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Maybe you loved it, maybe you hated it, but there is no denying that Twilight was everywhere in the noughties. 

Robert Pattinson is known for his melancholy portrayal of Edward Cullen in the hit teenage vampire film series. 

The role catapulted the young star to fame, but Robert revealed on the Howard Stern Show that it wasn't always smooth sailing.

According to the star, the directors and producers wanted the Cullen character to be more positive and smile more, but Robert disagreed.

'If you’re going into a relationship with someone, the way to make it really intense is if you can barely talk to each other, you can barely touch each other, it’s incredibly serious all the time,” he told Howard Stern.

'That’s what teenage relationships are.'

'But everyone kind of wanted it to be, like, ‘No, they should just be, like, happy and having fun. That’s what people want."’

Robert felt the pressure from producers to drop the moody facade that Edward Cullen is known for, and adopt a sunnier disposition.

'(My agents) flew up and were like, ‘You have to do the opposite of what you’re doing now or you’re going to get fired today.'

Robert was even given a copy of Twilight with all the instances of Edward Cullen smiling highlighted in marker.

Robert retaliated by using another shade of highlighter to illustrate the places in the novel where Edward frowned or grimaced.

Magically, he kept his job, and we have the binge-watchable Twilight series as a pay off.


So, what's the one thing guaranteed to put a smile on your face at the end of a busy week?

Maybe it's a sneaky take-away from your favourite Chinese, or perhaps it's a glass of wine with friends?

Sure, these little rituals can do us the world of good when we're in desperate need of a bit of rest and relaxation, but it seem that the biggest joy of all comes from the small surprises from our nearest and dearest.

According to new statistics, 43 per cent of Irish adults say that receiving a small treat from a family member puts a smile on their face at the end of a hectic week.

The research, which marks the launch of a new brand evolution for Tesco Ireland, Family Makes Us Better, shows that family, in any shape or form, is an essential part of Irish life with 84 per cent of those surveyed revealing that a family member is the first person they call when something significant happens in their life.

The top five treats / surprises from family members that are likely to put a smile on people’s faces at the end of a busy week are:

1. Breakfast / lunch / dinner prepared by a family member (75%)

2. All the family having a meal together (66%)

3. Cup of tea being made by a family member (64%) – And it looks like no one enjoys a good cup of tea more than our friends out west because in Connacht this figures rose to 79%

4. Favourite packet of biscuits in the house as a treat (62%)

5. A night off from clearing the table after dinner / doing the dishes (54%)

It seems that our family life can influence us in many ways – right down to the shopping we fill our trolleys with.

One in five Irish adults admitted to getting inspiration form their parents when it came to the weekly shop, with many saying they were drawn to brands they were brought up on.

When it comes to mealtimes, 46 per cent of Irish people say they are all about family fun.

Whether you sit down as a family every night, or even just once a year, it seems that half of all Irish families have a set seat at the table.

What's more, 33 per cent of families put away their mobile phones during mealtimes, and 41 per cent say that loud chewing is by far their biggest pet peeve.

Sean Nolan, Head of Customer Marketing, Tesco Ireland said: “Our research really shows that we think about our families when we shop, gleaning inspiration from the broader sense of family for example from a partnership, a sibling, to a sports club or a community group.

“Family is something that means a lot to Irish people, through the little things we do for our loved ones. To that end, at Tesco we’re committed to putting family at the heart of everything we do. Our Family Makes Us Better creative uses real Irish family moments and shows that we recognise how important family is to shoppers in Ireland and will demonstrate how Tesco works to make family life better too.”

The research also identified four distinct culinary tastes showing a trend toward more adventurous dining habits.

44 per cent of people described themselves as ‘The Culinary Adventurer’, experimenting with recipes from around the world, while 35 per cent claimed to be the classic ‘The Meat & Two Veg’ type.

13 per cent identified as ‘The Picky-Eater’ and just 8 per cent said that they were ‘The Well-being Warrior’ opting for a more holistic approach to their meals.

So, there you have it, we're a nation of tea-drinking, food loving, family orientated messers, and honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way.


Is there anything more attractive than a big ole set of pearly whites?

They are definitely hard to beat, that’s for sure. And we are most certainly not the only ones who think so.

According to a recent study, nine out of ten Irish women are envious of someone else’s smile, while one in five say that a good smile is the first thing they notice in an online dating profile.

With the amount of people finding love online forever on the rise, nailing the picture perfect smile has never seemed so important.

The Seapoint Clinic’s study even revealed that a massive 95 percent of women suffer from smile envy while over two thirds of woman want whiter teeth.

But it’s not just women that get the green eyed monster when they see other people’s sparkling smiles – 52 percent of men also admitted to being jealous of other’s smiles while 48 percent wished that they had straighter teeth.

A staggering 88 percent of those who answered believed that having a good smile is vital to having overall confidence and self-esteem. Now, that is a LOT of pressure to put on our chompers.

And just who do we think has the best smile overall?

According to the survey, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has the winning smile with 58 percent while our own national treasure Amy Huberman came in second with 36 percent.

Are you a little tempted to see what you would look like with a Hollywood smile? The Seapoint Clinic constantly provide treatment to people who are unhappy with their smiles and with their new digital smile design technology they can give you a clear vision of how your new smile will look after treatment. 


