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If there is one truth that we know today to be true – it's that supermarkets are going to be JAMMERS over the next 48 hours. Indeed, today, Friday December 23, is anticipated to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

Because it just wouldn't be Christmas without a serious last minute panic around the grocery aisles.

And now the nation's Top Ten last-minute purchases have been revealed – as sold in Tesco Ireland stores nationwide on Christmas Eve in 2015.

Unsurprisingly, the likes of milk, cream and fresh bread are all high-priority for Irish shoppers:

1.       Fresh milk

2.       Fresh cream

3.       White bread

4.       Cola soft drinks

5.       Fruit flavour soft drinks 

6.       Bacon

7.       Crisps in a tube

8.       Lemons and limes

9.       Big bag crisps and snacks

10.     Brussels sprouts

Bacon makes its roaring debut in at No.6 having not featured at all in 2014. And the appearance of Brussels sprouts at No.10 is a smidgen controversial given the vegetable's rather mixed reputation. Still, Tesco expects to sell more than 2million sprouts TODAY ALONE – adding to the 6.5million sold in the last week. 


We’ve been online long enough to know that kale is exceptionally good for you.

But just because its famed curly leaves are filled with iron, bursting with antioxidants and seem ideal for detoxifying the body, doesn’t mean we can be forced to consume them on the world’s most official day of indulgence.

A new kale-Brussels sprout hybrid looks set to invade dinner tables around the world this Christmas by offering itself up as a more palatable alternative to the traditional miniature festive cabbage.  

According to the Kalettes website, this peculiar combination is versatile to cook, “sweet and nutty” to taste and looks “great”.

Last year, Kalettes were declared “the hippest vegetable of 2015” as they made their way across the UK, continental Europe, Australia and the US.

While we have yet to find stockists of this unusual veggie in Ireland, if the Kalettes' popularity continues to grow, they're bound to appear on dinner tables here soon.