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2020 has been a year like no other. We have adapted how we live, work and socialise and while it’s not a perfect science, we’ve all managed to keep the show on the road. From DIY haircuts or faking the perfect banana bread for social media (we won’t tell anyone, either), to swapping the daily walk for a cosy cup of tea and a biscuit instead, we’ve all been there. In its new Christmas campaign, Tesco Ireland is encouraging customers to treat themselves after the year that’s been. The advert captures a slice of Irish life from 2020 (you may even recognise yourself or someone you know in one of the scenes).

We hear the inner monologue of members of a family as they each confess to a little misstep throughout the year, be it secretly hoping for exams to be postponed, half dressing for work video calls, faking some Pilates for a minute’s peace or even adopting a new popular culture dress-style.

As they continue to deliberate internally over whether they can indulge in festive food and drink, the Tesco voice of the in-store tannoy encourages the family members not to think twice, because after the year everyone’s had, they deserve it. The ad ends with the family coming together to enjoy Christmas dinner.

With more than one in ten adults (11%) adults in Ireland admitting to listening to Christmas tunes already in order to get into the festive spirit, the timing of the Tesco Christmas ad offers some light relief.

The ad has received an exceedingly warm welcome on social media:

 "Great ad this year ! It’s definitely been us all" commented one fan with another commenting "brilliant love this".

Cathal Deavy, Customer Marketing Director, Tesco Ireland commenting on the launch, “It's been a tough year in many different and unexpected ways for customers across Ireland, so it’s possible that we should all be forgiven for some of the little liberties we might have taken but might not freely admit.

An awful lot has changed over the past eight months and we don’t know for certain what is to come but what we do know is that people are looking forward to experiencing the magic of Christmas no matter what shape it may take. People we have spoken to are determined to make the best of the festive season.

This Christmas, we’ve gone for a little bit of light relief, with a self-deprecating humour acknowledging that we all have those moments of weaknesses or (not-so) guilty pleasures as we all adapted to the situation at hand. We hope that it rings true with our customers and helps to bring a smile and a nod of recognition when they say – that was me (or him, or her)!”

The ‘no naughty list’ concept was developed and filmed in Ireland which is a wonderful touch as no doubt the tv ad/filming industry needed the business after the year we've all had. 



The full Christmas TV from Aldi has been released and it’s just what you need to see with the world in turmoil.

Supermarket Aldi has premiered its Christmas advert which sees the nation’s most beloved vegetable, Kevin the Carrot, return to screens to mark the start of the festive season and bring back the much needed wonder and magic of Christmas.

The country was left on tenterhooks and rooting for the plucky carrot’s safe return following his appearance earlier this week in a teaser advert. Just days ago, Kevin set the sky alight, Top Gun style, in a fighter jet escapade with co-pilot Turkey. He was left perilously adrift with a flaming parachute, leaving fans asking Where is Kevin, and will he manage to get home to Katie and family in time for Christmas?

Determined to be reunited with his loved ones no matter what, Kevin is fortunate enough to find a few new friends to help. Getting him out of his snowy spot of bother is a friendly hedgehog, Harry, who gives him a lift.

But the twists don’t stop there! While riding as fast as they can through the night, they fall into a deep ravine and splash into a fast-flowing river. The hope of Kevin making it home to his family seems to be fading fast when who should appear but Santa Claus, played by much-loved Irish actor Colm Meaney (Intermission, The Van and Into the West). Can Santa help Kevin finally make it home? Of course he can!

John Curtin, Group Buying Director at Aldi Ireland said:

“It’s not Christmas without Kevin, he’s the most popular vegetable in Ireland! When talking about this year’s ad we couldn’t do it without him. His cheeky character has grown in popularity and his indomitable journey back to his family shows his Christmas spirit. And what could be better than returning home to a dinner table full of delicious festive food and drink and surrounded by his wonderful family? I think this year more than ever, that is exactly what people want to see.”

After premiering on YouTube today, fans can also see the advert during the Late Late Show at 22:40 on RTE 1.

Colm Meaney commented that he was delighted to be involved with the advert:

“I thought it was about time that I played the big man himself and so was delighted to be asked by Aldi to be part of its Christmas campaign. Kevin the Carrot and his family were incredibly welcoming on set and the whole experience was a total joy – even getting in and out of the big red suit. This year has been incredibly challenging for everyone but I hope that over the festive season people will be able to enjoy this special time with family and friends – and maybe the odd mince pie or turkey sandwich. Oh, and contrary to many men during lockdown I can confirm that the beard is not mine”.  

Watch the full ad here – it's a beautiful heart-warming ad which make even the most ardent Christmas grinch smile. Lovely work Aldi.




A TV ad for Vicky Pattison’s best-selling fitness DVD has reportedly been banned for being ‘misleading’.

The Geordie Shore star said she has shed three stone in the past six months, dropping from a size 16 to a size 6.

Vicky’s fitness DVD cover shows a ‘before and after’ bikini picture of the 26-year-old celebrity.

The DVD, called Vicky’s 7 Day Slim – knocked Davina McCall’s Davina: Fit in 15 off the number one spot earlier this year.

A voice-over on the TV ad for the DVD said, “Here’s Vicky from Geordie Shore before she found 7 Day Slim…..now look at her!”, with Vicky then saying, “I’ve lost three stone with this DVD.”

On-screen text said, “Weight lost over six months. Works as part of a calorie controlled diet.”

Bosses at the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) are said to have banned the ad for misleading viewers into thinking they could lose three stone in just seven days.

It criticised the ad for its failure to clarify in sufficiently readable text that the 7-day slim workout refers to weight-loss over 12 months with a calorie controlled diet.

However, bosses at Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd – which made the DVD – said the product name 7 Day Slim referred to a weekly cycle of seven workouts to be repeated over time in order to achieve significant weight loss and that Vicky weight loss took place over six months.