Many of us are looking for that perfect white smile, and while giving them an extra good scrub is sure to help, the foods you are eating could also be responsible for staining your teeth. 

Here are five foods and drinks you should try to cut down on if you want to achieve that Hollywood smile. 

1. Tea and coffee
The tannins in tea can cause staining and the outer layer of your tooth easily absorbs food and drink which causes further staining. Try to reduce your tea and coffee intake. 

2. Sauces
Similarly to tea and coffee, coloured sauces can cause staining by entering your tooth enamel.  However, some vegetables can protect your teeth from this so eat these before over indulging on rich coloured sauces. 

3. Red wine
Despite the fact that it can help to prevent gum disease, red wine is terrible for staining your teeth. Opt for white wine when possible.

4. Some fruits and vegetables
As tempting and healthy as they are, the bright colours in fruits and vegetables can be causing your teeth to discolour so wash water around your mouth afterwards or brush your teeth straight away.

5. Sweets
Sweets are full of vibrant dyes and juices to give them their irresistible colour, so if it stains your tongue it will probably stain your teeth. 




Turkey’s Prime Minister, Bülent Arınç received backlash recently when he said: “A woman should be chaste. She should know the difference between public and private. She should not laugh in public.”

Following this, Turkish women, and indeed, women around the world protested in the most powerful way – through social media.

Using the hashtag #direnkahkaha (resisted laughter), Emma shared an image of herself laughing while standing outside in public.

The move comes only weeks after the Harry Potter actress was announced as UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador. 

Something tells us the politician regrets his questionable comments….

Smile, girls!


You may think that by brushing your teeth twice a day you will help keep your mouth healthy. But do you brush for long enough? And do you keep up with your dental appointments?

Recent research have shown that people with the most bacteria on the surface of their teeth and gums have an 80% increased risk of premature death, particularly from cancer.

So how can we keep our mouths healthy?

See your dentist regularly
Health guidelines advise that we shouldn’t leave longer than 24 months between dental appointments. If you have gum problems you should see your dentist every six months and those with good oral hygiene should go every 10 months.

Brush thoroughly
Twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is still enough, but brush properly. Always wait an hour to brush teeth after eating or drinking fruit juice, as acidic foods and drink soften the tooth enamel and leave it prone to damage.

Clean between teeth
A lot of decay and gum disease occurs between the teeth caused by food and the build-up of plaque, so this area shouldn’t be neglected. Floss once a day by sliding it gently up and down between your teeth, then curve the floss around the base of each tooth, making sure you go beneath the gum line.

Chew gum after meals
Saliva is the tooth’s natural protective mechanism, and chewing gum helps produce it. Chew sugar-free gum after a meal or snack to increase saliva flow.

Scrape your tongue
Many toothbrushes have a scraper on the back for cleaning the tongue. Contrary to popular belief, the bacteria it removes is not connected to serious health conditions – but removing it may make us more pleasant to be around.

Use a mouthwash
This can be useful if it has additional effects, such as preventing decay or build-up of bacteria. But be warned, mouthwashes can’t replace brushing.

Monitor your gums
Our gums naturally start to recede as we age, but this can also indicate gum disease. Look out for bleeding gums as this is the first sign of the condition and means you need to see a dentist.


The family and friends of Amy – a woman who is sadly dying from ovarian cancer – gave her the biggest smile ever with this hilarious flash mob routine on her birthday.

The amazing surprise is made even better by Amy’s priceless reaction!



Brushing is obviously the most important thing you can do to keep your teeth nice and white but it’s not all you can do.

Our top tips will ensure your teeth are nice and bright, without having to resort to teeth whitening strips.

Stop smoking

Not just for your teeth, but for your health and the health of those around you. Do it, now!

Avoid certain drinks

If you want pearly whites you will have to make a few sacrifices.  Say goodbye to your glass of red wine, coffee and tea – life can be cruel, we know.

Eat your fruit and veggies

Eat more apples and carrots – they act as a toothbrush and can even help strengthen gums.

Rub strawberries across your teeth

Yes, you did read that right. Strawberries are a great way to lift stains so mash some up and rub onto your teeth.

Rinse with lemon water

Rinse your mouth with a glass of warm water and half a lemon. Use sparingly – the juice can cause erosion…

Now go smile with confidence.



Letting a guy know you’re into him isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but with the right tricks, you can let him know you want him without actually saying it out loud – God forbid it ever comes to that, right?

A trick that never fails is eye contact. Now, we’re not talking about a second-long glance at his general eye area – you’re going to need to make a bit of an effort. Just don’t give him crazy eyes.

If you’re both in a public place, make sure he sees you checking him out. When he catches you in the act, give him a flirtatious smile and then look away once he smiles back (if he does, you’ve got your foot in the door).

The next thing is to give him a few compliments – yes, men like compliments too. If you think he has a nice voice, tell him.

Body language is more important than you think and giving him the wrong signals might send him in the wrong direction. Rather than crossing your arms in an unapproachable manner, relax a little and let them rest at your sides. If you want to be a little daring, stand really close to him to as you speak!