Fried or fired? Tesco Wexford worker fired for having breakfast

A former Wexford Tesco worker who was fired from her job because she ate breakfast at the Tesco café has been awarded €41,000.

Lisa Kinsella was fired from Tesco on August 19 2013 after she was seen on CCTV footage eating breakfast, which wasn't immediately paid for on two separate occasions. Three other employees were also dismissed because of the same reason. 

Ms Kinsella was initially acknowledged of her wrong-doing after she was asked to meet with her manager – with just 15 minutes notice. She was then suspended and subsequently dismissed two months later.

But at the tribunal hearing, it was revealed that she had later paid for her meals and it was common practise to do so as employees were not allowed to carry cash or cards on them while they were working. 

When Lisa was first fired, she appealed her dismissal on 16 separate grounds to Tesco HR, but everything was denied. 

Accordingly, the Employment Appeals Tribunal found that the grounds that Lisa was fired under were disproportionate, and she was awarded €41,000 compensation.