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While we may be partial to an eggs and avo brunch or a Lebanese-infusion three course dinner, sometimes our sweet tooth triumphs and all we want is a luxurious dessert to sure our chocolate cravings. 

Dublin is full of fabulous fancy restaurants, brilliant food stalls and amazing eateries –  all of which supply us with a treat for the sweet-loving senses from time to time.

Here are a few of our favourite dine-in or nibble on the go desserts in Dublin's fair city. 

1. A sea salt brownie in Industry & Co


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2. Real Sicilian cannoli in Dolce Sicily


3. The most indulgent donuts at Aungier Danger


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4. A scrumptious slice of carrot cake at Queen of Tarts


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5. Pretty macarons in Ladurée


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6. A good old 99 from Teddys Ice Cream 


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7. The richest Nutella cheesecake in San Lorenzo's


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8. The petits fours platter in Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud


BONUS (Another brownie, but we had to mention it)

9. A brownie at Brother Hubbard



Yep, you read that right. An actual ice cream festival is coming to Dublin and we couldn't be more excited.

Taking inspiration from the UK's Ice Cream Festival, the two-day event is expected to take Irish desserts to the next level.

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As well as being able to sample local produce, there will also be a comfy lounge area and DJ, so you can relax to "summer beats and many freezing specials."

The festival will take place on August 12 and 13, yet the location and exact times are to be announced.

And with all this chat about sweet, tasty ice cream, we decided to count down our top 5 desserts across Ireland:

5. Fallon & Byrne's vegan dark chocolate coconut mousse

And with gingerbread pudding too, this dessert not only looks amazing, but tastes great too.


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4. Fade Street Social's pavlova with strawberries

You know you're always guaranteed a good time in Fade Street, but this pavlova with chantilly cream and white chocolate is a cut above the rest.


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3. Market Lane's dessert specials

Whether it's a Paddy's Day lime pie or some colourful meringues, Market Lane in Cork always has a great selection of desserts on special offer from time to time.


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2. Brasserie On The Corner's vanilla crème brûlée

With cinnamon, rum and raisin ice cream, we can't think of anything better for a Friday night feast in Galway.


1. Queen Of Tart's… well, everything

This café specialises in cakes, pasteries and of course, tarts. So, you can pretty much grab anything you fancy. And it's all super delicious too.


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Tesco shoppers were delighted yesterday after a cashier glitch saw them being able to buy a pizza AND a dessert for just £1.

When a customer went to a self-service till, they were able to get away with buying the goods for the small price, and some even claimed to get the deal for 85p.

The supermarket launched a meal deal in the UK for a large Pizza Express pizza and two Gu luxury desserts for £5, only when customers went to purchase the items, they were only charged a fraction of the actual price.

Of course, as word spread, more and more people took advantage of the glitch and shared pictures on social media. One particular snap saw 15 pizzas bought altogether. 

According to the Daily Mirror's journalist Emma Munbodh, the mix-up happened because Tesco's Brand Match guarantee only works when you buy ten items or more in one go.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We are correcting this error, but will continue to offer the meal deal for £5."