encouraged to pop into one of the participating Tesco stores while stocks last, to avoid disappointment.

John Brennan, Fresh Category Director, Tesco Ireland, commented:

“They are extremely rare and come from just four trees grown by one of the world’s biggest suppliers of avocados in South Africa. Deliveries will be going into 70 of our stores across the country on Saturday morning and will be available this weekend while stocks last.”

What are you waiting for? Set your alarms for tomorrow, and lift some weights so you can carry all those Avozillas home.

fab 5 avocado GIF by Queer Eye



The Christmas spirit was alive and well this week when Tesco Ireland made a very special delivery to one of the country’s biggest charities.

As part of it’s ‘No Time for Waste’ campaign, the retailer is helping charities across the country this Christmas by donating surplus food to those in need.

This week, Tesco made a very special donation to the Mid-West Simon Community in the form of a festive food van filled with treats for the families living in their community hub.

Packed with toys, turkeys and hams and all the trimmings for a festive feast, the van will be used to help redistribute food to charity partners across Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary.

It’s state-of-the-art refrigeration units will enable Mid-West Simon to store food in the fridge, freezer or cupboard compartments until donated to those in need.

The donation comes at a pivotal time for the charity, which this year saw a 30% increase in the need for their FoodBank services in the West.

Jackie Bonfield, CEO, Mid-West Simon Community said; “We are absolutely thrilled to accept this generous donation from Tesco this Christmas. Since we launched our services in 2014 we have grown exponentially and we now support 7,000 people regularly through our services. Tesco has been with us since the start.”

“The surplus food donations that we receive each week from the local Tesco stores make all the difference in the level of service we can provide to those who need it the most. With this new delivery van, we will also be able to cater for more people across Clare, Limerick and Tipperary.”

The Mid-West Simon Community provides a variety of services to those across the region including family and housing services, food banks and drop-in services for those who need professional advice, basic supplies, or just friendly face to chat to.

Since it’s launch in 2014 with FoodCloud, Tesco’ surplus food donations programme has redistributed almost 4.5 million meals to over 275 community groups across the country.

Every week the retailer donates on average the equivalent of over 41,000 meals with over 275 local community groups are already realising the benefits of Tesco’s surplus food donations.

New community groups who could benefit from receiving surplus food donations are encouraged to register to become part of the programme. Visit tesco.ie/notimeforwaste for more information.


So, what's the one thing guaranteed to put a smile on your face at the end of a busy week?

Maybe it's a sneaky take-away from your favourite Chinese, or perhaps it's a glass of wine with friends?

Sure, these little rituals can do us the world of good when we're in desperate need of a bit of rest and relaxation, but it seem that the biggest joy of all comes from the small surprises from our nearest and dearest.

According to new statistics, 43 per cent of Irish adults say that receiving a small treat from a family member puts a smile on their face at the end of a hectic week.

The research, which marks the launch of a new brand evolution for Tesco Ireland, Family Makes Us Better, shows that family, in any shape or form, is an essential part of Irish life with 84 per cent of those surveyed revealing that a family member is the first person they call when something significant happens in their life.

The top five treats / surprises from family members that are likely to put a smile on people’s faces at the end of a busy week are:

1. Breakfast / lunch / dinner prepared by a family member (75%)

2. All the family having a meal together (66%)

3. Cup of tea being made by a family member (64%) – And it looks like no one enjoys a good cup of tea more than our friends out west because in Connacht this figures rose to 79%

4. Favourite packet of biscuits in the house as a treat (62%)

5. A night off from clearing the table after dinner / doing the dishes (54%)

It seems that our family life can influence us in many ways – right down to the shopping we fill our trolleys with.

One in five Irish adults admitted to getting inspiration form their parents when it came to the weekly shop, with many saying they were drawn to brands they were brought up on.

When it comes to mealtimes, 46 per cent of Irish people say they are all about family fun.

Whether you sit down as a family every night, or even just once a year, it seems that half of all Irish families have a set seat at the table.

What's more, 33 per cent of families put away their mobile phones during mealtimes, and 41 per cent say that loud chewing is by far their biggest pet peeve.

Sean Nolan, Head of Customer Marketing, Tesco Ireland said: “Our research really shows that we think about our families when we shop, gleaning inspiration from the broader sense of family for example from a partnership, a sibling, to a sports club or a community group.

“Family is something that means a lot to Irish people, through the little things we do for our loved ones. To that end, at Tesco we’re committed to putting family at the heart of everything we do. Our Family Makes Us Better creative uses real Irish family moments and shows that we recognise how important family is to shoppers in Ireland and will demonstrate how Tesco works to make family life better too.”

The research also identified four distinct culinary tastes showing a trend toward more adventurous dining habits.

44 per cent of people described themselves as ‘The Culinary Adventurer’, experimenting with recipes from around the world, while 35 per cent claimed to be the classic ‘The Meat & Two Veg’ type.

13 per cent identified as ‘The Picky-Eater’ and just 8 per cent said that they were ‘The Well-being Warrior’ opting for a more holistic approach to their meals.

So, there you have it, we're a nation of tea-drinking, food loving, family orientated messers, and honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way.



Tesco staff are striking today at eight locations across the country.

The strikes began at 7am, and are due to a contractual dispute.

Tesco wants to move 250 staff, who were taken on before 1996, onto less favourable contracts which would effect pay and working conditions for those involved.

The stores affected include Baggot Street Lower, Ballyfermot Road and Clearwater, all in Dublin, as well as Vevay Road in Bray, Deanscurragh Co Longford, Navan Town Centre, Manor West Retail Park in Tralee and Tullamore Retail Park in Co Offaly, according to The Irish Times.

Twitter users are calling for people not to shop in Tesco today in solidarity with the workers. 

Despite the strikes, the retailer has said all of its shops will remain open.


We're fond of a glass of bubbly around SHEmazing! Towers way – so suffice to say one just-announced supermarket offer has really caught our attention. 

Yup, Tesco is currently selling bottles of Borsari at a wholly bargain €7. *STOCK UP!*

It's usually €12 too so this is definitely a great value-for-money option for those who want to toast the arrival of the New Year on a budget (Stephen's Day in the pub took the last of our pennies).

Still, if your aunt slipped you a couple of fifties late on Christmas Day and you want to go all fancy, Tesco also has Louis Delaunay champagne priced at €20; Mumm champagne at €25, and Moet & Chandon champagne at €30.

Otherwise, litre bottles of Captain Morgan’s, Gordon’s gin and Smirnoff vodka are €25.

Happy New Year!


If there is one truth that we know today to be true – it's that supermarkets are going to be JAMMERS over the next 48 hours. Indeed, today, Friday December 23, is anticipated to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

Because it just wouldn't be Christmas without a serious last minute panic around the grocery aisles.

And now the nation's Top Ten last-minute purchases have been revealed – as sold in Tesco Ireland stores nationwide on Christmas Eve in 2015.

Unsurprisingly, the likes of milk, cream and fresh bread are all high-priority for Irish shoppers:

1.       Fresh milk

2.       Fresh cream

3.       White bread

4.       Cola soft drinks

5.       Fruit flavour soft drinks 

6.       Bacon

7.       Crisps in a tube

8.       Lemons and limes

9.       Big bag crisps and snacks

10.     Brussels sprouts

Bacon makes its roaring debut in at No.6 having not featured at all in 2014. And the appearance of Brussels sprouts at No.10 is a smidgen controversial given the vegetable's rather mixed reputation. Still, Tesco expects to sell more than 2million sprouts TODAY ALONE – adding to the 6.5million sold in the last week. 


Tesco shoppers were delighted yesterday after a cashier glitch saw them being able to buy a pizza AND a dessert for just £1.

When a customer went to a self-service till, they were able to get away with buying the goods for the small price, and some even claimed to get the deal for 85p.

The supermarket launched a meal deal in the UK for a large Pizza Express pizza and two Gu luxury desserts for £5, only when customers went to purchase the items, they were only charged a fraction of the actual price.

Of course, as word spread, more and more people took advantage of the glitch and shared pictures on social media. One particular snap saw 15 pizzas bought altogether. 

According to the Daily Mirror's journalist Emma Munbodh, the mix-up happened because Tesco's Brand Match guarantee only works when you buy ten items or more in one go.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We are correcting this error, but will continue to offer the meal deal for £5."


Supermarkets are used to having a million and one complaints made to their customer service everyday. You can't make everyone happy, right?

Well, Tesco made one man very upset this week because his bag of carrot batons didn't live up to expectations.

Aaron Swift considers himself quite the carrot connoisseur, so when he came home to a bag of unruly vegetables, he took to Twitter to share his disgust.

He started off by saying: "As some may know I am somewhat a carrot aficionado and it has to be said that these @Tesco batons are the WORST."

The supermarket chain quickly responded, asking him to point out exactly what the problem is… And his reply is simply brilliant.

Aaron posted a picture of the carrots lying on a piece of paper, writing the offence of each one underneath:

"Infested," "curly," and "hacked to bits," (my personal fave) were just some of the reasons why his carrots weren't up to scratch.

Tesco clearly had no comeback and offered the "carrot aficionado" a full refund.



Shoppers and Tesco staff had quite the ordeal over the weekend as a man entered the local supermarket in Rush, Co Dublin and threatened to light himself on fire.

Fire crews, paramedics and the Garda rushed to the scene to try and help the man away from harm.

It was a busy Saturday afternoon when then drama unfolded. One witness told the Irish Independent that the man in his 40s walked up to the deli counter and then poured fuel over his body and on the floor.

"The man was fumbling with the lighter. I think the only reason he couldn't light the fire is because his hands were wet," the witness said.

One of the deli workers then ran to find security, who attempted to reason with the man.

Since the man wouldn't back down, the security guard tackled him and pushed him along to the fire exit.

"We could hear a staff member calling all managers to the deli – then staff were running for fire extinguishers," she said. "Then she was asking customers to evacuate the shop."

"If he had lit himself on fire, the two women working behind the deli would have been trapped in there," the witness added.

The man in question was later taken to Beaumont Hospital where he was examined by a mental health specialist.


A former Wexford Tesco worker who was fired from her job because she ate breakfast at the Tesco café has been awarded €41,000.

Lisa Kinsella was fired from Tesco on August 19 2013 after she was seen on CCTV footage eating breakfast, which wasn't immediately paid for on two separate occasions. Three other employees were also dismissed because of the same reason. 

Ms Kinsella was initially acknowledged of her wrong-doing after she was asked to meet with her manager – with just 15 minutes notice. She was then suspended and subsequently dismissed two months later.

But at the tribunal hearing, it was revealed that she had later paid for her meals and it was common practise to do so as employees were not allowed to carry cash or cards on them while they were working. 

When Lisa was first fired, she appealed her dismissal on 16 separate grounds to Tesco HR, but everything was denied. 

Accordingly, the Employment Appeals Tribunal found that the grounds that Lisa was fired under were disproportionate, and she was awarded €41,000 compensation.



It's Christmas! So it's finally time for the big shop at Tesco. 

You have your Christmas list sorted and your basket full of festive treats. 

You have no desire for any human contact, so you head over to the self checkouts. You scan your items, stick in all your loose change and just as you go to take your receipt, you are startled by an familiar voice. 

Yes, that is the self checkout machine doing a Santa Claus impression. 


We are used to the checkouts giving out to us for putting an "unknown item in bagging area" but we were not expecting this.

And it turns out that most of you are less than impressed at having the self checkout machine "ho ho ho-ing" at you.


Just last Summer, Tesco changed the voice of their self service checkout machines as many customers complained that the voice used was too angry and "shouty." 

They did not tell us that Santa would be greeting us come Christmas. 

You have been warned. 


Whether cooking it, looking at it or eating it, we all know that one person who is all about food

However, we also know that this person is not really going to be excited by a pair of socks or a make-up brush on Christmas Day. 

A real food lover can be impossible to buy for, especially if you are not interested that interested in food yourself. Well, SHEmazing! are here to help. Check out our list of gift ideas that will truly satisfy your favourite foodie. 

1) Something sweet from DINE

Every food lover has a sweet tooth and they will always appreciate some handmade, Irish sweet treats in their Christmas stocking.

They may well be devoured by the end of Christmas Day, but they will be very much appreciated. 

Email dineinformation@gmail.com or pop into The Tramyard in Dalkey to pre-order or get a ready-made box.

The 'Sweetie Selection' Gift Box, €25, DINE at the Tramyard, Dalkey 


2) The perfect combo from Hampers & Co

Give your food loving friend exactly what they love this year with a delicious hamper stocked full with artisan foods and goodies. 

The Wine and Cheese Gift Crate, €34, Hampers & Co


3) All the cheese from M&S

Rosemary-infused brioche and Cornish Camembert? If you show up at your BFF's house with this in tow you'll be the hero off the hour.

Can't talk… eating.

Cornish Camembert & Brioche Wreath, €11.79, M&S


4) A handy Kenwood juicer 

You could describe 'juicing' as a craze in 2015 so your foodie will definitely enjoy jumping on the bandwagon (if they haven't already, that is!). 

Kenwood 2Go Sport, €44.99, kenwoodworld.ie



5) Something different from Tesco

Loads of brands bring out special Christmas versions of classic festive food and drink around this time of year, so make sure to keep an eye out for Christmas themed delights in your favourite shops. 

Tesco Finest Salted Caramel Liquor 15cl, €15, Tesco


6) Go all out at The Dublin Cookery School

What does a foodie love best? Apart from eating, a good foodie loves to cook so surprise them with a gift card for a cookery school.

Let them pick their own courses and really put their skills to the test. 

And hey, they may even let you eat the results! 

Gift Voucher for The Dublin Cookery School, dublincookeryschool.ie

7. And for the chocolate lover

The brown leather hat box is full to the brim with a selection of the finest Godiva chocolate gifts. However, you can but it like this, or create a bespoke hamper yourself… then what you spend is up to you! 

Out-of-the-box Christmas hamper, £155

Available at Godiva Chocolates